The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


50. Chapter 48 - Turkeys in the oven, and in my family.

A five month old. A culinary genius, and an entire family coming. I mean entire. The Cullen's  are included in this. Well they're coming up for desert. I'm sort of getting the swing of things. I'm praying Emmett behaves. I'm excited to see the kids. I'm just not sure how we'll all fit. Well Jonathan had to work. So 18, that's including Sebastian. Twenty four, twenty five, twenty six. I can feel it starting. "Help!" Chloe called out looking at me. Leslie stopped cutting vegetables, and came over to me.

Today is thanksgiving, an American holiday, with me being more English this isn't my holiday but I'll embrace it because I'm here, Emmett better behave himself, I look at him and he walks over, "What's the deal?" He laughs.

I poke him, "Behave, or I'll have to sort you out." I laugh.

He pretends to quiver, "Oh I'm so scared the storm will blow me away."

"Just while you're there, no wise cracks."

Emmett proceeds to put his hands together in an angelic position, I tut and sit down.

Leslie walked with me, and headed into Hunters office and sat me down. "Easy. Anxiety attack?" I nodded, "Chest pain also." She quickly felt my pulse, "Paxil. He put me on Paxil." She called out, "Can we get a glass of water please."

My mom came in, joining us, "Call Monday. Tell him it's still happening. That's one of the side affects."

Leslie nodded, "Anxiety doesn't help." She smiled. My mom sat beside me, and grabbed my stethoscope listening. "Easy ok." I nodded, sipping the water.

Leslie looked at me, "Pain pass?" I nod, "Yes. Just catches me. Lucas said if it continued we were discontinuing."

Emmett and I have just arrived at the Cullen residence, we'll be heading to Port Angeles from here. Walking in I can hear Jasper, "Hey Jasper," I call out as Emmett passes me.

"Good morning Ara, how are you?" He asks in his charming Southern accent.

"Still out of sync but pushing forward, you ok?"

"Good, thank you." He wanders off.

Alice's bounces over, "Ara," her voice chimes, "good to see you." She squeezes me.

"God to see you too Alice." I smile.

I proceed to hug my mother and father, Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee.

Carlisle claps his hands, "Fifteen minutes and we're off."

We all nod. Esme asks me, "Is Fred coming hun?"

I shake my head, "No, he's not a people person, he said he would pop in after people have gone."

Esme nods and hugs me, "How are you doing dear?"

"Could be better, but could also be worse."

Alice spoke up, "You set the date for when?" She looks shocked.

I put on my serious face, trying not to smirk, "October 31st 2014." Nope can't hold it back, I begin laughing, poor Alice looks a little shocked.

We are on our way to Port Angeles, Jacob and Renesmee are going out to dinner then going to catch a movie.

Can't believe I got lumbered with loud mouth, putting the CD into the slot, Of the night by Bastille blasts out.

"Whoa." Emmett shouts, "where's the fire?" For once he looks a bit scared.

Good, I smile at him before slowing down, "Now you see why I beat you on the track." I laugh.

Poor Emmett huffs, "Just you wait." He mumbles.

Charlie is holding Sebastian, "Hi handsome." Sebastian babbles a little at my dad. I walk out with Leslie, and my mom. "Better now?" Hunter looks over smiling. "She's calling  Monday. The chest pain can't continue." My mom spoke up. Sophia, and Harry were playing quietly in the play yard we set up for them. Family started trickling in.

I'm last to filter in, yeesh it's crowded, I'm still not good with large crowds, I say, "I'll go stand out back for a few minutes, don't fancy getting in the way." I wink and head outside.

Emmett is the energetic entertainment. The kids love him. Edward is having fun with the smaller ones, who are confined. Bella decided to sit with Charlie, and help entertain Sebastian. Thanks to Alice she was able to fit it all in here. I'm doing another load of dishes, cleaning pots we no longer need. Wind chimes. I ignore it, and continue scrubbing.

Sue smiled, "Harry." Charlie smiled at my mom, and looked at my youngest brother. 

Sandra asked, "First husband?"

My mom nodded, "He loved them."

