Times Like These(H.S.)

They were young, they were dumb, they were drunk, and they were careless. They only did it for the pleasure. Little did they know, a certain little surprise would be the result of the careless actions.


2. Present

08:33am 17th September 2014


Peyton POV*


"Kaylee, come on baby, it's time for Nursery." I tell my four year old daughter. She whines and stuffs her head under her duvet. I sigh, "Kaylee, don't make me get bubby in here." I say referencing to her twin brother, Joseph. (Joey) She slowly comes out from under the duvet, and lifts her arms up. "Carry me mummy" She says. I laugh and pick her up. "You're lucky I'm doing this. You're four years old missy" I tease.


I poke her nose and she giggles and pokes mine. When she smiles, deep dimples show in her cheeks. My smiles turns down some when I see how much she resembles me, and Harry mixed. I kiss her forehead and set her in front of her wardrobe. "Pick out some clothes for Nursery, I'm going to get bubby up." I tell her. "Okay, mummy." She replies.


I walk into Joseph's room and walk towards his sleeping figure. His curls over his face, lips pouted, and his small structure spread all over his little bed. I brush the curls from his face and press a kiss to his forehead. He looks exactly like Harry, the only thing he got from me, was his eyes. "Joey, wake up sweetie. Time for Nursery, sissy is waiting." I say and slightly shake him.


"Mummy?" He asks and slowly sits up. I brush my fingers through his hair and smile. "It's me, love" He lifts his arms and wraps them around my neck. I slowly stand up and he attaches around my waist. He little head nuzzling in my neck. I take him to his wardrobe and set him down. "Get some clothes, I am going to go make you and sissy breakfast okay?" I kiss his cheek and exit his room and go downstairs.


I heat up the kettle for the kids to have some tea before they left. The pancakes are started, and I make them into Minnie and Mickey Mouse figures. I hear little footsteps patter throughout the floor. "Mummy! Miss. Laura is here!" Kaylee says in excitement. I look out the window and sure enough Laura, the kid's Nursery teacher is here.


"Take these with you. I will come to pick you up at 2. I love you" I say and kiss their lips. "Don't forget your lunches!" I quickly remind. I watch them walk to the drive and Laura meet them there. They all look at me and wave, which I wave back. They all get into Laura's Range Rover and start off.


I grab a pancake and some tea and go to the lounge. I click on the television and relax on the sofa. "Harry Styles coming home for time off? or will he stay in LA with his ne-" I quickly change the channel to ITV1 and watch Britain's Best Baker. Everywhere I look, it's Harry this, Harry that. Well, Harry isn't what all they say.


After I had left that day, my world about fell apart. I had no one. No one to help me through the pregnancy, no one being there for when I gave birth to my beautiful twins, no one was there when I had work and had to find a house. Yeah, my aunt gave me shelter, but she told me to find my own house. I had to grow up faster than most of the teenagers my age.


I threw away my entire secondary school life. I couldn't go to balls, I couldn't go to parties, I had responsibilities and I honestly wouldn't change a thing. Being a single parent is hard, but I got through it. And it's hard to find somebody to love you for you, AND your two children. I haven't even tried to date anybody, I am just fine where I am at. Plus, if my kids didn't like him, I wouldn't date him. My kids are my life, my priority.


My phone rings, an unknown number. I slide over to answer it. "Hello?" I ask. "Is this Peyton Reynolds?" I hear a female voice ask. My eyebrows furrow together, "Yes it is, whom may I be speaking to?" I ask curiously.


"Oh honey! I am so glad I found you! It's Anne, Anne Twist" She said, Anne Twist? "Oh Sorry, Anne Styles. I have gotten married and now my last name is Twist." She laughs lightly. My whole body freezes. Styles, Harry's mum, she's talking to me.


"Peyton, are you there?" She asks worriedly. "Uh-uh, yeah, I am here. Congratulations Anne." I tell her. It feels as if the temperature starts rising, causing me to tug at my collar. "Oh, Peyton, we have missed you." She says. "We?" I ask. "Yes 'we'. Me, your mum and dad, Gemma, Harry..." She trails off. I scoff. "Anne, I appreciate the phone call, but this is too much. He doesn't miss me. If he did, he wouldn't have left me to take care of twins for four years of my life. And my mum kicked me out, I doubt she misses me. And I miss you and Gems too. You have no idea Anne. No idea." I say and start to sob.


"Peyton, please. Where do you live, I will come over." I sniffle. Should I tell her? What if she gives my address to my mum, or to Harry? I laugh quietly, even if she did, Harry wouldn't come. "I live in Maidenhead now. You would have to fly to get here Anne." I tell her, then a thought popped into my head. "What if the kids and I fly to meet you?" I ask. As soon as I said it, I regret it. That means I have to go home, where my family is, where my old friends are, where Harry lives..


