You Think I'm Funny?

**May contain swearing or/and other mature topics**

Just funny textposts that will mostly involve different bands and other comedic things, so if you want a good read that will make you pee your pants, I recommend this :)



59. G Eazy is pretty great tbh

So I haven't been on here in probably over a year, and its pretty interesting to everything I did on this account from when I was younger. I decided to unpublish most of my other stories, since I am not the proudest of them. I will not be consistently updating this collection of textposts, but I will occasionally. Now that I have explained myself, I am going to make some changes to this collection of textposts. Because I am now fully aware of how upsetting it is to have someone quote you or steal your work without consent, I will be adding the person (their tumblr, since that where I find most of these) who came up with the quote before or after the quote. This is because I have been quoted without credit and stolen from, and it is not fun. If I come across something that I want to put on here, and there is no source, I will either put 'unkown' for the source, or simply not post it. Thank you for reading this small authors note, and hopefully I will have more content up soon. Here is bonus textpost for the time being.



last night I had a dream I was at a Fall Out Boy concert and Patrick sat down next to me and watched the show in the middle of it I was like "aren't you supposed to be up there"  and he was like "OH SHIT" and jumped on stage



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