The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


54. Chapter 52 - End of the old year

The magic of Christmas still hung in the air, in the trees even inside my soul. It's like the coming of the new year is changing me, "Happy new year," I shout to the world just as we arrive home.

"You been drinking home brew?" Fred asks and laughs at me.

"No," I smile, "new year magic, it's going to be a wonderful year ahead." I put the key in the door, Fred follows.


I walk downstairs carefully. Putting the bottles in the fridge. I'm tired, and sore.

"Good morning. You're up early, and in pain?" Jasper asked.

"Yeah pregnancy isn't pleasurable." My voice was worn. 

Emmett snickered, "Certain parts of getting pregnant are." I turned red, and Jasper stifled a laugh. Then a loud crack echoed through the house. "I was only kidding Rose."


I was desperate for a hot chocolate, Fred came up behind me, "You ok?" He kisses my neck, "Happy new year baby, I'm excited about October already, officially mine."

"Need a hot chocolate before we head out," looking up at him, "happy new year to you also, can't wait to see what the year has in store."

I make the hot chocolate in a travel mug, "Right, I'm ready to go." 

Fred holds my hand as we walk out, I take one last glance at the Christmas lights on the tree.


I looked at Jasper, then my watch. “Any plans for the day?"

Alice grinned, "A toast. Watch the ball drop." 

Emmett snickered, "Whack." I laughed. "I only snickered. 

Rose growled, "Do you ever behave." 

Bella walked in, " Nope. It’s impossible for him." she winked.


Pulling up at the house, Fred gets out and holds the door open for me, "Thank you hun."

"Anything for you." He smiles.

We walk hand in hand into the house, I holler in a theatrical voice, "We're baaaaaack." Sniggering we ascend the stairs.


Renesmee flew down the stairs, attacking them both. 

"She missed you both." Bella smiled. 

I quietly started on making some breakfast. 

"Let me help." Jake came in, and started getting to work. 

I smiled at him, "So when are you doing it?" 

He winked, mouthing tonight. I smiled. He'd picked out a sapphire with diamonds. It was her birthstone. 

"Love it." was all I said.

He winked, and took over cooking.


I wrap an arm around Renesmee, "Hey, we missed you too," pulling out a slide from my pocket, "I managed to catch this in Alaska, for you, since you're one of a kind." I wink.

Fred looks almost longingly at Renesmee, wish he would say if he wanted children, or it's my imagination. Time to enjoy the atmosphere.


Renesmee smirked, "So I want cousins. Lots of them." She looked at me, then at Ara. Fred smiled at me, then kissed Ara. It was such a subtle answer, but I read it. He took so well with Sebastian.

I shake my head chuckling, "Depends if Leah can cope," winking, I look at my future husband, "I can't." Shrugging my shoulders.

Fred whispered, "Adoption." Then Renesmee without thinking blurted it out. "Auntie Leah could be a surrogate. Carry for you both." Fred looked horrified, and remorse was on his face.

I whisper back, "I don't think I could," My eyes open wide, breathing, "it is too much pressure on Auntie Leah, I accepted along time ago that kids weren't for me." Smiling faintly, I look at Leah.

I smile, and nod. Bella looked at Remesmee, "A word now Remesmee."

I shook my head, "Bella it's fine, it was a smart suggestion." 

Edward patted my shoulder, "Sorry about that." 

I shrugged, "She's excited, and wise."


"It was a brilliant suggestion, very forward thinking," I smile around the room, "anyway let's enjoy New year, before it passes us by," I hug Renesmee, "maybe some day honey, no idea if I'm cut out to be a parent." I wink again.

Rose smirked, "I have a big kid I can donate for practice." 

Bursting out laughing, "Yeah go on then, I'll take a chance," glancing at Fred, he looks hurt, I whisper, "I really don't know, adoption would mean authorities, authorities mean nosey," sighing "it's a messy thing."

I look at Leah and smile, I feel hurt but I can't let it affect me, not today.

I smiled, and felt hands on my stomach, "Mmm my little one, and my wife." He nuzzled against my neck. Jasper went to play with Sebastian, and get him fed. Carlisle smiled at us. 

I whispered softly, "I'm sore today." 

He whispered back, "We have the hand warmers upstairs. 

Esme quietly walked by, and slipped two more into my hand. "On the side inside your bra. It's because you're pregnant, and nursing."

Fred whispered, "I'm not hurt. Just gives us a reason to practice."

Emmett snickered. 

