Poodle Skirt

Elizabeth Zia Raymond spends 24/7 working in her mom's 1950's themed diner. She grew up on big bands, The Beatles, and really anything from the '50s. Ironically, her best friend Zayn Malik is in a world-famous boyband. You all know who they are. But, Zia doesn't. She just knows about old-school sock-hop stuff. What happens when someone tries to change all this. Will it be a gate-way to the present or a huge heartbreak .


1. Backstory

                  In 1960 a girl wanted to start a restaurant of her favorite time (50s-60s). The American people  didn't like the idea and she went broke. After years, and years of waitressing the girl moves to Europe and starts the restaurant there. The restaurant was a success. Not enough to make millions but enough to keep her alive. After a "night" the girl has a  baby girl. The woman's baby grew up working at the restaurant. This baby grew up and had 3 kids of her own

Tess Olivia Raymond

Liza Michelle Raymond

and, Elizabeth Zia Raymond.

These 3 now work at the restaurant.

This is the story of one of them. And 1D.





OK guys so tell me what you think so far. Be honest. I wasn't sure of the story but I wanted to see if you guys did so lemme know in the comments.












































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