The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


1. applying

" so what do you guys think the sibling game ? " my mum said looking at a news paper article . I say " I don't know mum " and she said " well I think you and your brother should enter in it, you guys will have to get along and I think it would be great to see you guys getting along " and I said " mum it's a TV show and I don't want to do it " she then said " well I think you and your brother need to get along better and this will help and you'll have fun anyway " and she rips the page out and goes to the computer to sigh us up . I go and slouch in the couch as Michael comes down and says " whatcha doing mum ? " and she says " sighing you and Emily up for the sibling game " and he says " oh . Do you know if we will make it ? " and she says " no but you guys have a chance " and he says " yeah "

* at the Tomlinson house *

" HEY MUM CAN YOU SIGH ME AND MAYLYNN FOR THE SIBLING GAME ? " Louis yells " sure thing Hun and no need to yell I'm in the kitchen " jay says back . Louis then says " ok thanks mum I'll go sigh us up " and she says " ok and don't saying anything that's not true about your sister " and Louis says " ok mum " kinda annoyed . Maylnn comes down and says " what are you doing Louis ? " and he says with the laptop in his hand " sighing us up for the sibling game " Maylnn then says " okay "

* at the styles house *

It was the only time Harry and Jennifer were getting along . They both loved the tv show " the sibling game " . " so harry what do you think we try to get I'm the sibling game " Harry looks up from the book he was reading and says " yeah let's do it " and Jennifer said " ok I'll go sigh us up " and Harry replays with saying " uhmm " . Their mum who was in the hallway says " you guys have watched every episode this should be to hard if you guys get in " and Jennifer and Harry both say at the same time " yeah and we will get in " and their mum said " okay whatever "

* at the horan house *

" OH MY GOD NIALL FOR ONCE CAN YOU SHARE THE FOOD ? " shyanne yells across the kitchen from where Niall was " NO I CANT, CANT YOU LEARN TO GET YOUR OWN " he yells back . " I DO ALL tHE TIME NIALL " . Niall was about to say something when their mum yells " ENOUGH! I'm going to sigh you guys up for the sibling game . I'm tired of all this fighting, now go to your rooms " they both say " okay mum sorry " and walk to their rooms and give each other dirty looks as they walk up .

* at the Payne house *

" you guys really need to go out and do something together " Brooke's and Liam's dad says " no . We won't get along " Liam says " and that needs to change son, how about the sibling game ? That's suppose to help " he says back to Liam when Brooke says " I think it's a good idea, I've always wanted to be on a TV show !" She says excited . " well I don't " Liam says . Then their dad says " well Brooke does and it will be good for you, I think you should try it " " whatever dad " Liam says " ok I'll sigh you guys up "

" yay thanks dad your the best " Brooke says " anything for my girl " her dad says back

* at the Malik house *

" the sibling game, hmm sounds interesting " zayn says " I think we should do it " Larissa says . "That sounds like a great idea " their mum says . " what do you think zayn ? " Larissa says . He then says " I don't know, I'm not a big fan of TV shows or being in them " their mum then says " I think you guys should try it, you never know what could happen " " yeah " Larissa says " hmm " zayn says . " I think I'll sigh you guys up "

* at the hood house "

" calum you need to get off your phone and do something like you sister Rachel,she's always up and doing something " calums mum says to him . He says back " maybe i like being on my phone " His mum then gets up to site next to him " well I think you need to be more active and do stuff with your sister, like how about the sibling game ? " she says to him . Calum still on his phone but paying attraction to what his mum says " no I don't want to do that " and she says " well I'll sigh you up and if you make it you'll at least be doing something " and calum says " ok whatever mum "

* at the hemmings house *

" Marion honey what are you reading about this time ? " Liz asks " oh nothing " Marion says back " let me see " and Liz takes the magazine from Marion and looks at it " oh cool a tv show called the sibling game, I think that's something you and Luke should try out for, what do you say ? " Marion says " I don't know I guess " Liz says " ok I'll sigh you guys up for it and see what happens "

* at the Irwin house *

" so Ashton are you going to move or not ? " molly says " no I'm not , not until you give the remote " Ashton says back to molly as their mum walks in and says " now you two quit it wiry the fighting and molly give Ashton the remote and Ashton give molly her seat back " they both grunt and do as they are told . Ashton then turns the channel and a commercial for the sibling game is on and their mum says " wait puss it " and Ashton pusses it so she can write the website down and molly asks " what are you doing mum ? " and she says " I'm going to sigh you guys up for the sibling game " .

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