"Oh, that would be amazing! I cannot wait to see my grandbabies!" She says. "Yeah.." I say in fake enthusiasm. "Hey, I have to go, I have to get the children. Ill talk to you soon Anne." I say sincerely. "Could I speak to them over the phone soon? And See you Peyton." She says. "Yes, you can. Goodbye" I say and hang up the phone.


I take a deep breath. Did I really just agree to fly to my birth village? The same area I grew up, and got pregnant? I blame it on Anne, I miss her. I don't even need to get the children yet. it's only 10. I was on the phone that long? damn.




"Alright, see you Monday Joey and kaylee. They were angels as always Peyton." Laura tells the kids then me. They smile up at me widely. "Does that mean we get ice cream?" Kaylee asks giving me puppy eyes. I poke her nose, "Only if mummy gets some too" Kaylee and Joey run into the house, leaving Laura and I outside by ourselves. "I don't know how you do it." Laura says, looking me right in the eyes. "Do what?" I ask, my eye brows knitting together.


"Take care of the children. It's been four years, of just you, and the two children. I look up to you, you are a strong person." She says and rests a hand on my shoulder. I smile and wrap my arms around her. "Thank you." I whisper and pull apart from the hug.


"Anytime, see you Monday Peyton." I wave at her and go inside the house. "Joey? Kaylee? Come on, let's get some ice cream!" I shout. I hear nothing. My heart starts to beat rapidly in my chest, I run all around the house shouting their names, only to hear giggles coming from the kitchen.


I run into the kitchen and see Kaylee covered in ice cream sitting on the kitchen bench and Joey sitting next to her with his hands in the tub of ice cream. I take out my phone and take a picture. "Well, I guess we aren't going out for ice cream huh?" I ask smiling. Their heads  snap up quickly and they give super big smiles.


"Why didn't you wait for mummy?" I ask and set them on the floor and grab the icec cream and put it away. I clean off the kitchen bench and grab a towlette. I wipe off Joey and Kaylee and set them back onto the floor. "We were reaalllyy wanting some ice cream." Joey says and drags out 'really'.


"Well, I have someone who wants to talk to you." I say, they start jumping. "Who? Who? Who?" They say whilst they jump. I laugh. "Nana Anne" I say, they stop jumping. "We have a Nana?" I smile sympathetically. I should have told them about her, I should've told them about my parents, and I should have told them about Harry. "Yes, you guys do. Would you like to talk to her?" I ask. Their smiles turn upward. "yes yes yes!" I laugh and go into the lounge.


I dial Anne's number and after three rings, she picks up. "Hey Anne, it's Peyton, the kids would like to speak with you." I say and put the phone on speaker phone. "Nana? Hi Nana." Kaylee and Joey say. I hear sniffles on the other line, indicating Anne is crying. "Hello babies." She says, her voice shaky.


"I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy! Mummy told me so." Joey says, making Anne laugh on the other line. "And I'm a princess, not a baby. Mummy gaved me a dress and tiara." Kaylee says, and Anne laughs. "I'm sorry. Hello my big boy and princess." She says. "Mum, whose that on the phone?" I hear a deep voice. My eyes widen and my heart starts to race. "Anne, please don't tell him it's me." I beg. She sighs. "It's just an old friend of mine." She says in a breath.


"Will you still come up and visit? You and the kids?" Joey and Kaylee jump. "Mummy! Pweese! Me wanna see Nana!\" Joey says jumping. "Nana! Nana! Nana!" They say in unison. I sigh in frustration. "Yes, we will leave tonight." I give in. "Say goodbye to Nana." I tell my children. "Bye bye nana." They says. She laughs a little. "Bye bye big boy and princess." "Goodbye Anne" I tell her. "Goodbye Peyton." I hang up the phone and turn to look at the kids.


"Does nana love us?" Kaylee asks unexpectedly. "Yes she does, Kaylee." I say and tuck her hair behind her ears. "Is she your mummy? Miss. Laura says that your gran is either your mummy or daddy's mummy." Joey asks. I gulp. "No, she is your daddy's mum." I say and look at them, tears threatening to spill.


"Whose our daddy?" Kaylee asks. I smile, "I will show you when we get there."




We are on the plane back to Cheshire. The kids sleeping right beside me, and I am reading. I get bored so I put the book up. Looking out of the window brings back so many memories, so many memories.


"Please strap in. The plane will be landing shortly." The lady over the voice projector says. I shake the kids lightly and wake them up. "wake up guys. We're going to see Nana" I say. They shuffle around and stretch their little bodies. "Nanas?" Joey asks. "We're going to Nanas!" Kaylee shouts, causing people to stare. "Sorry, and yes. Now quiet down." I scold. She looks down. 


"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be landing now." As they said that, the plane started to shake. "Mummy, I'm scared." Joey says and latches onto my arm. I rub up and down his arms and whisper, "You'll be okay. Mummy's here." I tell her. Kaylee just pushes herself back into the seat. The shaking starts to stop and Joey's grip starts to loosen as the plane comes to a halt.


"Welcome to Cheshire."///





Sorry if it's short.

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