The Mistakes I've made

A collection of poems based on regret
©Parsavagely 2014 - 2015


1. Those I hurt


The knife in my side,

The blood on my hands,

The hole in my mind,

The loss I can't stand.


I follow the fear,

Towards a new start,

As more cracks appear,

In my blackened heart.


A pathway of pain,

It leads me onwards,

I don't care if I'm broken inside,


But what if I can't,

Pick up all the pieces,

Of those I've hurt and those who've died?


I try to escape,

The depths of my heart,

Riddled with holes from Anger's cold spear


What if I caused,

More hate than I feel?

What if there's no way back from here?


There's no way back,

And to those I've hurt,

I'm sorry

Don't forgive me






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