The Way I Love You // Niam Horayne

Niall Horan is a normal boy, but he likes to be alone reading a good book or writing something.
He never liked going to party's and all that stuff.. He likes to be home, but the last couple months he doesn't want to be home anymore. His parents fight all the time, so now he sits at the library all the time.
Liam Payne loves to act, it's a part of his life and he will never do anything else.
Liam's dad passed away 5 years ago, and he isn't over it yet..
He has some crazy friends like Zayn Malik and Even Nash from Australia!
Liam and Niall meet accidentally and they both have a strange feeling afterwards...
But they are both straight...?
Read too find out!


17. Part 14 → We've been going strong


*** Me and Harry talked about this. We talked about how I let him down and why he didn't told me. We all talked about it, and I'm so glad about that. We are now almost a week further and I come to the hospital every day, not wanting to lose a single moment with him. And Liam, he understands me when I say I want to be with him.   What me and Liam have, it makes my head spin around. I love him, the past days I've come to that conclusion. He is always here for me and tells me it will be alright, and also my mom trusts him like no one else. It would be so perfect when we were together. And it will make me really happy.   Me and Liam talked about my brother Greg, and he told me he would help me looking for him. Trying to find anything about him would make my days so much more cheerfull. I would have the change to talk to him, asking why he left us. Things I really want to know, for a long time now.   Right now, I'm almost at the hospital and Liam is at home. When I enter the hospital. I get a text and it's Liam's ringtone. I look at it and smile immediately.   From Li<3: Thinking 'bout you non-stop. I just want to see your eyes and beautiful face.   He's amazing. Maybe I should stop by after I've been to Harry.   To Li<3: I maybe can stop by after I come from the hospital -x   I turn my phone down and walk to Harry's room, already know it by heart.   *knock, knock*   'Yeah? *couch*' 'Hey Haz, it's me.' 'Oh, hey Ni.' 'How are you feeling?' 'The medication is doing his job, I suppose. But the couching is what I hate' 'Well, I hate it together with you' He smiles. 'You are strong, Haz' 'I'm trying' 'You have to hold on, anyway. For me and Louis' 'I really love Louis' 'I noticed' I say with a wink. 'What's going on with you and Liam?' he says with a sneaky smile. 'W-what? N-nothing why?' 'You can't lie, so don't try it' 'I know I can't lie, and I don't know okay?' 'What part, don't you know?' 'What I feel towards him' 'Liam' and a smile creeps up my face. 'You love him, Ni' 'What?! How can you know?!' 'When you hear his name, you start smiling. Then you know you're in love' 'I find it strange to say that I love Liam, I first saw him as a really good friend. Someone to talk with, having fun. I would not ever have thought about him and I being in a relationship.' 'Well, my Irish man. Start getting used to it because it's going to happen anytime soon' 'He already kissed me...twice' 'And you never told me?!' 'I was really shocked about it myself.' 'How was it?' 'It felt safe, and alright' 'Ouwhhn' 'We both have decided to do it slow, Haz' 'That's boring.'   *Buzz, buzz* 'Goshy, that's like the fourth time. Who is it?' 'Probably Liam' 'Why?' 'Well, he missed me so I said I could come over when I left the hospital.' I smile 'Than what the heck are you still doing here? It's not that I'm dying. I will watch some kind of movie on this TV. You go to your man!' 'You sure?' 'Ofcourse, I am! Go get him tiger!' 'You're crazy! But I love you' 'Love you too Ni' 'See u tomorrow!' 'Byee'   From Li<3: Can you please do that? I would be soooo happy! :D x   From Li<3: Mom said it will be alright if you come by, she loves you. :p xx     To Li<3: I'm on my way, you crazyhead :D xx 
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