Your mom tells you that you are related to Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, and you'll be spending some time with them...

Can This Change your Fate?


7. Flashbacks and Past Stories

Chapter 6


<Aly's POV>

I ran into... THE MUFFIN MAN


I ran into... Cameron Dallas.

I gasped and hid behind Ashton.

"What's up man?" Ashton bro hugged Cameron..


It's about time you know more about me...


When I was little I was bestfriends with 9 guys and 1 girl.

Names please?

Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Cameron Dallas

Nash Grier

Matthew Espinosa

Carter Reynolds

Shawn Mendes

Jacob Whitesides 

Aaron Carpenter

and last of all and my fave

Mahogany Gordy


Then things started to change...

I lived with abusive foster parents an abusive brother and sister

and another foster brother 

Names please?

Jim Martyn

Leslie Martyn

Josh Martyn

Britney Martyn

and last of all and my fave

Adam (Wilkinson) Martyn 


When my "parents" started abusing me, my friends started bullying me, except Mahogany

Cameron was the worst. He was my big bro and Sierra was my big sis. Cameron cared for me, protected me, and loved me. On the first day of HS he called me "the biggest ugliest fattest fucking slut/whore in school" and I quote. I remembered it word for word.


One day, it got sooo bad that Mahogany and Sierra found out.

They gave me a full makeover, including orange/crystal blue ombre hair, crystal blue contacts (I had glasses), new badass wardrobe, trainings at boxing and shooting places etc., and a new damn house. My real mom gave birth to me when she was 17 so it was either me or Ash, she had Ash first, so she gave me up, found me again, and now we are a happy family...


OK, storytime over ladiezzzzz.


Ash snapped me out of my thoughts, "Aly!" he snapped his finger, "Meet Cameron."

"I know who you are." Glaring into his gorg- NONO ugly damn eyes, much better. I saw a hint of guilt and fear. 

Ashton shook his head in confusion, "nvm."


<Cameron's POV>

She was beautiful, Aly I mean... Perfect hair, eyes. When I saw her glare at me, I saw something flash in her eyes.

Pain? Rage? Both? Of course I got scared, but I saw something in her, what was it? I couldn't stop thinking about it. By the time I got home I remembered. Aly Martyn, my bestfriend/first bully victim. 

"GUYS." I yelled into the house.

"TACOS" They yelled.

"I don't have any."

"Damn you Cameron Alexander Dallas." Matt glared at me.

"I have something though."


"I think I found Alison Martyn."



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Jack Johnson:

Jacob Whitesides:

Nash Grier:

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