In the Beginning • Calum Hood

I opened my eyes which I hadn’t realised I’d closed.

As they fluttered open, they met the shining ones of Calum, seriously what was with me and his eyes. To be perfectly honest, they were the colour of dog shit, but they were truly the most beautiful dog shit coloured eyes I’d ever seen. His answering smile was just as impassioned as I imagined mine.

“That was…wow...”

When Anni's long term best friend, Luke, starts a band without her, she is shattered. It was always their dream, and now he was doing it without her? But what she didn't bargain for was the problems that would come with it. Will she fall for a new member? Or will a piece of her past come back and force its way back into her heart? Will this band drive a wedge between friendships?

*Strong language and adult themes*

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4. Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Luke POV

"Annika, what are you doing here?"

What was she doing here, I swear she hated me...

"Luke, I-I came over to apologise about what I said, I now realised what I said was very immature of me and that I should support your dreams and that you always took music more seriously than I did, so I hope you could ever possibly forgive me and-"

Before she could say any more I ran up to her and wrapped my arms around her small frame.
"Shut up, Anni. Of course I forgive you!"

I could feel her relax in my arms, I buried my face into her sandy hair.
She pulled away, confusion on her face.

"Who the hell are these people in your house, Luke?"

I chuckled slightly and released my hold on her,
"These, Annika, are my band mates."
Michael instantly stepped around me and forwardly introduced himself, taking her hand to shake it, well, at least that's what I thought. Michael then pulled her into a tight embrace, and whispered something in her ear. I couldn't distinguish what he said to her, I'll ask him later.

Annika stepped away from Michael laughing, and blushing slightly. Okay then...

Calum moved next to me and shuffled his feet awkwardly, he was being oddly quiet. Something was definitely off about this situation.
"Umm... I'm Calum... Sorry for you know...scaring you into thinking I was a burglar or something..."

"Uhh, it's alright Calum, it's just I already...have a fear of the dark, and I thought you might be a pedo or- I'm just going to shut up now..." Anni looked very awkward at the moment.

Sparing her I laughed and shrugged,
"Well now we all now that we aren't pedophiles let's get some food!"


Calum POV (squeal)

I couldn't help but stare, I mean, Luke told us she was pretty, but I mean damn, she was...breathtaking

Her eyes were wide and a light shade of blue with a light ring of green towards the centre, eyelashes that brushed her cheeks when she looked down, her hair tumbling in waves past her shoulders.

She was at least a foot shorter than me, which wasn't hard since I was pretty tall for my age.

And I went and had to be all awkward and embarrassed around her, round of applause for the wonderful Calum Thomas Hood, everyone.

I still had barely said a word to her, and she had been here for over an hour already. I couldn't risk embarrassing myself any further...

We had all migrated down from the kitchen with our pizza to continue band practice. Anni plopped down on the couch next to Luke, and shuffled into his side curling up slightly. Even though they were just friends everyone just assumes they will get together, eventually... I didn't know why but that thought irked me.

Luke wasn't suited for her. I was.

Wait what? No Calum, no. You heard what Luke said, she was out of bounds. But she was so pretty- I can't help but be attracted to her...

I just kept looking at her sitting next to Luke, allowing a small giggle to pass her lips at Mikey's and Luke's friendly banter.  Shaking my head I stood up, saying
"Come on guys, we gotta practice."

Mikey let out a groan,
" Cal, chill! We can practice tomorrow!"
 Annika sat up straighter, shaking her head and grinning
"I agree with Calum, you guys need to practice- and show me what you've got!"
I went slightly pink when she said she agreed with me- no, Calum no. Remember: Out of my limit

"No, Annika you can't stay and watch, we are still working on our performance skills." Luke said, attempting to dismiss her

"Luke, stop shitting on the party, and let me watch."

I snorted slightly at Annika's response. Looking over at me she smiled slightly.

"Let's get to it then!"


Annika POV

Well lets just say that they weren't terrible. But they weren't great either, something was just... missing.

Luke finished singing the last note as they last chords faded out. I applauded quietly, relatively proud of how well they all gelled together.

"All you need now is a name!" I exclaimed.

"Oh we already have one, we're already called, 5 Seconds of Summer!" Mikey yells, hyper from playing the guitar. His enthusiasm was hard to resist.

I raised my eyebrows slightly, that's a weird name for a band; but that described these boys perfectly: weird.
"I came up with it!" Mikey shouted, god that boy was more energetic than a puppy!
I laughed lightly, patting him on the head and saying what a good boy he was. Luke and Mikey both laughed but Calum just crossed his arms and walked over to the stand holding his bass. What was wrong with Calum?

"So, how were we, Anni?" Luke queried

"You guys have some serious talent-"
"-Oh we know,darling!" Mikey said rather flamboyantly

"-BUT," I continued, "I feel like there is something missing, and I just don't know what..."

They all nodded in agreement. The guitars and bass made the melody of the songs sound amazing and their voices created pretty sweet harmonies, they just needed- of course!

"You guys are missing a drummer, you need a drummer, guys!!"

Their faces grew into huge grins, but Luke's soon fell into disappointment.
"Where are we gonna find a drummer, close to our age and likes our music style?"

"Wait- you guys like Blink 182, Nickelback and All Time Low, don't you?"
Their faces were still in frowns but they nodded all the same.

"I've got a person in mind- excuse me a moment guys..." I said walking up the stairs, pulling out my phone to dial a number I really didn't want to call.

Ring Ring Ring

"Annika, it's been a while..."

"Hey, Ashton, you still into drumming?"




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