Im just a reject.

What was I thinking? Everyone sees it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject Sick of the system Don’t wanna hear it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject


1. Ive always been the new girl

The whispers start, and i try to block them out the best i can as i walk through the maze of cars. I can still feel the eyes burning holes in the back of my head when i reach the school doors. I pull it open, and walk in.

Same thing happens in here, all eyes turn to look at me. They want to know the girl stupid enough to move when there's only a month left of school. I know, i'm questioning too.

The main office was right next to the doors, but the jocks must have thought that that was their spot this morning. So i was going to be forced to walk through, and i would rather not. In fact, i would rather be anywhere but here.

I run my hand through my hair, getting it out of my face. I would have to go to the office sometime, and it has to be now. I need to go find out where all my stuff is.

Slowly, i walk over towards the huge crowd of tall boys. I tap one of them on the shoulder, and he says something before turning to see me.

His eyes widen, and a cheeky smile lights up his face. "Why, hello gorgeous. What can i do for you?"

I point to the door on the other side of him, "I need to get through, could you possibly move? Please?"

His hand goes up to mess up his spiked black hair, and his blue eyes stay focused on me. He looks me up and down, and then stands to the side. "Just tell me if i can do anything else for you, and i'm more than willing. Okay?"

"Thank you, um.... sorry." I tell him, and trail off at the end.

He laughs at my speech, "Keagan, and what would the name be of a pretty girl like you be?"

"Drew." I say, keeping my eyes on the ground.

He chuckles, "Well, Drew. I hope to see a pretty girl like you around again."

"Thanks, i better hurry." I side step him, and can feel him watching me as i walk to the office door.

I fling the door open, and hurry to walk in if only to hide myself from the eyes of Keagan. The place was quiet, and old ladies were sitting at the computer. Occasionally, you could hear them type something in. It seems like a dead environment. I don't like it.

Quietly, i walk up to the closest lady. I clear my throat, knowing that she won't notice me otherwise. She turns to look at me, and then has to do a double take. She jumps up in her seat, and places a hand on her heart. "Oh dearie! You scared the cookies out of me!"

Oh no. I scared the dead to life.

I smile innocently, and wait for her to compose herself. "What can i do for you, young lady?"

"I need my schedule for my classes. Is there a possibility that you can get those for me?" I ask her kindly, hoping that i can get out of her as fast as i can. It's starting to smell like a funeral home in here.

She holds up a finger, indicating for me to wait a moment. "I'll have the assistant get it for you, is that okay?" I nod, just trying to hurry. "LUKE! Can you come here for a moment?"

My eyes slightly widen, and i wait for 'Luke' to come walking in. The figure finally appears, and i want to sigh in relief but i don't. They're actually someone young in here other than me!

He had his hair spiked up in what i think is a quiff? It was kind of hard to tell, what with the beanie covering most of it. He had a lip ring on his left side, and i thought it was kind of cool. He was currently wearing a white Blink 182 shirt, and was sporting black skinny jeans. The part that stood out the most to me? His bright blue eyes.

He walks up to the old lady that i was trying to get my schedule from, and smiles sarcastically. "What do you need?"

OH! I know that kind of accent! I would know that anywhere! He's from Australia, or at least i hope so. If not, that would be incredibly devastating that i don't know a Australian accent.

The old lady rolls her eyes, "Will you get Miss....?" She trails off, not knowing what my name is.

I want to throw my head back, and groan but that would be classified as rude. I don't want to be the 'rude chick' again. This move is going to be different than all the others. I promise that.

"Parker. Drew Parker." I tell her, and run my hand through my hair again to get it out of my face.

He looks up at me with a bored expression, and i decide to be a little nice, and i smile at him. His face turns angry, and he turns on his heel.

Well then.

I roll my eyes, and walk to one of the chairs that they had sitting around in the office.

What was his problem?

I take out my phone, not wanting to sit here in the silence of the 'funeral home'. I press the home button, and my screen lights up. It said that i had a few new texts, and almost all of them were from my mum. It was all stuff like 'Have a great first day!' and 'I love you!'.

Honestly? I'm still kind of pissed at my parents. They know how much i hate moving, but they keep doing it. They say that they 'have' to. I call BS!

One text from her did surprise me though.

From Mum: hey Drew, our neighbors have invited us over for dinner. We're going, and you can't whine about it. I want you to dress nice, and to have a good attitude. Thanks! Have a great day at school, honey!

I roll my eyes, and scoff at the small text from mum. Of course, she's already made friends with the neighbors. I don't know why either, she acts like we're not going to be moving in a month anyway. It always happens, and she always does the exact same thing. Makes friends, does all she can with them, says goodbye, we leave.

We're exact opposites, my mum and i. I don't bother making friends, i'll just be ripped away from them anyway. I haven't had an actual friend since i was 10. Yeah, i miss him more than life. When i turn 18, i'm actually going on a trip with him. Ash and I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and try to find our ancestors. We've been planning this trip since we were like 6. It's going to happen.