Smirking, "Practice makes perfect," looking at Emmett, "you need to practice more earwig," I almost fall to the floor in stitches, "so what we all doing?"

Rose died laughing. "Truthfully I was thinking, maybe a few movies? Maybe some online shopping." 

I manage to get up off the floor, "Movies sound good to me, even online shopping sounds good."


"Babe come with me." I pulled Hunter down the hall with me. "Please help." He nodded, and kissed me. We slipped into the bathroom.

"Right here ok?" He asked trying to help.

"A little." I was just sore, and slightly swollen. Hunter was my superhero. I fixed my shirt, and we walked back out. Jasper was making goofy faces at Sebastian who was babbling. 


"So a quiet day around the house?" I asked. 

Alice smiled, "For you, yes." Then she locked her eyes on me, "September 17th. Evening. A boy." 

 Ara looked over to me and smiled, "a while away."

I looked at Hunter. I'm left speechless. 

"Julian." Hunter whispered. 

Carlisle smiled, "Renesmee you're becoming outnumbered." 

Edward laughed, and Renesmee grinned, "They're cousins for me. That's all that matters." I smiled at her.

Smiling, again I look around, nothing can remove me from heaven, I think as I rest my head on Fred's shoulder.

"Julian Christopher Emerson." Hunter smiled. Fred grinned, "Uncle Fred, and Auntie Ara."

"I could get used to that," sighing, "bliss, complete bliss."

Fred nodded, kissing Ara.

I kiss Fred's cheek, "Maybe some day." There's a twinkle in his eye, I lean against him and snuggle down.

"Hey Mama Wolf, can we talk?" Emmett looked at me. I nodded. We put his arm around my shoulder, and we walked down to Carlisle's office. 

"So," he said shutting the door. "I know you're trying to work, and everything. So I was thinking I can run the boat business, and Rose can take care of Sebastian. This way, you can work and not worry about a sitter. You won't have to pay us. Plus the boat business could be open year round."

I looked at Emmett, "You would do that?" 

He nodded, "Plus I can fix it up as needed. Trust me, I have people interested." 

I smiled, "I say yes. Just run it by Hunter." 

Emmett grinned, "Sounds good sis." 

We headed back out. I sat down on the couch curling up.

This has to be a dream, looking down my stomach is swollen, I can feel tiny legs kicking me, "mmmm." I mumble.

Fred held her quietly. I had retrieved my copy of Gabriel's Redemption. I read quietly, as the fire crackled. 

"She loves that book." Hunter remarked, standing next to Esme. 

"I was hoping she'd find some peace in them." 

 Hunter nodded, "I loved Inferno."

Opening my eyes, I look down to see a flat tummy, stretching I sit back up, grab Skellig by David Almond snuggle up to Fred and begin reading one of my favorite books, "Alice, when we do online shopping remind me I would like War is in the air by H G Wells."

Alice nodded, "Yes ma'am." 

I knew I was being watched by the both of them. "Leah reminds me a little of Gabriel, and a little of Julianne." 

Esme nodded, "Oh yes. Leah's no nonsense like him, but timid at times like her," 

Hunter smiled, "It's therapeutic for her."

I keep an ear on the conversation and my tummy cramps a bit, taking a gulp of hot chocolate, "So Mum, Dad, how are you both?"

Esme smiled, "Wonderful as usual. Quite happy, and in love." 

Hunter sat beside me, stroking my hair, "You're awfully quiet."

I looked up at him, "If I'm like Julia, don't be Gabriel." 

Esme looked up, "Oh I know what's scene she’s reading." I set the book down, and closed my eyes burrowing into Hunter. I twisted his ring quietly, closing my eyes. 

"More tired with this pregnancy." I whispered. Truth was, I was heartbroken with what Professor Emerson had done. 

"Good," I look at Leah, "let it wash over you, if you need sleep, take a nap."

Rose covered me with a blanket. "Sebastian is looking for you." Jasper smiled, and brought him over to me. I snuggled him, and slowly we fell asleep.

 Hunter whispered, "Take their picture please."

I watch as Rose takes a photo, I smile and sigh, "So how about shopping Alice?"

Alice grinned, "Yes. I want your help for baby Julian."

"Okay then let's go, then I will look at wedding dresses," I touch Fred's cheek and stand up, "love you."

Fred smiled, "Love you too."

With that Alice and I disappeared down the hall.

Alice grinned, "So dresses?"

"Yes, what color do you think would be better? I was thinking red black or silver." I shrug my shoulders but smile.

