The Dragons of Japan

A spate of mysterious deaths. Sightings of a mythological creature. Something is terrorising Feudal Japan, and how is it linked to a desperate struggle for survival in a distant galaxy?


7. Meet the (Intergalactic) Neighbour

"Ah Clara, good..." The Doctor waved his arms in her direction. "Come, say hello to... I'm sorry..." His eyes flicked to the dragon. "I don't actually know your name."

"I... am... Greseer." The dragon continued to hover above the building, yet its head didn't move. It was... disconcerting.

"Um... hello Greseer." Said Clara cautiously as she tip-toed toward the creature. Behind the Doctor, General Yuu came to gape at not only the sight of the beast, but at how close the Doctor was to it. Clara could imagine how insane the scene looked. Then again, traveling with the Doctor had made her used to insane.

"Greetings... Clara." The voice boomed.

"So, tell me Greseer, where do you call home?" Asked the Doctor almost casually.

"I come... from... Gamma Ermina." Those eyes... they were hypnotic.

"Can't say I've been there. Just how far away is it?"

"In... your terms... twenty-two million... light years."

The Doctor's eyes were full of wonderlust. "And four thousand years into the future."

"Yes.  We... have unlocked... the secret... of time travel." Greseer's tail was encoiling around itself. It was a surreal sight."

"Always a key milestone for any species. Now, back to the matter at hand. You can't keep stealing minds Greseer." The Doctor's voice took on a slightly harder edge.

"We... are... at war. Our enemy... is bearing... down. These Samurai... are helping... to turn... the tide. We are... fighting... extinction."

"You have my sympathies, believe me! That doesn't make what you're doing right. Will you save your species by tearing innocent men from their families and loved ones?"

Greseer's eyes seemed to glow brighter. "Would you... let... your world... burn... for the.... sake.... of a few?"

Clara could see the pain in the Doctor's eyes at those words. She knew what he must have been thinking.

"I pulled the trigger that burned my world Greseer, in order to save the greater good. So when I say I understand your choice, believe me. That doesn't mean I can let this continue."

The dragon reared up, forming a fearful sight. "Then... you... stand in... my way."

"Greseer!" Clara called out, surprised to hear her own voice. "The men whose minds you absorbed... do you know who they were?"

Greseer turned his eyes to her. "They... were... soldiers."

"Yes, they were. Do you know what else they were? Can you feel them? Can you understand what made them choose the life they chose?"

"I... do not... understand."

"Then listen!" Clara allowed a little outrage and indignation to show. "Those men had families, who they loved, and they were prepared to risk everything to protect them. Can you feel that Greseer?"

"Think Greseer! What would it feel like to lose the people you love?" The Doctor chipped in.

The dragon looked back and forth between the Doctor and Clara.

"That is... precisely... why... I do... what I do. To... protect... them."

"Do they know?" Asked the Doctor softly.

"What... do... you... mean?" Replied Greseer.

"Do they know what you do in the name of protecting them? The lengths you are prepared to go, the minds you steal... do they know what it is you do?" The Doctor's passion rose to the surface, and his eyes turned to ice. "Those minds Greseer, if you felt anything from them, anything at all, you'd know they valued family and honour above all else. Would the Samurai ever enslave your mind the way you enslave theirs?"

Greseer was silent, small puffs of white smoke billowing from his nostrils as he hovered above the Doctor and Clara, considering their words. No one dared to utter a word.

The dragon looked at the house, filled with trembling Samurai, then swept his gaze back over the Doctor and Clara, and let out a deep breath.

"The... Samurai... would... sooner die... than... enslave... a noble mind."

"That's right! Yes, they have great knowledge of how to win battles, but more importantly, they have honour, and courage, and a strong sense of right and wrong. How do you want your species to be remembered?"

Greseer blinked, and stared, and more smoke puffed through the air.

"I would... want... to be... remembered... for doing... the right... thing."

Clara took a step forward. "Then stop this, please. We can find a way to help you, but not like this." She pleaded.

The dragon looked at her. Its big, gleaming red eyes shone like rubies and Clara suddenly felt very small. She did not flinch however; instead, she kept her own eyes fixed on Greseer's.

Greeser blinked, which was a weird sight, since Clara couldn't recall seeing him (her, it?) blink yet. Yet. Its head bobbed, and when it spoke again, it was sombre.

"I... must... think."

"Take your time. Go and speak to your people. You my word, that we will do everything we can to help." The Doctor said quietly.

Greeser nodded, then uncoiled, and drifted away toward the trees. With a brilliant flash of light, the dragon vanished.

The Doctor's sonic screwdriver started beeping, snatching his attention to it. As his eyes focused on the device, they widened.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" Asked Clara, all too accustomed to that look.

"The screwdriver picked up a burst of vortex energy as Greeser departed, but the signature... it was unstable, highly unstable... and..."

"And what?" Clara took a step toward the Doctor.

"And..." He looked at her, his expression deadly serious. "Slowly but surely, he's ripping a hole in the fabric of space-time. One that could swallow his world, and earth."

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