inside » muke

luke wanted to love, he simply didn't know how,

but michael was determind to teach him.


7. 0.6 » suffering

"mr hemmings?"


"someone is here to see you." the nurse said.

it has been three days since luke saw his face, and this was the first one besides him who would see it.



"michael?" luke said covering his face with his hands.

"don't hide, the nurses already told me what it looks like."

luke released the blanket and looked at michael.

"what are you doing here?"

"i-i thought you might want some company."

"i don't want company from imperfect people."

"luke. you shouldn't call me imperfect when you look like this." michael sighed.

"so? i will be perfect again, after a few weeks, my dad will make sure of that. he cares about me."

"really? i don't see him visiting you, do you?"

"he-he is busy, with work."

"yeah right. but eh, i just wanted to say that ashton took your place as 'ruler of the school'."

"he did?"

michael nodded and luke let out a long sigh.

"when will you come back to school?"

"until my face is perfect again."

"a.k.a never."

"just get lost, i don't want your ugly company."

"that's it. okay, luke. i don't want to sound rude. but you are not perfect anymore, and you never will be again. and your concidered imperfect, like me and calum and everyone besides your stupid group. and that's the only thing you will have when you get back to school. 'the not good enoughs for luke hemmings'

it is about freaking time that you start changing the way you act. you were beautiful on the outside and a monster on the inside. now you are a monster on the outside, it's about time you start being beautiful on the inside. show that you have a heart that is not complete made of ice.

you know that kid alex? he said he moved, but he didn't. he actually killed himself because you made him feel like he was worthless. you are a life ruiner luke hemmings."

"i hate you michael clifford!" luke cried.

"i know you don't. imma go away now. see you at school."

and with that michael left the crying luke.

it has been two weeks since michael came to visit luke. today will be the first day luke is coming to school.

"warning! warning! luke is coming to school today. we have heard he is not perfect anymore. he is no longer part of the perfect teens group. no one should talk to him. make him feel like we felt when we weren't in the group yet. make him feel hated and imperfe- oh hi luke."

luke wheeled into the school and his eyes widened when he saw that ashton was being carried around in a throne.

"you look horrible" ashton shouted.

luke sighed and wheeled to his locker, which was three lockers away from michael's.

michael was pushing his books into his full locker when luke wheeled towards him.

luke had the upper locker, he couldn't reach it since he was in a wheel chair.

"help me." luke demanded michael.


"help me already! i can't reach it."


"can you help me?" luke hissed.

"no thank you."

"c'mon. just fucking help me already!"

"no. and don't shout at me."

luke hesitated, but gave in, "please, would you help me, please?"

luke never said please, sorry, and thank you.

"fine." michael said before luke gave michael his locker key and michael opened it.

"could you eh?"

michael nodded and put luke his book bag in his locker, and pulled the right book out, handing it to the bald, grey eyed boy.

"th-" luke stopped, he already said please, he is not going to say 'thank you' as well.

michael rolled his eyes and slowly shook his head, walking to class.

"shall i take you to your class?" a girl asked. her name is sophia, she is in the perfect teens group.

[A/N]: i am going to use p.t.g instead of perfect teens group.

luke nodded and the girl smirked, he didn't know why, though.

suddenly she was running.

and before luke knew it, she let go of the wheel chair and he crashed up against a huge wall.

his wheel chair was a few feet away and probably broken, and he couldn't get up.

"n-need some help?" a girl who luke did not know asked.

"who're you?"


luke looked at her and noticed one thing: she was not beautiful enough for him.

"no, i don't need your ugly help, i'll be fine."

"we both know you won't."

"so? i'll just wait for someone beautiful to help me."

"i am beautiful. you just can't see it."

"no you're really not."

"i am, inside, but you only care about the looks. so i'll get going now and leave you for dead, idiot." she said before taking off.

luke laid there until lunch time, where a teacher picked him up and put him back in his wheel chair, which was fortunatly not broken.

luke wheeled to the cafetaria where his eyes widened, looking at the huge throne.

luke wheeled to his usual seat, but when he arrived, all the p.t.g members bursted into laughter.

"you don't seriously think you can sit with us, looking like that." a boy scoffed, luke didn't know his name.

"well, i created this group."

"well, i took over your group, it's my group now." ashton said playing with his curls.

"so find another place to sit. take care now lucas." ashton said before pushing luke somewhere.

luke was about to jump out of the wheel chair when he bumped into someone, which caused the person to drop it's food and it got all over luke.

"watch where you wheel, hemmings!" michael joked.

"y-you should have just..... watched where you were walking."

"you're forgetting the part where YOU bumped into ME."

"i have gotta wash myself." luke sighed looking at his dirty clothes.

"let me take care of that." ashton smirked.

"no. no. no." luke screamed, knowing what ashton was about to do.

"michael!" luke said.

but michael shrugged and saw luke being pushed out of the cafateria.

luke his lungs were burning like crazy, smacking on the toilet for ashton to pull him up.

"need oxygen lucas? we needed love, but you have treated us like slaves, dogs and nothing. this is what you deserve, being nothing. nobody loves you. everyone hates you." ashton scoffed.

he pulled luke his head out and luke gasped for air and coughed out water.

"i..... hate..... you" luke said between heavy breaths.

"want again you said? okay!" and with ashton pushed luke his head in the toilet again and luke felt his eyes roll to the back of his head.

"wake up, sucker." michael said softly smacking luke his cheeks.

luke coughed a few times before being able to speak.

"what happened?"

"ashton basically flushed you. and you passed out and he left you for dead. and you weren't in class. so i checked on you and found you here."

"you c-came to look for me? i mean, ew. get away from me."

michael rolled his eyes and picked luke up.

"here is a towel and some dry clothes. see you in class."

and with that michael left.

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