Mrs All American

Rebekah was happy with her life in America, but one day she moves to Sydney, Australia and her whole life changed. She met four guys, who are in a band they call 5 Seconds of Summer, and becomes instant best friends with them. But turns out two of her new best friends fall in love with her. Which ones fall in love with her? What becomes of their friendship? Who will Rebekah choose?


1. Chapter 1 (basic. why not.)

Today was an ordinary day. A day where waking up early for school felt like such an effort. Somehow I woke up with one minute to spare before the alarm went off at 6am. I just layed there staring at the clock waiting for it to go off.

beep. beep. beep. be- I hit the snooze button and turned the alarm off. I groaned as I slowly got out of bed in the dark. 6am in the North Carolina mountains is as dark as mignight.

I made my way to my light switch, but not without running into my dresser and tripping over my own feet. I'm such a clutz. After I finally turned my light on, I put on Green Day loud enough to possibly wake my parents.

I sluggishly got out of my pjs and into my usual skinny jeans and my Beatles t-shirt. I looked in my mirror and thought I looked decent enough, but still put a little makeup on anyway. My hair was a brown curly mess, but I just put it in a beanie being too lazy to do anything with it.

My Converse were downstairs, so i just sat on my bed singing along to American Idiot. I looked at the clock and saw it was 7am. I turned my music off and headed down the stairs. One of my Converse was still there the other one was in a different room being chewed on by my dog. He's such a shoe stealer.


At school I'm not what you'd call "popular". My friends and I are the nerds of the school. As I walked into my first class I noticed I had forgotten to put my contacts in. I faced palmed myself and got a few weird stares for it. I grabbed my glasses from my backpack and put them on. They're just basic black rimmed glasses that people call "hipster glasses". Everytime I wear them someone always asks me if they are real and if I'm a hipster. My answers are always the same: Yes, these are real, and No I'm not a hipster.

I walked over and sat next to my friend Brittney, who also wears glasses.

"Isn't today you leave for Australia?" Brittney asked me.

"Oh my glob. I forgot," I groaned.

"When are you leaving?" she asked.

"After school we get on our flight to Sydney and our furniture is being picked up today at lunch time to be sent off to our new house," I explained. Great. Today isn't so normal after all. Which I guess is a good thing, if I wasn't moving countries.

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