Someone clears their throat rudely, and i look up to see who it was. 'Luke' was standing over, and was staring down at me with a scowl on his face. "I have your papers. Do you want them or not?"

"I would love them, thank you." I tell him, and reach up for my papers.

He pulls it back, and then gives it to me. He gives me one last look, and then disappears behind the counter.

I wave to him, "Nice to meet you too! Hope we can talk again soon!"

I stand up, and brush off my shorts. I unfold the paper, and look at my schedule.

Ew. I have math first, and honestly... I suck at it.

I'm good at school, but when it comes to math... I want to seriously like cry for a million years.

My backpack was still on the floor near the chair i was just sitting on, and i bend down to pick it up. I fling it over my shoulder, and walk out the door to the hallway.

I breathe rapidly, trying to get the horrid stench out of my senses. I hear some laughing behind me, and i quickly turn to see who it is. Keagan.

He walks up, and pats my shoulder. "Horrible, isn't it?"

I just nod, not wanting to talk to people like him. I haven't even known him for an hour, but i can already tell he's one of those guys that goes from girl to girl. Breaking each heart, one at a time.

"What's your first class, sweetheart?" He asks me, throwing his arm around my shoulder.

I open my schedule up again, "Math."

He grabs my papers without asking, and looks at all of them. "I can show you where your class is."

The bell rings, loudly sounding through the hallways. All the students in the hallway start scrambling to their class, knowing they only get four minutest to get to class.

"No. It's okay. You have to get to class too. I'll be able to find it. Thanks though." I tell him, and try to make it less obvious when i shrug out from under his shoulders.

He shakes his head, "No, it's no prob-"

"I'm seriously okay. I'll be able to find it, i promise. But thank you, though! Maybe, i'll see you later." I tell him, lying on the last part. I really don't want to see him later. I don't want to be his next play toy.

I turn to start walking away, but he stays where he was. "Okay, I'll see you later Drew."

He smiles, and watches as i walk away. I know he's watching me, because when i turn the corner, he's still in the same place. I start to go faster, and look down at my schedule to see which class it is.

It took me longer than the four minutes they give to find my class. When i got there, every single pair of eyes turn to look at me. I want to go find a abandoned corner in the world and hide. But noooo.

They all watch me as i walk up to the teacher, and hand him my schedule. He looks at it to make sure i'm in the right class, and then gives me a few rules. But then the expected happens, and he decides to be a 'polite' teacher and introduce me in front of the whole class.

He stands up, and walks to the front of the room. He gestures for me to come, and i stand beside him. He puts his hand on my shoulder, and i so badly would like to whack it off. I don't let anyone touch me, and i won't. But yet again, i don't want everyone to think i'm rude.

He claps his hands together loudly, "Class, quiet down! We have a new student, and her name is...."

"Drew Parker." I whisper, and look down at the ground. I run a hand through my hair nervously, and close my eyes.

He laughs, "Drew Parker. I want you to be nice to her, and welcome her into the new classroom. Now Drew, you are going to be sitting by....." He looks around the room for an empty seat, and then his eyes settle on a girl sitting in the back of the room. "Robin. She will be your partner, and i hope that Robin will help to welcome you to the class." He points to Robin, and she nods at him. "Thanks, Robin."

He walks back to his desk, and that leaves me to walk over to my new partner. I pull out the seat, and throw my bag down beside the desk. I sit myself down in the chair, and want to slam my head down on the chair.

"Hey, i'm Robin. I'm guessing we're going to be partners now." A voice interrupts my almost head slam.

I snap my head to the side to see Robin, her face holding a small smile.

"I guess so. My name is Drew, but i guess you already know that from the embarrassing introduction." I tell her, and gesture to the front of the class.

She giggles, "Yeah. I hate when he does that. I just feel so bad for the person. Sorry."

"It's all good. I'm used to it by now, i've moved so many times that i've lost count." I wave her off.

She turns in her seat to face me, "Where did you move from?"

"Which time? I've been all over the world, but not Asia and Africa strangely. I'll have to suggest that to my parents next time we move. I really want to go to Africa, don't ask why. It just fascinates me..." I point out, and set my head down on the table but make sure my face is towards her.

She looks in thought, "So you've lived in europe?"

I nod, "Yup. England, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland."

"South America?" She asks, looking at me.

I lift up some fingers, and count them all out. "Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru."


I smile just at the thought, "I was actually born there, and that was the longest time i've lived in one place. I stayed there till i turned 10, and then the moving started. I haven't lived in more than place for more than a couple months at the most, and i guess i've gotten used to being the new girl."

"Have you been anywhere else in North America?" She questions, sounding genuinely curious.

I nod rapidly, "Yeah! I've lived in Canada for a month, i think. I've traveled all across the U.S. I've lived in Cali, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and now here in Ohio."

Her mouth gaps open, "You've pretty much lived everywhere. I wish i could do that! It sounds like so much fun."

"It's not as fun as you think it is, trust me." I mumble, and turn my head to face the desk. I close my eyes, and feel like sleeping. But again, no i can't do that.

She pats my shoulder, "Well, welcome to Ohio."

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