The Exposing Games

Pearlie Thornton is 23, fresh out of college and as unsuccessful as the Ugly duckling before the swan days. The only thing decent about her life is her boyfriend and her blog, and she isn't all that proud of her boyfriend. Ray Norton was a struggling actor, rich through his parents, and overly awkward. Not to mention she was a theist and he was atheist. Note the difference that one believes in a superior being and the other one does not. Pearlie and Ray are happy day her other precious thing in life is dissed, burned, and dumped. A man going by the name "Black Striker" bashes everything she has ever blogged about. He calls her blog ignorant and opinion based and how every life story on there is fake and over done. Within hours Pearlie's amount of supporters and followers drops my hundreds. Pearlie is determined to find out who this "Black Striker" is and take him down. It's time to expose the man behind the hate blog. Let The Exposing Games begin...


2. 1-Pilot

Hey! The name is Pearlie! I live in San Francisco, California and...I blog. I guess you could say I had a pretty good blog. I reached 3K followers last week and It's never been better. 

"Babe! Are you even dressed? And don't wear that green monstrosity again. My mother almost barfed after seeing you in that!" Ray called.

Ray is my boyfriend. We met at a college party and have been together for about a year now but I've been wanting to break it off for a while now. I've tried to multiple times but every time i go to do it the words won't get out. Today we were supposed to go to a big luncheon with his family and their business partners but I rather sit here and watch Kings of Queens while blogging about Kevin James and stuck up rich people. 

"I'll be ready in a sec!" I yelled back.

Today is going to be as boring as watching a rerun of Teen Wolf. Another show i happen to blog about.  I blog about anything and everything. If there is a trending topic on twitter I address it. If a wide spread rumor is being spread around I post up my feelings about it.  If I hate something, like something, see something, hear something I blog it. 

I began to get ready. I walked up to my closet and picked out what I was going to wear. It was a blue, lace sun dress that reached right above my knees. With it I picked out white pumps with a sparkly jewel on the toe. After that I hopped into the shower and did what I had to do. 

It took me about an hour to do my hair into a fancy complex up do and I kept my make up simple with some winged eyeliner and light pink lip gloss. I put on some fake nails with a blue and white polka dot jewel design. After getting dressed and putting on my shoes I grabbed my bag and shades and walked down stairs. 

"What the hell are you wearing?" Ray asked the second I got down there. 

"What do you mean?" 

"My mother hates the color blue and you never wear white to a luncheon. It's outside!" 

"Well...then I won't go. That makes life simpler."

"No. It's fine. Let's just go please, Babe" 

I rolled my eyes and just followed him out. This is what I was talking about. Nothing ever works right with us anymore. We locked the doors then I headed over to the car, which was already running. Ray drove a silver Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 with red leather interior. It was a beautiful car with a hideous driver (metaphorically speaking. No one can deny Ray was good looking. Hot even.) And with a jerk of the engine we were off to this god awful luncheon. 


A/N So this is the first chapter. I hope its good. I know it's kinda long but I needed to find a good way to introduce the characters with out doing a full out meet the characters page. This story will get better as it goes along! I promise! Next update is tomorrow and I may be also posting this story on wattpad if it gets popular enough! THANKS! 

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