The Light in The Darkness

Katie is just an ordinary teenager with problems. But what people don't know about her is there not your every day teenage problems her's go way deep. Katie's dad left when she was a little girl and ever since that day her mother changed and not for the better...
What happens when a mysterious boy starts school and takes interest in Katie. What will happen when her mum finds out? Will Katie finally have her happily ever after ?


4. Courage

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Chapter 4- Courage

I slowly opened my eyes forgetting where I was until the pounding in my head told me exactly where I was and what had happened. My mind replayed the events that took place remembering my mother’s face and hearing her evil laugh as she beat me.

I tried to stand but winced in pain my body felt like I just got hit bus. The pain in my chest made it hard for me to breath but when I put my hand around my body I felt something sticky. I looked down to see blood oozing out from under my shirt but when I looked closely I could see dry blood indicating that it hadn’t been the only time. I lifted up my shirt with great difficulty wincing in pain every time I moved a muscle, after finally pulling my shirt up enough to see where the bleeding was coming from I was shocked to see that there was a small bone piercing through the skin just below my right breast. I wanted to cry just then, I was wanted to let all the emotions I had been piling together ever since my dad left spill out but I didn’t.

After many unsuccessful try’s to sit up I just gave up thinking that maybe if I just lay there long enough I would bleed out and die. As I lay there for a few minutes I let my mind wonder to all the times when I was truly happy and my mum was the kind loving person she used to be, I remembered all the times when my mum and I would go shopping and just have fun. Remembering those times made my eyes water and as I finally gave in to my emotions silent tears spilled freely down my face as I lay there praying for some way to get out of here.

I woke up to a loud bang that came from downstairs. I didn’t know how long I had been lying there but by the aching and stiffness of my body it had been a while. I heard footsteps coming upstairs and instantly become scared of what was going to happen. My bedroom door swung open and my mum stood there irritated that I was still lying there.

“What the hell are you doing!!!!” My mum yelled getting angry now. I instantly felt a surge of energy run through my body as if to me I had to do something.

“Get the hell up and get out of my face before I kill you!” Everytime my mum spoke I felt stronger and the energy built up inside of me. I lay there waiting for her to keep yelling.

“What did I say? Are you deaf? Get the hell up” I couldn’t take it anymore I suddenly had the strength to stand up ignoring my body’s denial.

“No!” I whispered feeling the ache of my body weigh me down. I lifted my left arm and pressed it under my right breast where the pain was unbearable.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY!!!!!” she was outrages now and as her face turned tomato red I knew I had to get the hell out of there, and fast.

My mum was blocking the entrance to the door so I couldn’t get out. I needed to distract her, to do something to buy me enough time to get out, but what? In a split second my mum would pounce at me I needed to be smart about this. Looking around the room my eyes hastily searched for another way out or something I could use to help me distract my mum. I knew I could barely run because of my chest and acting body but I still needed to get the hell away from this house and my mum.

By the time my mind started to process what to do my mum was walking towards me a look of complete hatred on her face.

“How dare you tell me no! How dare you answer me back? Who do you think you are!” With every word she spoke she took another step closer to me and everytime she moved forward I instantly took a step back trying to keep a safe distance away from her.

Before I knew what was happening my vision started getting blurry and a sharp pain came across my whole body. Slowly my body started to give in to the strain I was putting on it and I lost my balance stumbling over and catching myself as I fell to the floor once more. My mum walked close to me bending down so she could take a good look at me while smiling to herself. She straightened up and was about to leave me there silently crying in pain but before doing so she gave me one last kick to the torso. Lying there in pain I couldn’t help but think of all the times I put up with this and never having the courage to leave and never turn back.

Well things were going to change I was not going to put up with this anymore. I needed to get away from this house from hell.

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