The Fire Stone

A Motapolis is a shape-shifting human with a gift, whether it is elemental or of a powerful source. Though age or illness cannot end their life, only the strike of mankind can surely bring them to their deaths. With only a few surviving in the world or Britain, a small group of Motapolis teens make it through the most devastating phenomenon of their lives; sorcery. Nora and her friends must fight for their lives before this new enemy discovers the true power of the Motapolis and possesses the power of the Fire Stone to himself.


1. Nora

         Sometimes, I wish I were dead. I cannot live a life without enjoying it forever. All I have ever loved have disappeared like mist; friends, family, even those I have only seen that are like me. I may be gifted with my ability to shape-shift into any animal, but am cursed with immortality. Some say it is a pleasure to live forever, but to me, it is a life forever of pain, guilt and sorrow. A life of running from those who want what you have, whether it is even possible or not. But I have something else that can for sure be taken from me and devastate all living things.

         I hardly remember my parents. I know my red-yellow hair came from my mother, and my yellow eyes came from my father. I remember their smiles, though I now know that behind their happiness is sadness and fear. "Nora, come here", they would always say. "You are safe with us no matter what. We will never leave your side." I had always believed that they loved me and would protect me, but I also knew that they were hiding something. Something that was important. I did not know what it was until the day they died in front of me. 

         Triggered by the sighting of the blood of my dead parents, I wanted nothing more than to kill him, the Sorcerer. He was after me, and my parents were protecting me to the very end. I will never forget his face, scarred from battles and possessed with greed. He was a warrior of death that would kill any one in his way to get what he had wanted. I don't remember how I managed to escape, but I know that I will no longer live a normal life, for I will live until I am hunted down. He will come for me eventually, I just know it. 

          A Motapolis cannot survive alone in the world. That was what everyone in my little group had thought. That was what brought us together. We were all chased from our homes and forced to live in the world of greedy humans. We are all fighting for our lives and survive in the deepest parts of the wild with the assistance of our gifts. We train to get stronger and face challenges along the way. The only thing that keeps us motivated is to end the lives of those who had taken our lives from us. 

        Joselene, who was forced to leave her home after an earthquake, which left none but herself surviving. Bruce, who was sold by his parents for slavery, ran away from his abusive master after almost a decade. Dean, who left his home after his mother had caught a sickness that can kill a Motapolis, most likely a spell of some sort. Jina, abandoned by her family after being accused of a curse. Toren, who was the last survivor of a battle he had fought long ago. We all had suffered losses, and plan to make up for them.

       My name is Nora, and I am a Fire Stone.

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