Welcome Home

Anger problems in a house full of famous boys, will 18 year old Chika be able to cope with the stress?


1. Down the aisle

Chika's P.O.V

Nothing could go wrong. I made sure I planned every single detail down to the minute. It was the least I could do for stressing out my mom. In the past I would get in trouble with the cops and by past I mean 3 days ago and by trouble I mean drink driving and crashing. My moms theory is forgive and forget but always forgiving and always forgetting has ways of getting you down. So I had to make it up to her.

You may be thinking 'wedding, what happened to your dad?' Well he left because, and I quote, 'felt like it'. To be honest I really don't care. I have a mom who loves me for the both of them and he's probably laying in a gutter somewhere and doesn't even know what year it is.

So here I am leading my mom down the aisle, in the place of her dad who stopped all contact with her for no good reason, taking each step along with the rhythm of the church organ. It's time to face the music.

It's now or never. The suspense is killing me. All they need to do know is say the 'i do's'. It shouldn't take this long to say two short words. It's left to me to break the silence by yelling "WE HAVEN'T GOT ALL DAY JUST SAY I DO". With that said the whole church erupts with laughter. I glare at my mom who can't help but smirk. My hero. Now that the laughter has died down the i do's finally are said.

Do You see those people kissing in front of me? They are my parents.

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