my secret child //N.H\\

Anna Roslee Carver is a "normal" 22 year old and is as happy as ever with her daughter May in her little apartment that she is sharing with her best friend Holly in New York,but something that wasn't quite as normal with her life was that as a 19 year old , she meet Niall Horan and as a boyfriend and girlfriend things started to go really well, and at just the night before the tragedy happened they decided to make love, but the day after Niall said goodbye to Anna and without him going that he had left her alone in the darkness pregnant, but as soon as One Direction comes to New York things start to happen as remembering that May has to be held away from her dad and media.


9. little may


May was in kinder garden and I was home as I had to canceled the job today due the reason of all of this stress, while Holly's at work, I wore my lazy long grey pants and lose grey big t-shirt with my messy hair hanging loosely down leading down to my waist.

I got up from bed since I've always thought I am as a twenty two year old way to old to roll out of bed, as soon as I got up from bed my phone rang.

I followed the sound of my phone ringing all the way to the kitchen by the dining table, I grabbed the phone to see that Katie from work was calling, I accepted the call and heard her voice "hey" I heard Katie's voice on the other end "hey" I greeted her "why aren't you at work?" she asked "I've been so stressed out so I needed a break" I explained "oh okay" she simply replied "why are you wondering?" I asked "was worried, but like girl there is so many costumers here right now and without we are like shit" Katie complained "ha okay, sorry but I need to go now" I excused "okay bye, hopefully you'll come tomorrow" she said and hung up.

I work at a restaurant called 'Day Dream' almost right in the heart of New York city, I work in the kitchen which was a good thing because according to Niall my cooking skills was the first thing he fell for but that's another story.

I walked to the out of the kitchen and over to the living room, I slung myself onto the couch with my phone in my hand as I logged into Facebook to see updates about Niall, I know it's a bit pathetic but I can't help myself, According to Facebook he was at a sound check with the boys at the moment .

The past two hours went by fast, May was gonna have a sleepover with her best friend Aya at Aya and her moms house and time went even faster as I watched 'The Walking Dead' and a bunch of other stuff on TV and eating food and drinking coffee, I was checked on social media and after about two hours or so One Direction had left to the sound check to go to the hotel and relax.

I felt my eyes burn after watching so much TV so eventually they closed and I drifted of to a place known as 'Dream Land'.

I got brutally awoken by the doorbell ringing, I got up from my coach and as I did that I grabbed my phone to see what time it was "11:47 p.m, who would still be out at this time?" I mumbled to myself as I walked to the door, before I opened the door I looked outside the window from the living room and it was pitch dark outside but the light from the city and the road made sure to light it up , I opened up the door to see a tired Niall.

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