One cool romance (soul "eater" evans x reader fanfic)

When (y/n) finds out she's a weapon she attends the Dwma for the first time who will be her friend, enemy, or even boyfriend...


1. chapter 1: attending the Dwma

Chapter 1: attending the Dwma

(Y/n's) p.o.v

"God! How many steps are there?!" You whined. Today was your first day attending the Dwma. You have been a scythe (weapon form) all your life. Your mother was a weapon and your father was her miester. You had (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, you were a tomboy all of your life from as far as you remember. When you and your meister Kanae reach the top of the steps a dirty blonde girl with pigtails and green eyes approaches you "Hi I'm maka it's nice to meet you." She smiled "Hi I'm (y/n) (y/l/n) and this is my miester Kanae sky." You replied. You look behind her to see a white haired boy with crimson red eyes... To you he seemed kinda hot... "This is my weapon soul." You were cut off from your thought and smiled...soul... He was cute... But wait! What am I thinking I just met him... Today's gonna be very interesting...

(A/n hi everyone this is my first fanfic I hoped you enjoyed sorry the chapter was so short :/)

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