" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


4. Meet The Gangster



  Barbara's POV's


  After many efforts to open my eyes , I finally succeeded to open them .

At first my vision was  defective , but then I started to see much better but it was still dark , I dont know where am I ? Am I kidnapped ? It must be .



 Where is Steven and Ash ?, OMG I'm a terrible mother , what kind of mom could lose her son ? .,When I checked my phone  it was no longer in my pocket , I had no chance to survive .



 " Open the door , I want my son " I started to yell and kick the door , but there was no answer not even a shut up , like this place was forsaken .


 " I said open this door " I yelled much louder , that if the kidnapper was deaf he can hear me at least feel me


 " Can you shut up ?" Finally a male voice spoke beyond the door .


 " I want to see my son " I tried not show my fear , he might kill me .


 " Wait until , the boss is here  " It was the last thing this guy said , and then he left , I can hear his shoes clicking to the wooden floor .


 I waited for this boss for about 30 minutes leaning at the door , and when I was hopeless I sat down pulling my knees to my chest , and I was about to burst out crying but another clicking shoes stopped me .


 I stood up and stepped away from the door , I wasn't afraid I was terrified , and when I heard the clinking keys I felt I was about to faint , my heart could stop any minute .


 The door started to open slowly and a tall guy appeared ...... he was wearing black jeans and black t-shirt , and he had curly hair , actually somehow I found him attractive  , What the hell I'm thinking ?


 " So you must be Barbara ?" his voice was deep and raspy ,  he was creepy .


 " Yeah " I muttered


" Ash is such a lucky boy to have a sexy mom like you " he smirked , stepping closer to me .


 " Yeah " I whispered , taking a small step backward trying to make space between us .


 " I'm so rude " he groaned , "I forgot to introduce myself , Harry Styles " he smirked , stretching his arms for handshake .


 I just stared at his hands , without saying a word nor moving a muscle . Did he expect me to handshake him .


 " I dont bite " he sighed , still asking for a handshake .


 " I know " I muttered , then I collected my power to rise my hand , and when mine touched his I immediately pulled my hand back and replaced it behind me .


 " Anyway , I'll leave to have some sleep " he said before he decide to go outside and lock the door .


 I stood there for awhile , still realizing what just happened , but I couldn't keep it inside anymore and the tears made their way outside my eyes to my checks  . I didn't realize I was sobbing until the guard yelled me shut up .








  As I was staring at the sky from the window , I heard steps walking through the corridor and the sounds was getting closer , but I tried to stand still , whoever is coming in cant see me hesitating .


 " Hello again, beautiful " the same guy who entered this morning is here , Harry , I manged to remember his name .


 "Hey " I sighed , but I swear he can hear my beating heart from his place unless he is deaf .


 " Wear this " he commanded , handing me a dress , but I didn't take it .


 "What for ?" I asked still not wanting to take it .


 " Can you stop being such an arrogant " he teased


 "I'm not " I defended myself .


 " You are , anyways , just wear it . You have one hour to be ready " he grimaced , then he started to make his way out .


 " I'm not wearing this " I snapped . It took him a minute then he whirled . His eyes when he looked at me were so dark , they were scary .


 He slowly stepped closer to me . I was terrified so I stepped backwards till my back was touching the white painted wall .


 "Are you sure " he slapped the wall so his arm was right next to my face . He neared his face to me so now I can feel his inhale , " Listen lady , you really dont wanna see this face with a grimace , so I'm going to forget what you just  said , and I'm sure you didnt mean it , Okay Love " he warned  before he  smacked the door , he seems to be good at that .


 After his disappearance , I kneeled down to the floor covering my face not wanting anyone to hear me collapsing .


I've been here since yesterday and I dont know were I am nor why I'm here , besides I didn't hear anything about Ash and I'm so worried about him , Is he died ? no he is not I feel it , I'm his mom . Omg , I'm a terrible mother .


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