Complicated. |H.S|

Collins had a storybook life. Perfect family, flawless reputation, awesome friends. All of this changed when her dad gets a new job and she has to move to a brand new territory. She meets a cocky, arrogant guy named Harry and befriends a brand new crowd of people which a turns her life upside down for the worse, or so she thought. One direction fanfic


6. Well, Shit.

Well, shit.

My dumbass self forgot to get gas after I left the gas station/diner and now I'm stuck on the side of the rode with no service. I feel like any second now my life is going to break out into a horror movie and a chainsaw murder is going to pop out of the bushes.

And if I don't die from a pyscho with a chainsaw my mom will kill me for sure. I can see it it in the news papers already: GIRL MURDER BY MOM BECAUSE SHE MISSED FAMILY DINNER. Im to young to die!

Just kidding. She won't kill me, she will just make me wish I'm dead because my life will be a living hell.

For about 30 minutes I try to flag someone down but no one helps.

After a while I walk down the road a little because I see a black jeep, parked down the road in the ditch. a little ways away from the jeep is a little white Ford focus.

I walk up to the Jeep and try to see If anyone is in it.

At first all I can hear is moaning and panting. Eventually I hear "Oh, Harry!! Faster!! oh my -"



Of course!! The only one to help me from dying a brutal mom-death is Harry and on top if that he can't because he is a little busy shagging some girl. HOW LOVELY!!

I must have been just gaping there for a little while when I heard a breathless voice saying "Wow, Harry, that was.... something" from the other side of the car.

"Yea, it was " a breathless Harry says still managing to sound cocky.

I got to go, if they see me they will think I was some perve watching them. Why does karma always do this shit to me because to me it isn't funny. To the universe this is probably F'ing hilarious.

The ford focus drives away and I feel a breathe on my neck, "Did you enjoy the show?" A masculine voice whispers close to my ear and I swear I jumped nearly across the car.

"Oh my gosh!!! I didn't! I wasn't! I, I -" Harry is just standing were he was before I had a mini heart attack shirtless, staring at me. Might I add, he still has the body of an angel.

"Question. Why are you here on the side of the rode watching me have sex with some girl." he asks a little amused "You know, I don't mind a audience but I didn't expect you to be into that sort of thing"

My face quickly spread red when he winked at me looking straight into my eyes knowing that he was making me uncomfortable.

"My car ran out of gas a little bit down the ride and I was trying to find some help. I try to see if anyone was in the cars and well, you know the rest." I say quickly trying to explain my odd timing.

"Oh, that just shattered my dreams. I was hoping I was just so irresistible you followed me and even though I was banging some girl you still had to be close to me somehow." He conjures up quickly. Where does he get this shit from?

"Could you just help me with my car?" I say rocking on my toes, a little nervous for his answer.

"What is in it for me?" The arrogant bastard questions.

"The feeling that you helped someone for a good cause?" I say with a smile hoping that's enough.

"That's not enough for me. I want a date with you."

Huh? Please tell me he didn't just say what I thought he just said.

"What?" I say with a confused/desperate face hoping I was wrong.

"You heard me. I want a date. Friday night you, me, 7:00pm."

"Soooo, let me get this straight! you want me to go on a date with you in exchange for some help?? HELL NO!" I say infuriated

Ugh!!!!!! he pisses me off so badly!

"Well, okay I'll just be going then" he says with an amused smile turning on his heels and walking to the drivers side if the jeep.

"Wait!" I scream desperately "Ill do it" I continue a little defeated with a pouty lower lip.

"Don't look so sad, babe. I'm not as bad as I seem. I'm actually a lot of fun." he says wiggling his eyebrows.

"Whatever! just come with me and help me with the car." I say walking towards my car.

I walk a little and stop when I don't hear footsteps behind me. I look back and he's just standing there watching me from behind.

"I'm just enjoying the view" he comments. what a skeeze!??!

"Come on and stop looking at my ass" I say turning back around and start to walk to my car. I eventually here footsteps falling behind mine.


"Okay, you running out of gas isn't the only reason your car broke down. There is something wrong with your transmission, too." Harry states looking up to me from under the hood.

He has gotten sweaty from being in the heat for so long and his curly hair is getting wet, glistening. He is still shirtless but in not complaining.

We had been out there 45 minutes already. In the 1st twenty minutes Harry found a container and drove with his car to the gas station to get gas for my car. When he got back he put gas in it, then it started making some God awful sound. Now we are here, coming to conclusions.

"Well isn't that just Great!" I comment sarcastically

"I'm just going to have to take you home because I can't fix this without any tools" he says. It just keeps getting better!

"Okay, thanks for your help even though you couldn't fix it" I say kindly.

"Anything for you, babe" he laughs sarcastically. He really is a flirter. "Don't forget my payment though."

"How could I" I mutter under my breath.

"What was that, love?" he says loudly "Secrets don't make friendships"

His comment puts a smile on my face. Dammit No!! Your not aloud to laugh at him Collins! Bad Girl!!

Harry looks at his phone and his flirty mood drops quickly.

"We should get going" his says, his voice low and lowers the hood.

He starts walking to his jeep and I silently follow behind him. I climb into the passenger side, buckling my seat belt then look over to Harry. He is just staring at me with a sour look.

"Well aren't you going I tell me where I'm going!" he snaps quickly.

dammmnnnnnn, touchy touchy. What happened to nice, flirty Harry? I like the arrogant bastard better than the mean bastard by far.

"Oh, 2947 Wood Pine Street" I say quietly looking out my window.

He types it in the GPS and drives off.

"Well, we're here" Harry says looking over to me.

"Yeah, thanks for the ride. I really appreciate it." I say unbuckling my seat belt and open the door, climbing out of the car.

"Hey, Collins?" he says quickly before I go to close the door.


"Can I come in to use the restroom? I've really got to go!" he says quickly.

"Sure" I say and start towards my door. he follows close behind me.

I make it into my house and walk into the kitchen, Harry looking around attentively.

"Collins!" I hear a shrill voice snap.

I look over and my dad, his boss, and my mom are at the table. I then look to the still shirtless Harry quickly, he has a big grin on his face.

Well, shit.


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