Alice looked at Ara, "Silver. With a hint of lilac in it."

"Sounds good to me," hesitating, "can I ask you a huge favor?"

Alice grinned, "Ask away."

"I've been trying to sort the wedding out on my own, well my part," I look right at her, "would you mind if I asked you to be wedding coordinator? The task for me is a touch overwhelming."

Alice lit up squealing. Fred laughed. "Oh my god of course."

"Thank you," I hug her tightly, "nothing big, that's all I'm asking." I pull back and smile.

Alice sat down and quickly pulled out her drawing pad. "I did Leah's wedding. That was small."

Smiling, "Everything else I leave in your care, the bridesmaids, you name it, you're in charge." Winking, "even the honeymoon."

Alice smiled, "Oh this will be great." She hugged Ara tightly.

I felt the happiness wash over me, "Love you pixie." I hug her, Alice was perfect, you couldn't ask for more.

She grinned, and sat down, and got to work on the dress.

I wander quietly back into the room, I whisper, "Alice, let me know when you're looking at baby clothes," I sit beside Fred, hold his hand and whisper, "scary and exciting."

Fred grinned, and kissed her. "I have something I wanted to give you."

I turn my head and look at him, "Yes my love."

Fred pulled out a small box. Inside was a purple leather bound journal. Burned into the leather was grapes attached to the vines with leaves. The strap attached to a celtic symbol made out of silver.

For a moment I'm speechless, I take the box carefully and run my finger along the design, so mesmerizing, turning to him I say quietly, "you know me so well, I will treasure this as long as I shall live," I gently place to journal down I lightly rest my nose on his, "I love you, always remember that." A tear slides down my cheek.

He wiped it away. "So there's a trick to the journal. When the pages are filled, you pull it out, and put a new one in. I sort of bought about two hundred inserts."

"That means I can keep it forever," smiling, "just as I can stay with you forever."

Fred smiled nodding. Alice grinned, "Honeymoon, booked for Ireland my dear."

Turning I smile at Alice, "Ah the Emerald isle, full of beauty and mystery." I feel like I'm in heaven.

Alice grinned. Hunter touched my forehead, "She's really warm." I wrapped myself around Sebastian as we slept.

I go over to Leah and touch her forehead, "She may have picked up a cold," standing up, "I'll go grab a damp washcloth." With that I head into the kitchen.

Fred followed quietly. "Could the baby have the gene?"

"I checked that, no detection at all," wringing the washcloth, "but-" could it be Vladimir is near?

Fred smiled, "Almost like Harry Potter and Voldermort?”

"Yeah, something like that," I turn to Fred, "tell Hunter to apply this, I'll be back in a minute." I fly down the stairs and out the door. Looking round I can't see anything, smelling the air, nothing seems to be out of place. I stand there, puzzled.

Hunter put it on my forehead, and watched quietly. Rosalie followed after Ara. "Flu? Or something else?"

"At first I thought it was a cold," sighing "but then, I can't explain it, it was like deja vu, an instinct," kissing Rosalie's cheek, "go inside, I'll do a quick check."

Rose shook her head, "Not alone." She looked into the woods, "That's Sam's growl.”

"If he knows I'm alive, it will be me he's after," looking at Rose, "please go, " I call, "Sam, something wrong?"

Sam was on the property line, and had other wolves with him. 

Paul was in human form. "Nomad ran though La Push. We chased it down along the river here, then it was gone. Continued down stream." 

Rose held onto Ara's hand. 

Paul spoke softly, "How's she doing?" Sam looked at Paul.

"I best follow," kissing Rosalie's hand, "be right back, promise," I look at Paul, "she has a fever." With that I take a smell of the air and begin following it downstream.

Sam followed Ara, and the others were on the move. 

Rose looked at Paul, "She's been doing good. Normal discomfort with pregnancy." 

Paul nodded, "Sam doesn't know. I didn't say a word." 

Rose smiled, "Thank you."

I can hear Sam and the other wolves following behind, "Nomad, no more than 7 months turned, about three miles ahead." I shout back, "go East, I'll take West, we should have it within fifteen seconds."

The wolves broke off, and raced. They took orders from Ara, as if she were the alpha.

Up ahead, I see the nomad, head down I speed up, launching myself I manage to knock the nomad down, both of us crash to the ground, four wolves surround us, "Only if I tell you." I tell the wolves, looking down, "Vladimir sent a newborn to do his dirty work? You really are asking for trouble."

