The Way I Love You // Niam Horayne

Niall Horan is a normal boy, but he likes to be alone reading a good book or writing something.
He never liked going to party's and all that stuff.. He likes to be home, but the last couple months he doesn't want to be home anymore. His parents fight all the time, so now he sits at the library all the time.
Liam Payne loves to act, it's a part of his life and he will never do anything else.
Liam's dad passed away 5 years ago, and he isn't over it yet..
He has some crazy friends like Zayn Malik and Even Nash from Australia!
Liam and Niall meet accidentally and they both have a strange feeling afterwards...
But they are both straight...?
Read too find out!


5. Part 4 → You kissed a ???




Tonight party!

It been so long, I've been to one!


I first didn't want to go but Zayn and Nash told my I had to, because it wasn't going to be fun without me.

I think it's Louis' party, I don't even know.

I didn't got a text but Zayn did, so I have to come with.

I really think it's going to be a really big party, he doesn't know what he starts at the first place!


My mom told me I had to be home by 2AM but 2:30AM is also fine.

My mom is really generous at that kind of things, I'm happy about that.

Other wise, I can't be out for that late I have to learn tomorrow.

But I'll be happy, I'm out. Just forgetting everything for a moment.




I grab my phone and the ID caller is Zayn

I pick up the phone


'Hey Zayn'

'Hey Liaamoo'

'What's up?'

'Ready for tonight?'

'Yes, I think so!'

'I'm happy you come with us for a time!'

'Me too, Zayn'

'So my question is, are you going to eat home or are we going to grab something on the way?'

'You choose! Mom is going out tonight'

'Cool, Burger King it is!'

'Sure mate, fine with me!'

'Okay, me and Nash will be at 5:30PM with you?'

'alright, see u than!'



It's already 4:43 so Zayn and Nash are going to be here in 45 minutes.



'Yeah, sweetheart?!'

she yells from upstairs

'Me, Zayn and Nash are going to Burger King before the party, is that alright?!'

'Umh, yeah. Do you have enough money?'

'Yes mom!'



She is just sweet. And I love her!


I open my computer because I have still time and I'm all already ready.

I just have to put another shirt on that's all.


So I open facebook and Twitter, the whole web is going on about that party!

It isn't going to be a normal party, people are coming from different country's just to this party!

Epic shit it is going to be!


I just am surfing on the web some more and listening music, the time is going so quick it is already 5:12PM


In 15 minutes Zayn and Nash are going to be here, I walk upstairs and mom is still in the bathroom.


'Mom can I come in?'

'Sure darling,I'm just doing my make up'

'You look beautiful,mom'

'Thank you, Liam'

she says kissing my cheek.

'Where are you going anyway?'

I ask

'With some friends from former.'

'Oh, okay'

I say when I pull my shirt off.


'Liam, have you been going to the gym are something?'

'What mom, why?'

'You look fitter, or is it just me?'

'I think it's just my body mom,I'm not going to the gym'

'I get it, you are hitting on a girl'

she says smiling.

'No, mom. Really, I am not. And you will be the first to know if I'm in love'

'That's sweet, you can always come to me. But right now I have to go!'

she says walking out to the stairs

And on that moment the bell rings,

'Mom can you open up? It's Zayn and Nash probably!'

I yell

'Heey, mama Payne.'

I hear Zayn and Nash say.

'Hey boys, how are you all? I'm sorry but I have to go'

I hear my mom say


I walk downstairs

and Zayn is already sitting in my couch.


'Goodbye mom'

I say and give her a kiss on the cheek.

'Be careful and you know your time right'

'yes mom'

'bye boys!'

she says when she opens the door

'Bye mama Payne!'

they yell back and then she was gone.


'Well boys, ready for the party of the year?'

Nash asks with his Australian accent.


'Hell yeah!'

zayn answers

'You guys know it is going to be a killerparty do you?! All kinds of people from different country's are coming to town tonight, just for that Tomlinson Party!'

'That's why it's going to be epic ofcourse!' Zayn says

'Well, yeah. You guys ready? We have a awesome night to go handle!'

Nash says

'Hey, but first let me take a selfie!'

Zayn says and takes a selfie for on Facebook.


Nash is already in the car and we come after him.

It's going to be an amazing night with them!!



After taking a shower, in a lonely house I finely realize that I'm going to a party tonight.


I walk to my room and open up my closet, what should I wear?


My gray skinny jeans and a tank top?

Or my black skinny jeans with a tank top?

Black skinny it is!

I put them on and I get a text

Probably Harry,

From Hazzz: I'll be with you in 15 minutes!

Is it that late already?

I look at the clock in my room and it is 6:11PM

I've been in the shower for quite a time, but it's alright I only have to put my shoes on.

To Hazzz: Wow, already that late? No problem! See u than!

I walk downstairs and take some water from the fridge.

My dad isn't home and my mom was already gone when I came home, so yeah.

Peace for once...


15 minutes went so fast I think when I open the door for Harry.

