16 ☁️ Harry Styles

So people run and others do drugs but were all searching for a way to escape reality.


2. 0.1

| a week ago|

" All you have to do is sell this, and you'll wake up rich." Eddie said giving Harry a dozen bag full of white sugary looking substance.

" Really?!" Harry said looking up at his new boss with excited eyes.

" Yeah, kid just name your price and I'll make it happen."

Harry wanted to list a lot of things he wants things his mom couldn't afford. But he didn't want to sound greedy or needy.

" Um, could you buy give me the X-box 1?" Harry said. He always wanted that, all the kids at his school had it. He heard all those cool stuff about the game.

" How about I buy you that and 10 of the hottest games and a pair of Jordans."

Harry had no clue what Jordan's were, he thought it sounded cool and it would make his friends jealous.

" And if you want, you could use it too." Ed his new boss said giving him another bag of the weird looking stuff.

Harry had no idea how to 'use it.' Maybe Eddie could teach him he thought.

" bring me my money by the end of this month, and if you don't bring my money, there will be severe punishments."

Harry gulped. He thought he was making the right choice, but he wasn't he didn't know he was risking his life and his love ones.


Present day

|Harry's POV|

I woke up soaking wet. My stepbrother Jacob poured ice cold water on me this morning. I mean he does that everyday but today's water was a tad bit cold.

I'm currently sitting in front of my 'family' at the dinning table. It's very quite, usually my mom and stepdad would practically fuck each other with their eyes. And Jacob would have his hands in Gemma's underwear. Do they realized their step siblings? And plus they think they get away with it. Which makes me laughs a lot. I mean his hands is practically stretched across the table. How can he even do that? Is he a sloth?Sloths have freakishly long arms.

Anyway, today wasn't like any other day. Because today I have a new job. I really like my job. I sell drugs and they give me whatever I want. I know doing drugs are bad, but I'm not doing it. I'm just selling them which aren't bad. plus Ed is really nice. He told me if anyone bothered me he would beat them up. They treat me like a brother I wish I had.

I begin to walk to school. It's really cold out so I stuffed my hands in my pocket searching for warmth. I reached the hellhole people call school. I saw a couple of students outside smoking, I passed them and entered the crowded halls. Once I reached my first period class I sat way in the corner where nobody notice me and I sit by myself. Once the class started I just quietly say pretending to do my work.

I'm not very smart to be honest. I'm actually slow. Mom, Gemma, and Jacob told me that. And I agree with them 100%. Mr. Behar continued talking about some quiz we have tomorrow but I couldn't care less. Just then the classroom door swing open and revealed a girl. She had blonde hair that reached around her shoulders and mesmerizing blue eyes. Her cheeks were a bit pink and so were her lips. In other words she was absolute beautiful.

" You must be Lyra?" Mr. Behar said giving Lyra a polite smile.

Everybody in the classroom including me was staring at her which made her cheeks red.

" Y-yeah." she stuttered

" Well, Lyra I want you to sit next to." Mr. Behar got his clipboard that was on his desk.

" I want you to sit next to Harry. Harry raise your hand."

I slowly rose my hand and lightly blushed. I get to sit next to the the new attractive student for the whole year!

I quickly moved my stuff from the side and bit my lip. I'm sorta nervous for no reason.

Lyra sat right next to me but she isn't making any eye contact. She pulled a notebook and started copying what's on the board. I got back to making little sketches on my notebook. I looked up from my work and saw Lyra completely Focus. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows furring creating little crease on her four head and her tiny hands griping her pencil and scribbling down notes. I continue to look at her in the corner of my admiring her presence. She's completely beautiful.

" Harry do you know the answer?" mr. Behar said smirking. Oh god He caught me staring at Lyra red handed.

" Um I don't know." I murmured quietly. I felt my cheeks completely heat. I wish I could die in a hole right now.

" Next time I want you to give me your attention instead of staring at Lyra." The whole class room bursted into giggles making me lower my head down.

God I'm such an idiot.

[ Awwww, well this is the first chapter, and it really sucked cuz I suck. Comment what you guys think is going to happen.]

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