Sam growled, and waited and looked at the wolves. They waited for her command. Sam would have destroyed it.

"Why did he send you?" The nomad laughs, this gets me angry, "wrong move." I step aside, "do whatever you want." I say in a voice so dark I can hardly believe it was my voice.

The wolves go after the vampire. Within a few minutes it's been destroyed. Sam looks at Ara.

I look at Sam, "Yes." I say softly.

Sam moved, and went to a more private area. Phasing back, he walked out in jeans and a t-shirt.

"Why is there a nomad, and who sent it?" He was firm, and his voice on the aggravated side. 

"Nomads like that are usually used as scouts, to find a situation out," sighing, "Vladimir sent it."

Sam growled, "Why would he be sending them over our land? What is it about you, that has him so angry." Sam crossed his arms.

"Boundaries do not matter to them," putting my hands on my hips, "he thought he'd murdered me, now he knows I'm alive and I guess he wants," swallowing, "a certain element I have in me that has partially activated."

Sam stood taller. "They've been in Port Angeles. The only person up there is, HER."

"He wants Leah, that good enough for you? Finally she will disappear, just as you've wished for." I fold my arms and standing my ground.

Sam growled, "You weren't in our heads. She made days miserable. I can't help the imprint gene." He started walking back. "Like you can't help but attract unwanted visitors."

"Because she was hurt, betrayed by the one person she dreamed of spending her life with," growling, "unwanted? 600 years and yes still on my tail," mumbling, "arse."

Sam turned around, "I can’t control that aspect. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was young, and stupid. Doesn’t give her the right to torment my entire pack, and myself.” He was growling right back at her. Once she called him an arse, his only come back was, “Glad you saw your reflection in the mirror."

"Keep going, just because your pissy." I zip my mouth and begin heading in the opposite direction.

Sam growled, "I'm not pissy, I don't runaway from my problems. You obviously do."

Turning back round I feel outraged, "You can't take the fact you're not the almighty alpha," huffing, "you do run away from them or at the very least avoid them, just like I've done," shouting, "I really hope I disappear. From now on, you stay away from me, and I'll steer clear of you."

Sam was snide, "I didn't run away, I would have always been there for Leah. She turned on me, and ran away from the pack."

I feel so angry, with Sam and myself, "What's done is done," putting my fist into a tree, "he will get what's coming to him." I leap into the next tree and swing from a few branches before continuing onward.

I ignore his comments and continue on my way, sometimes staying quiet makes the loudest statement.

I woke up, looking around. Ara was gone. Paul, and Jacob stood talking.

"Where is she?" I asked. 

Paul spoke calmly, "Rogue vampire. They went after it. Sam's close. I'm not sure where Ara is."

I got up, carefully laying Sebastian down. I made my way outside, and looked around, 

"Ara?"I called out.

I saw him approaching the house, "She ran away just like you. Two peas in a pod." Sam was pissed.

I feel so angry, with Sam and myself, "What's done is done," putting my fist into a tree, "he will get what's coming to him." I leap into the next tree and swing from a few branches before continuing onward.

Running along at speed, I hear Sam's remark, "Actually, no I didn't, decided to take a touch longer," whispering to Leah, "ignore him, he's pissy coz he ain't top dog."

I looked at Sam, "He never was meant to be alpha. Jacob had the blood line to be the true alpha. He turned it down. So instead, Sam took it. Then his ego became as big as the ass he is.” 

"Really?" I look at Leah then turn to Sam, "say what you like about me but say one word against Leah or anyone here and I swear you will be stamped out." I hug Leah, "go in, I can handle this."

I couldn’t go in. I was so angry, “You can’t blame Joshua leaving, for who you’ve become, because Travis is nothing like you.” 

Sam looked at me, "Travis? Who is that." 

Jacob walked out, just as I started. "Oh right you had no idea. You have a half brother, he phases also. Really nice guy." I hugged Ara. 

"That's not possible." Sam protested.

Hunter nodded, "Oh, but it is.” 

I waved my hand in a dismissive way towards Sam, “Anyways, what ever crawled up your butt, seriously needs to be gone,"

Jacob stepped out, and my mouth opened, "Wow, skeletons are throwing themselves out of the closet," smugly answering, "oh I think you'll find Travis is your half brother, he took the high road you took the road to hell." Sniggering.

Sam growled, "I had this all thrown on my plate.”

I scoffed at him, “Listen you know The Cullen's aren't a threat. Neither is she." 

Sam looked at me, "I helped your “family” when Alice, and Jasper crossed the line. We stood beside them when we might battle." 