'Hey mate, your ready?'

'Yeah, and you? Did you have enough paracetamol with you?'

'Ofcourse, but Niall if it's too late I can stay here right?'

'Uh, yeah I think so'

'Off to Nandos!'

he yells and I close the door behind us.


Harry drives because I still have my temporary driver license.

'We are going to the biggest party in ages you know that right?'

'I think so?'

'Yeah Niall, there are coming people from different country's just for this party! It's all over Facebook and Twitter'

'I didn't have time to check, but I believe you anyway'

'Yeah, it's going to be great'

'I hope so'

I say a little bit quiet.


In Nandos Harry just keeps talking about that party, he is in the clouds about it.

After we finished eating, it was already 8:36PM there will be already much people!

'Harry? Shouldn't we go about now? There are going to be plenty of people by now'

'You are right, I'm going to sent Louis a text we are coming'

'You know Louis personally?'

'Yeah, we have a past together'

'Oh, okay Harry. You can always talk to me.'

'Thank you, Nialler'


When we got there, it was true.

There were many people already and not much pace to park our car.


Once we get in we see a lot of people, dancing, singing, drinking, kissing, snogging...

'Niall, I'm going to say hey to Louis. Can you order a beer for me'

'Sure, mate'

I say and walk to the bar, and sit down on a chair that is standing there.

'One beer and a shot please'

I say to a guy behind the bar.

'No problem'

I look in front me and I see so many things at the same time, the music blasting out the speakers and just a lot of people.

Even in the kitchen are people.


Here on the bar aren't many people, just one boy on the other end of the bar.


I hear

and it's Harry and Louis.

'Niall, this is Louis.'

'Nice meeting you'

'same here'

he says.

I know him, yeah but I never talked to him.

'Is this my beer?'

Harry asks me


I say when I grab my shot and throw it back.

'Wow, you are planning something this evening'

Louis says

'Not exactly, just want to forget some things that's all'

'I understand, but do you mind if I take Harry away from you for a while?'

'Not at all, you can do with him all you want'

'A man who understands me'

he says winking to me

They walk to the dance floor together,and start grinding with each other. If you said they were drunk okay, but they are still sober.

Something I don't want to be, so I raise my glass to the bartender and nods knowing I want the same.


'You sit so alone out here'

I hear a voice say

I turn around and the boy from the other side of the bar is standing next to me.

'Well yeah'

I answer

'Did your friends left you too?'

'My friend, him'

I say pointing out at Harry

'Is he gay?'

the boys asks

'Not that I know about, to be honest'

I say and we both start laughing

'I'm Liam by the way'

he says

'I'm Niall'

'Ireland right?'


'Love your accent'


I say when I throw my second shot

'Round of shots?'

he suggest and I don't say no

'Each 10?'

'why not?'

This is going to be a great night.

'The first one done, pays after 3AM!'

he yells

Not knowing I have to go home at 2.

'Of course,'

I say laughing


I fly onto the shots and start drinking like there is nothing left for me.

At the 6th I start feeling it, very badly.

'Done!' I yell when the last glass is empty

'You are good at drinking!'

Liam says laughing very hard

'Can you believe I don't drink that much? This is my first party in months!'

'Same here, I don't have the time to do this anymore'

'I'm sorry I'm so curious but why not?'

'My acting came on the first place for anything, also partying'

'You are some famous shit?'

'No, not really. I just love acting'

'Oh, I see'

I say hanging on the bar

'And why aren't you going to much parties anymore?'

'I've never been a person that loves to go to parties, I'm better off alone'

'What?!!!! You better off alone? You are like the best person I've met in months'

'Thank you, mate! That means a lot'

I say smiling like an idiot

'You are really cute, you know that!'

I blush really hard

'I think I need another drink because I can't handle the compliments anymore'


he says very serious,


I ask worried

'For me a beer now'

he says laughing really loud

'OMG, Liam I thought that there was something bad'

'I think, when I am with you nothing can be bad anymore'

'Stop it, I don't deserve all those compliments'

'You do'

he says when he comes behind me, and he wraps his arms around my waist from there...

'What are you even doing?'

'Turn around please?'

We are like a couple centimeters away from each other

'Kiss me?'

he asks

'What? Why?'

I ask and than I kiss him.

Very deeply, he slides his tongue in my mount and I have this feeling in my belly I like this all.

After a couple more seconds, I pull away

'I'm so so sorry, I never meant to..'

'I liked it, weird. But I did'

'O-okay, well I think I have to go and find Zayn and Nash'

'Please come back to here, in about 5 minutes?'

'I will be back, Niall. Don't worry!'

I smile at him, what did I do?!

I have to find Harry!


I yell when I see him in the kitchen,

'Lou, Lou! This is my best friend Niall'

he says

'Harry, come with me for a second'

'Woh,bro. What's wrong? Aren't you enjoying it?'

'Yes, I am! It's wonderful here! But, Heeeayy hazz I kissed a guy!'




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