The Diary

This is a story about a girl named Jess. At 17 and being poor, Jess gets bullied at school everyday. Right before her father walked out, she was given a diary to keep her life in. That was 4 years ago, now she lives in Doncaster, England with her abusive alcoholic mother.


6. The Truth



"What did he do?" Cloud asked as he was still jerking my arm.

"Nothing, but let me go. You're hurting me," Cloud instantly dropped my arm and looked guilty. 

"OK, your mother is in a coma, you'll have to live with me," he said. 

          Live with Cloud? I- I can't, I barley have clothes or anything.

"Want to go shopping?" He asks while we walk to his car, his eyes pleading.

"No, I don't have any money," I just stared at him, thinking of what happened moments before.

"I'll pay," he said, making it to our destination.

I walked over to the passengers side, "No, I can manage."

"Mhm," that was all he said then we drove off.



         I woke up with an aching neck.

"Afternoon sleepy head," Cloud smirked when he looked at me. I was rubbing my eyes to wake myself up completely. I opened my eyes to see him in his boxers looking through his drawer. I then covered my face, with... his blanket? Yes. I was in Cloud's bed with his clothes that were way bigger than me. I then touched my bra and my underwear. They were still on. Of course he wouldn't do that to me. 

         "Hey, my mother put your clothes on, so don't think I'm that type of guy," he said slipping some pants on. Then I let out sigh of relief as I climb out of his bed. It was now Tuesday, this week is moving so slowly. I then glance at his clock. 2:43. 

"Cloud! We're late for school!" I start to wildly pace around the room.

"Calm down pretty princess, I called in, we're both sick," he said, I calmed down as he commanded. Then I thought about what he did, how typical.  

"Here," he threw my clothes I wore yesterday, "My mom washed them last night. We're going shopping. Oh, and one more thing," he threw my diary at me, "Don't take it too personal, but I read it."

         Did he have it the whole time? I don't know, but he knows my struggle, so I can let that be off my chest. I watched him as he exited the room putting on his shirt. Then his phone began to ring. I picked up the phone an answered. 


"Hey, Jess, its, umm, Louis. How are you?"

My eyes then glowed with excitement. I wanted to scream my head off, but I answered coolly, "Umm.. I actually just woke up."

"I noticed that you weren't in school today," he said, I could feel him smiling.

"Yeah, I kind of got a cold from Lisa," I replied. Lisa goes to school with us. She is sick all the time, but she says its just allergies. 

"Oh, James got a cold from her too," said Louis. James is his friend that bullies me sometimes.

Cloud walked in the room surprised to see I was on his phone. "Who is that?" he mouthed. I decided to just turn away and face his window.

"So, Prom is in 2 months," said Louis who sounded curious about something.

"Yeah, I don't plan on going though," I answered. Cloud shifted in front of me, eager to know who I was talking to. I just turned around again.

"Oh, how come?" Louis asked.

I can't afford a dress, no one would even like me to go, and not a single boy would ask me out, I thought.

"Oh, I'm baby-sitting that night. My cousin has her prom the same night and she had twins at 15, so, you know," I lied. Cloud moved in front of me again, "What cousin?" he mouthed. I knew he was getting impatient. So, I decided to end the conversation with Louis. 

"Um, Louis, I have to go," I said hoping he wouldn't ask why.

"Oh, that's okay, you gotta do what you gotta do," he replied.

"Yeah, see you later," I replied smiling from his response.

"Bye," he said.

"Bye," then I hung up Cloud's phone. 

"Now who was that," asked Could. I knew he was mad, his nostrils flare when he's mad. 

"Louis," I simply replied. 

"Tomlinson?" he questioned.

"Yes, of course," I said handing him his phone.  

"Why is he calling my phone?" 

"He asked for my number and since I don't have a phone, I gave him you number."

"You could have told me that sooner. He's been calling all afternoon and I never answered because I didn't know the number," he said scrolling through his Missed Calls list. 

"Yeah, well, I didn't think you like him all that much so I didn't want to tell you," I responded angrily.

"Get your clothes on, I'm taking you shopping," he mumbled rushing out his room.

I did as he said and went downstairs soon after. My emotions were back to normal.

"My mom gave me £1000 to buy you things you would be needing to live with us," said Cloud.

"No, you don't need to do that, I'm fine with what I have," I said hoping he would give the money to his mother. I know his mother is a multimillionaire, but that doesn't mean I take her money.

"She said you have no choice," he said smiling, " race you to the car!" he dashed out his door. Its starting to be a wonderful life. 

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