By your side forever and always (kirioxreader fanfic)

When stuck in sao (y/n) has to go through a lot the person who she joined a party with got defeated by a boss that they had been fighting, will she find love in this world of misery?


1. chapter 1: fighting for our lives

Chapter 1: fighting for our lives

(Main characters name is sky)

I walked down the gravel path over to a field. I sat down admiring the beauty of Sao. I was starting to get a little hungry so I decided to go get something to eat so I opened up my menu to see... The exit buttons gone. I was shocked to see this. I walked up the path into town.

(A/n sorry yes I know this is short but it's all I got for now I will be on later or tomorrow bye for now guys :3 - anime_girl)

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