The broken promise

Patch is a guardian angel. Kara is mortal.
In the angel and demon realms, they are assigned to watch over humans if they're in their royal blood line, or just... deseprate.
The only problem is, Angels and demons aren't allowed to be together.
It's always been a long standing rule for them, and Patch followed it clearly.
... but with this mortal, it's different.
As the prophecy will be foretold once again.


1. Prolouge

“Damn it!” Kara shrieked as her palm sunk into the broken glass. The horde of demons practically demolished her powers. Patch wasn’t here to help her either, she was on her own. It was understandable why she had to be on her own; Patch had an argument with her, which in result, led him to go off with Cordelia, her arch human enemy. Kara’s blood was trickling, and gushing out super-fast that she even felt her pulse jolt right down. The smell was confusing as it was mixed in with… demon blood. That’s not good. No. Kara started to panic frantically even more, if the demon blood gets mixed in with human blood…the venom takes over her entire body system and she becomes one of those blood sucking freaks. Then she gasped in horror as a low distinct wicked chuckle coming from shadows in the far corner. That’s what she thought where it was coming from, anyway because everywhere around her was pitch black. Her heart was racing even though she felt like it dropped to her chest, her lip was throbbing and my god… she just ached all over. She had no time for tough talk.

          “And so the little vermin decides to go to the layer all by herself?” The demonic voice cackled with laughter, sighing as if this had been too good to be true. “This is demon territory,” He finished. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he was right in front of her. Crouching down with his daunting razor blade fangs flashing at her- and oh my god, she got the warning. She couldn’t scream she couldn’t squirm away in fright; she was panting so fast her head felt hot. The next minute she knew… she fell into a deep, deep sleep. Surrounded by complete and utter darkness.

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