The Letter To Him

Marissa enters a competition and writes a letter to Josh Hutcherson and the winner gets a day with Josh and a day on the set of the Mockingjay. She doesn't expect to win but she still writes it. What happens if she wins? What happens if she falls in love? Will she get a happily ever after or a broken heart?


5. Writing the Letter

Marissa's POV

I read the rules and regulations for the contest over and over again in my mind, mulling over how I was going to respond. Name? That was easy. Age? Simple! Why I want to meet Josh? I could name a thousand reasons. Looks? That was the tricky part. I've never really been fond of the way I looked; I just don't understand how I would describe my appearance! 

Sighing, I stand up from my desk and go downstairs. I open the refrigerator and grab a soda, and whip out my phone. Popping open the tab, I unlock my phone and open the messaging app.Twirling my thumbs over the screen, I think. I wanted to ask someone for their advice, but who? My parents would just give me the mushy answer of: "Marissa, you are beautiful and perfect." Quite frankly, I don't want that. I want the truth in my letter. But who should I ask? 

That decision was made for me when my phone starts to vibrate in my hand. I look down at the caller I.D. and see it's my best friend Natalia.

I click answer and put the phone against my ear. "Hey, Natalia."

"OMG Marissa!!!"

"What?" I ask, confused. 

I could practically hear her grin through the phone. "Guess who aced the math test!"

"Wait, what?" Natalia's worst subject was math, the odds of her acing a test were next to none.

"I got an one and two zeros on the test! I got this tutor, and he had been helping me. He's super hot, too."

I leaned forward, interested. Smart cute guys were rare. "Good for you," I say.

"So..." She sighs.

"Natalia, how would you describe how I look?"

"What do you mean? Are you entering in the competition?"

"Maybe. Maybe not." I grin. "But seriously, how would you describe my looks?"

She then launched into a long description on the precise color of my eyes, skin, and hair, even down to my 'perfectly rounded fingernails'. I was starting to form an idea.

Boy, did I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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