I looked at Sam, "Because of Jacob, and his imprint. Not because of me. You dumped me. Abandoned me. You broke me. It only got better for you though. Once I phased, I had to join your crappy pack. You were thrilled. Then when you could call shots, you made me miserable." 

Sam spoke, "I did wish you were gone. You put us through all your thoughts. Dragging everyone into our “love triangle” as you called it." 

I looked at him, "You could have been honest with me. I mean really honest. Told me about the phasing, and that you felt a connection to her. I could have understood, asked my parents. They could have explained it. Instead you just broke up with me. Three years I gave you. I gave you all of me."

He looked at me, "I couldn't."

I felt the burning anger surging through my body. If I phased, I could hurt someone. I had to control myself. I placed my hand on my stomach. I thought about Sebastian, and Julian. Plus Hunter didn’t need to see me this way, but he was, along with the others. 

“Bull! You dumped me. Then I found out through a letter, you two were too cozy. I put pieces togethe. I said, We can work things out. I'm not going to give up on you, or us. We had plans. Your exact words to me were, Leah that's all they are now, just plans we had. There's no more us. I'm so sorry. I wish I could explain why. You need to stop caring about me. Move on with your life. Find someone who'll be good to you. Who'll take care of you. Leah you have a great future ahead of you. Just forget me. I loved you Leah, but not anymore. I'm so sorry to do this. I feel like such a jerk."

Hunter stood there listening. This was a first for him. 

“Jesus Leah, you found your someone. He takes excellent care of you. You’re in a better place. Now you’re back. You’ve brought a threat here, and it’s her. The Cullen’s haven’t caused any phasing. Then it just starts up again. I can’t risk the tribe, or the people of it.” Sam snapped.

Ara moved, and started yelling, "If I'm such a threat," I step forward, "here I am, go for it, if that's your only objective," staring back, "don't listen to him Leah," looking at Sam, "you took the cowards way out." I stand there with my hands out wide.

Sam stood up straight, “I’ve never been a coward.” I push past Ara, and slam into Sam full force. My hands hitting his chest, knocking him backwards. "BACK OFF SAM ULEY." 

He stumbled a bit, and glared at me. “Leah ENOUGH! I’m the leader in this pack. Back off. Let us handle this. You go do whatever it is you do.” 

“Whatever I do?” I growl. 

I'm knocked backwards by Leah, my mouth drops open as she belts into Sam, going over towards Leah, "Come on, he wanted that. It fuels the already raging fire." I escort her back to Jacob, "Take her inside please Jacob." I smile.

Jacob tried but I was too quick. 

"Lee Lee Clearwater. Still hot headed, and mad as hell. Selfish wolf is what you are, if you are even one." He smirked, "Such an angry wolf." 

I fumed, "You scarred my beautiful cousin. You leave scars." 

Paul, and Jacob looked at Ara. The Cullen's were moving closer. 

"I tried Leah." Sam was trying to gain support. 

I shook my head, "To be an ass, yes! Why don’t you leave those wolves alone. Jared, and Paul should enjoy their lives. There's no threat." 

Sam looked at Ara again, "Beg to differ." 

I growled, and Sam smirked, as I growled. My hand pulled back, and launched forward connecting with Sam's jaw. 

"Oh..." an expletive followed from Paul. 

"Hopefully that will slow your mouth down." I turned to walk away, but Sam grabbed my arm. 

I whipped back. "Your mom will hear about this." was his threat.

I shrugged, "Your wife, my cousin will hear about this. Tell my mom, I will take a silver medal. That wasn't a gold shot. If it was, I would have stopped you from talking completely." Jacob, and Paul stood there dumbstruck. Even Emmett was left speechless. I held my hand against my chest. It throbbed, and was swelling rapidly.

"You always turn to playground antics," I listen in on the conversation, until Sam looks at me, "Want to try it again?" I watch Leah fight like I once did, she holds her hand to her chest, I feel as if this is my fault but I still stand my ground, stepping forward towards Sam, "the only real threat here is you," I point, "I would so smack you one but your not worth the effort, I'm glad she hit you though, good anger management to me.

I bit my lip, walking along. Paul looked at Sam. "How about an apology. We're all tense ok. You pissed off the wrong pregnant lady." Sam's face went white. He swallowed, and his lips moved but no sound came out. 

Jacob stood beside Paul, "She's not in my pack. She's not even phasing you brute.  That's why you should control that temper of yours. You really stooped to a new low."  

