Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


9. Chapter 09

Louis's P.O.V.

I was packing my stuffs when I heard my phone ringing. While I tried to look for my phone in my pocket, Liam entered my room.

"You are looking for this, Lou!" He said very serious.


"Why you hided her?" He whispered and closed the door.

"Just promise you will not tell the boys and less Harry"

Elena's POV

The sky was getting dark like if was trying to say something. I was walking downstairs when I fell.

"Ouch!" I said touching my belly.

"Elle are you alright?" Lou said helping me to get up.

"Yes..." I fell again this time I couldn't get up everything went black.


"What happened?"

"I don't know she fell two times take her to your room I'll look for alcohol"



"Shh.... I am here"

"I have to go"

"Ok, I'll take you to your place" He said getting up but I grabbed his hand.

"No Harry I have to go and forever..." I said holding back my tears.

"No,NO! we promised each other to be together no matter what happens you can't just go, I love you...Elena...tell me what's the problem"

"I can't!"

"Come on..." He grabbed my chin and forced me to look into those eyes.

"It's you! ok..." I got up and ran downstairs.

"Elena!" He turned me around and stroke my cheek I put his hand away-

"Just remember one thing, I did this for a reason and it's part of your life but you'll know it when the time comes...I love you Ed" I pressed my lips on his, enjoying the moment. "bye..."

"Then she always talked to me"

"You have to read this" He said serious handing me my cellphone.

"What's it?" I said looking up at him.

"Elena needs our help"

*text message*

Look for my sister and take care of her. Thanks for everything Lou and tell the lads that I loved them bye..

"Why she's talking like"

"She's death..." I was surprised to see an angry Harry looking at me.

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