|poetry from a simple soul.|


3. We Are Family

No one understands why Directioners are who they are,

or why the 5SOS Fam members love every other member,

but we do.


We know why.

It's because we all share a strong love for something,

and therefore,

we share a STONG love for people we've never met and never will.


you can judge us,

deceive us,

hurt us,

but NEVER. EVER. Deny that we are a family.


Because we are millions of people,

but at the same time,

we are one.

one big family of Directioners and 5SOS fans.


you can't stop us.

you can't change us.

you can't do anything to change who and what we are.

we love each other so much, and if you don't understand that, then move along.


haters: forget you.

Directioners: we love you.

5SOS Fam: we love you too.

and last but not least, Family: *hugs* that's all the explanation you need, right?


that is why.

we are why.

we are simply:




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