I cradled my hand, as tears burned at the edges of my eyes. Hunter came over quickly.

I'm still stepping forward, "If you could see what I've seen, the stench of rotting bodies in the air. Soldiers dying from a gas attack trying to breathe air," breathing, "if you really knew Vladimir, you'd see why I did what I did. Why I do what I do," stopping, "you want to satisfy that urge? Leah deserves an apology, that'd be a start." I stare hard at him.

Hunter carefully took my hand. I cringed, "Carlisle." He called out. I'm trembling. I'm freezing, and my hand is throbbing. Sam walked towards me. Hunter held me carefully, and turned around, “Back the hell off. I will take the next swing for my wife. I will call Emily myself, and tell her why I hit you. Charlie can arrest me if he wants, but I will press charges against you for assault.”

Paul, and Jacob moved closer. Emmett came down as well. Sam was nervous, "Leah please look at me." I shook my head. I couldn't face anyone. Sam looked at Ara, asking if he could move in front of Leah to speak.

"I don't think speaking to her right now is a good idea, do you?" I look around and take one small step back, "You've hurt her enough as it is."

"Leah I'm sorry. There's a lot of anger in both of us." 

I spoke softly, "If you were just honest, I could have let you go. I thought you left me, because I wasn't pregnant. Then later to think I couldn't have children, Sam you broke a part of me. There's no replacing that. Now I have Hunter, and my children, and I'm learning. I accept your apology, but with haste. For future reference, just watch your words. They're more powerful, then your hands will ever be."

Hunter, and my dad helped me inside carefully. Carlisle held my arm in place so it wouldn’t move. A whimper slipped from my lips. Sam cringed, along with the others. 

“You caused that. Now you can hear it. That’s her heart, soul, every ounce of her, finally releasing itself.” Jacob spoke softly, but with such anger.

I don't know if I'm ready to breakdown, Leah is so hurt and I willingly will take the blame, I kiss Leah on the top of her head and walk uphill, it's time to breathe.

Edward walked down, "Go apologize to Ara. Actually mean it. There's someone out to hurt her, or so she thinks. It's Leah he wants. He’ll kill her, and take the children. Last he knew, or thought Ara was dead, and that's how it has to stay." Sam nodded, and ran to catch up with her.

Turning round, "Oh great," I mumble, "not right now."

"When may I apologize. I need to know what's going on." Sam stopped.

"Going on in what way? Why Vladimir wants me so badly? Why he wants Leah? I need to know what you want to know." I lean against the tree.

"Both of you. I know you're something big. They were searching for Leah. It was her scent they followed."

"He wants Leah because like you and others, her genetic heritage holds an advantage for him," laughing darkly "I know she thinks he's after her but he knows I'm alive, the reason why he wants me is," shaking a little, "the partially activated element, holds control over death, if he gains control over me, the world is plunged into darkness," I pat him on the shoulder, "now do you see why I ran?"

Sam nodded, and held out his hand, "Truce?" 

“So is he after her as well. What is this talk of children. She only has Sebastian." Sam was curious. 

Ara spoke, "Some would say it's my fault, but he knew about her before I did," sighing, "she's pregnant again, only a few weeks, this child has no wolf gene."

"She's the fastest wolf, and the only female at that.” Sam was blown away by the news of my pregnancy, “Her little guy is still so little. Let me guess everyone says that." Sam's  guilt was apparent.

Ara smiled, "Yep, all have said that," 

She could tell he felt guilty, "She needs protection, at any cost to me.”

"So he knows your alive. Which one of you does he want more, or is it equal." Sam asked, trying to gather information. 

“Oh boy yes he knows, I'm number one, Leah is number two."

Sam spoke softly, "Jacob said she was bit on the hand. Is that true?" He was intrigued, worried, and felt like the arse he was called.

Now I feel guilty, "Yes, she was bitten by a hybrid working for Vladimir, she was a dream walker."

Sam spoke softly, "Don't hold the guilt. It turns you into me." He smiled trying to lighten the mood. "We'll keep you all safe."

Half smiling, "I'm trying," I whisper in his ear, "if Vladimir gets hold of me, promise me you will destroy me? I'd rather have you do that, than me loose my freedom and the people I care about."

Sam nodded, "It won't come to that."

I wink, "Just in case," I point downhill, "shall we?"

Sam nodded, "I think she broke something."

"Maybe a knuckle or two, in time they will heal but scars don't," smiling, "thank you for understanding." We begin to walk downhill.

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