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luke wanted to love, he simply didn't know how,

but michael was determind to teach him.


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luke robert hemmings:

luke is the son of the god of beauty. not really a 'god', but his dad owns worlds most succesfull beauty company. the number one rule of the hemmings family, who includes his father and two older brothers, is to be perfect. and that's what they all are, perfect. luke is incredibly rude, obnixious, selfish and does not care about anyone. luke has a huge ego and has a 'little' too much self-confidence.

michael gordon clifford:

michael is an average boy with only a mother, who he loves dearly. michael has only one, but true, friend named calum thomas hood. michael, and basically everyone who is not perfect enough, is invisible to luke. not that he cares, he hates luke. michael loves to sing, play the guitar and paint.

calum thomas hood:

calum and michael have been best friends since they came out of their mums taco. they live next to each other and spend all their time together. calum is a bassist and has an amazing singing voice, he thinks about starting a little band with michael, to post covers on youtube. calum has a secret crush on ashton fletcher irwin, luke his puppet.

ashton fletcher irwin:

ashton is an energetic and beautiful boy who is best friends with luke, at least, he thinks he is. ashton does everything luke asks him to, in exchange for popularity, something he had always wanted. ashton may seem like a really bad guy, but he really isn't. luke just changed him into a d-bag, so he'd fit the 'perfect teens group' luke has created. ashton his true passion is to play the drums, but luke does not let him play them, it's not something perfect people do.

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