I need you...

My name is Emily and Harry's just about to change my life


1. The beginning

Emilys pov

He was standing there with his perfect hazel eyes staring into my eyes. I knew i liked him and i knew he liked me. It was just so hard to tell him how i felt! Because he is an amazing, talented and handsome

Harrys pov

There she was just standing there

I knew i liked her! So i walked over to her but suddenly before i could get a chance to even say hi, liam was standing right in front of her i didnt know what he was going to say but im guessing that he is going to ask her out... I guess i lost my chance...

Emilys pov

Liam ran over to me and started to ask me out

I started to say to myself what should i do

He is an amazing guy but i think i like harry more. I rejected him and said that there someone else that i like and it just not right for us to be together. Liam started freaking out and throwing things and he started to say that he loved me and that he needs me and then he slapped me. And before i knew it it was lights out for me!

I woke up to the sound of a british accent and when i looked at him he had curly hair and hazel eyes. I was freaking out on the inside but not on the outside because i knew that i was in harry styles arms.

Harrys pov

She woke up in my arms and i said are you alright love. She said yes and i carried her out bridal style to my car and she told me where she lived and i drove her home. When we got to her front doorstep, we both said bye at the same time and thats when she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said see you around.... I know its to soon to tell but i think i love her...

Emilys pov

He got back in his car and drove home. But before i walked in to my house i stepped on something. It was a note and it said emily as soon as i saw you i knew i loved you. Will you be my girlfriend call me sometime at 239:678:9876 love harry. "Omg can this be really happening" i said. I walked in and walked upstairs to my room and went to bed. The next morning i decided i would call harry and tell him that i felt the same way about him. I called him and he didnt answer so i left him a voicemail and told him everything. The next morning he called me back and he said i love you and we said bye and now i guess were officially dating!

1 year goes by

Emilys pov

It was me and harrys 1 year anniversary of dating so i went to his house to say happy anniversary. But when i got to his house i heard another girl talking to him. The window by his front door was open so i took a little look at what he was doing. And i just wanted to cry because when i looked in i saw him kissing another girl. A huge wave of heartache came upon me. He saw me looking through the window and started walking tords the door. So i started running back to my car and before he could catch me i drove home

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