It's Complicated

The everyday life of Emma T.

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11. 11. The morning after

Chapter 11 - The morning after

Emma woke up feeling very dazed. ‘Fuck fuck fuck’ she thought frantically. She should have been in school by now. She quickly got up from bed and immediately regretted her fast movement. Her head was spinning and she felt nauseous. Hung over, how typical - no school for her today ... She raced to the bathroom just in time, as she felt everything from last night rise to her throat. It all came back up. How disgusting. When she finally had emptied the entire contents of her stomach into the toilet, and she once again had the strength to stand up, she brushed her teeth thoroughly. Her dry throat screamed for water, and she hurried down the stairs to get to the kitchen. She quickly emptied a glass of water and poured yet another up.

„Damn, you don’t look too good sis,” Louis laughed, and only then Emma discovered that both him and Zayn lay sprawled across the sofa under their quilts, while the TV was running in the background. „I've been better,” Emma simply replied and was just trying to think of anything but the nausea that filled her body. Louis got up worried. „Are you all right Emma? I mean, after all that happened yesterday? ”Emma nodded and forced a smile. She tried to catch Zayns gaze, but he seemed focused on whatever the television was showing. Maybe he couldn’t remember what had happened yesterday - or even worse, maybe it meant nothing to him, he had been drunk. Emma immediately worse - and she knew it wasn’t due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed yesterday. She had, once again, opened her heart to a guy that she felt something for - and once again she felt hurt. Would she ever learn? She should just stay with Harry then at least she would know that she wouldn’t get her heart broken.

Emma suddenly felt very self-conscious when she remembered that she only had her nightgown on. She turned to go, but Louis insisted that she should stay with them. Zayn discretely looked at Emma. Although she was obviously feeling bad due to the hangover, she still looked great. The short nightgown hugged her curves and showed her figure. Zayn had no idea what to do with himself. He needed to talk to Emma about yesterday, but not as long as Louis was in the same room as them. Emma knew how worried and protective Louis was - and she didn’t want to make him suspicious, so she quickly joined him on the couch and slipped under his blanket. On the surface, everything seemed normal, but there was a clear tension in the room which Louis fortunately didn’t seem to notice.

After approximately half an hour Louis stated that he was going to hit the shower - leaving Emma and Zayn in an awkward situation. „Did you get hold of Liam yesterday?” Emma asked when she could not bear the silence anymore. Zayn shook his head vaguely. „He disappeared quickly, but it's is probably for the best.” He suddenly seemed tense. Now is your chance, he thought. Now Emma and him finally had the chance to talked about everything. Emma nodded relieved - no one had been hurt any further. The phone rang and since Emma was feeling bad Zayn got up and answered it. „Hello,” he simply said, and waited for an answer. He then looked harsh at Emma and handed her the phone. „It's your boyfriend.” He almost spat the last word out. Harry called to say goodbye. He was sitting at the airport now and was ready to board the plane. „I will miss you too,” Emma whispered, ​​and her guilty conscience hit her like a blow in the stomach. Zayn then understood that Emma wasn’t going to tell Harry the truth. She was not going to leave him.

Never ever had Emma thought that she was able to be unfaithful to another human being. She knew how it hurt to be on the other side, and she had no desire to inflict Harry this kind of pain - even if they were not lovers. She did not want to ruin Harry's trip, so she had not mentioned the kiss with Zayn. It had also been too awkward when Zayn was sitting in the room. What was she going to say? Emma felt so confused and did not know if she should listen to her heart or her brain. Harry was a nice guy, and with him she felt safe and comfortable. With Zayn it was different, either they were exceptionally passionate, otherwise arguing to the extreme. Emma was not in doubt that she would not be able to function without Zayn in her life. He meant too much to her and she would never be with Harry, as long as she felt that way, so she would tell Harry the truth as soon as he got home from Paris - and then she would allow herself to hope that Zayn felt the same for her as she did for him. He had, after all, kissed her, and their chemistry was undeniable. At least she thought so.

Emma was about to confess her feelings as Zayn interrupted her train of thoughts. He had grasped the hint and was confident that Emma would ask him to forget about the kiss - because she already had the perfect guy. Emma obviously didn’t want to talk about the incident between them yesterday, and he was not going to sit here and act like a wounded man. He did not want to see her eyes filled with pity when she inevitably told him about her decision. „I'm leaving,” he uttered, getting up from the couch. It sounded harsher than he had intended. Emma looked confused at him. „But I thought ...” He raised his hand as if to stop her. ”You know that I'm busy. The ladies' man and all. I got to move on to the next one,” he tried to joke and flashed a halfhearted smile to her. He did not want her to worry about him. Emma just stood there with a lump in her throat. She was left abandoned and hurt when he walked away without even looking back.

Zayn tried to control his breathing. All he wanted was to run back to Emma and keep her in his arms while he told her how happy she made him, but he was sure that she didn’t feel the same. She loved Harry. Harry who loved culture just as much as she did. He did not even dare to look back. It comforted him, however, that Harry was a great guy. Nothing like Liam or Adrian. On the contrary, he seemed genuine and Emma deserved a guy like that. Not even Zayn could live up to what she deserved. He would never be good enough for her, and it crushed him. What he did not know was that Emma was thinking exactly the same about him. All the girls were interested in Zayn, mostly because he was both appealing and charming, but Emma knew him and knew what a good man he was. She got up as if in a trance, and left the room to go back to bed, where she stayed the next few days. She had no reason to do otherwise.


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