Short poem against depression, self-harm, anorexia...the like. If you fit any of these, get help from somebody you trust - please.


1. Enough.

How thin is thin enough?

When you’re too weak to move.


How pretty is pretty enough?

What have you to prove?


How deep is deep enough?

When the cuts can’t hide the pain.


How long is long enough?

When joy goes down the drain.


How strong is strong enough?

To stand up to the hurt inside.


How wrong is wrong enough?

To give up your foolish pride.


How close is close enough?

To being almost real.


How far is far enough?

That you don’t have to feel.


How bad is bad enough?

That you can finally say goodbye.


How much is quite enough?

That you no longer care to try.


The way you are, here and now,

is more than thin enough.


To believe less, I wouldn’t allow-

you’re more than pretty enough.


Stop the cuts, stop the tears,

they’re quite enough the way they are.


Just remember the people here,

By your side, never far.


Don’t run away, don’t hide your face,

it won’t do you any good.


Face your fears, let us in,

for next to you we’ve always stood.

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