At Cross Roads

Re-entry for the Name on My Wrist comp


29. A Creative Writing Assignment ~ 12.13.2012

Left by Daniel Cross in Amanda's drawer.
I know you love stories, Amanda, so I thought I'd leave one behind for you.

I don't know if I'll come back and I haven't really decided on whether I should tell you where I'm going or why - just know that I might not return. If I do... Well, I guess you don't really have much to worry about there. You can just ignore the top half of this... letter?
If I don't come back... I'm sorry that I didn't spend as much time with you as I could have. But maybe that's a selfish thing to say - I've probably taken up more of your time than you wanted. I don't know. I don't want to hurt you, so I think I'll just shut up and get to the story:

Long, long ago on Earth their lived a powerful and ancient race of people - a Precursor Race, a First Civilization. They were extremely advanced, these people, in possession and responsible for the creation of wonderful and terrible devices - something that I'll refer to as the Pieces of Eden. They created us, humans, too and we used to call them and worship them as gods.
But they disappeared after an apocalypse wiped them out.

Since, the Earth healed, and those of their kind and those of our kind that survived strove to bring it back to its former glory.
But, as you would know only too well, as the Precursor Race died out, we began bickering amongst each other over their discarded devices, their lost toys.
It would probably help to give some examples:
One type is called the Apple of Eden - a device that could control the hearts and minds of people.
Another is called the Observatory - a device that could show what a person was saying or doing if only you had a drop of their blood.

You can see why these would be fought over, though, right?

Eventually, facts turned into fiction, fiction into legend and myth before disappearing entirely. Perhaps it was covered up on purpose, to hide the secret war from the masses. A secret war between secret societies that shape and change the world without boasting about it openly. It's a little hard to explain, because both sides want the same thing: peace - but the means are different.
I think we discussed it before? One faction that wanted to control the minds of men and another that wanted to free them?
Well, the first group are called the Templars. You're good with history, so you'll know that they came out in public around the time of the Crusades, but it's said that they emerged much earlier.
The second group are called the Assassins. They can trace their history all the way back to the Roman era. They say that Brutus Cassius was an Assassin, the murderer of Julius Caesar.

But anyway, the secret war rages on to this day. The Templars managed to create a device that could unravel the memories of our ancestors using our DNA, and by looking into the genetics of specific people they're uncovering more and more Pieces of Eden and Temples of the Precursor Races. They have the upper hand, while the Assassins are few, diminished in number - especially after what they call the Great Purge: where a Templar sleeper agent was sent into the organization to destroy it from within. The sleeper agent killed the Assassin Mentor, or leader, and then reported back to the Templars who proceeded to launch offensives against all known Assassin encampments.

That's all, I've got for the moment. What do you think? We'll talk about it, if/when I get back.

~ Daniel X
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