Sandra smiled, "My mom loved music boxes." They started chatting, and were smiling, and enjoying one another.

Wow, what a whirlwind, the funniest part was having to watch my non human family eat human food, I managed to take a few photos of Emmett, and the faces he pulled. I had been introduced to everyone, the food was gorgeous, feeling a bit sick though, so again I find myself resting out back, taking in gulps of air. One drawback to gulping air - you burp.

I slip out back, shutting the door behind me. I look at the wind chime, and reach to take it down. Everyone is inside chatting, having a great time.

"Hey Leah." I call out.

I see her taking the wind chime down, I wonder why?

I turn around, spotting Ara, "Hey. Sorry about the whole family being here." I stop looking at the wind chime, and feel the cold air settling in for the night.

I smile and stand up, "It's Thanksgiving. Guess it's all about family, getting together and things like that," I itch my leg, "the food was gorgeous, how are you?"

I sit down, and pulling my sweater tightly around me, "A lot of people, makes me anxious. Otherwies I'm ok." I look at Ara. She ate too much.

"Too big for me also," I chuckle, "sure you're ok? And yes I over indulged, paying for it now." I sit down in the chair opposite Leah.

I look at her. "Something feels off. Plus my medication isn't working." I glance toward the tree line.

I sit closer to Leah, "I must admit, something just doesn't feel right but I don't understand what," Hugging her, "awe my poor sister."

I hugged her back. "Side affects are chest, and arm pain. I'm stoping it tonight." I hear the door open, and I tense up.

"It might be best," I too hear the door, "calm down, probably Hunter coming to check on you."

Hunter smiled, "Two psychics in the family?" He shut the door, walking down to us. "I smiled, and he sat beside me. "They're working on desert."

I stand up, "A keen sense of smell my dear man." I hug him.

Hunter hugged her back, "Where are you off to?" I look at Ara, and I'm tensing up.

"I'll go," I whisper, "probably the medication again." I kiss his cheek.

He smiled, and patted her shoulder. I looked at Ara, and swallowed.

I can see something really isn't right with her, I think I may have lied to Hunter, but it prevents him worrying, for now, I stand along side her, "Come on, we will go over the road," and whisper, "and explain what's really going on." I put an arm over her shoulder, we move through the house and out front, over the road.

I look at her, and smile a little.

I smile back but I know there is more to this than meets the eye, "Spill it."

"I've been feeling a bit weird." I bite my lip nervously.

"Please don't bite your lip, makes an awful mess, weird as in how?"

I need confirmation that I am not loosing my mind

I stopped biting it quickly, and held my sweater closed tightly.

"Let's sit in the car, I'll put the heating on." I hold her hand and we move into my car, "if you need me not to tell anyone, you have to swear me to secrecy." I look deep into her eyes.

"I felt like eyes were on me again." I blurt it out.

I shift uneasily, "When did it begin?"

I think quietly, "Uneasy started a week ago. Dr. Martin thought it was the medication. Then the eyes. Two days ago."

Now it's my turn to tense up, "This just is not possible," I'm in shock, "three days ago, Fred was out, I felt slightly sleepy so I kinda fell asleep on the porch,," closing my eyes, "just before I could have sworn I was being watched."

Stefan appeared, knocking on the glass. I jumped, and screamed.

Even I jumped, "Geez, if my heart was beating it would have killed me," turning to Leah, "It's Stefan, stay in here," I climb out of the car, "Sorry, both of us are a bit jumpy."

Stefan spoke softly, "With good reason to be."

"Oh please no, no no, surely not," I poke my head in the car, "you staying to listen? Or you going inside the house?"

I climbed out quietly. Stefan drops his voice so I can't hear. "Guard" is all he says.

"Volturi guard?" I whisper back.

Stefan nodded. I heard him, and my legs buckled and I dropped to the ground.

Impulse is fast taking over me, smelling the air, "Felix," I whisper, "I'm off to catch up with him," I whisper again, "Leah, go inside, take Stefan with you, if anyone asks where I am just lie and say I've gone to the shop or something." I kiss both their cheeks and I begin running in the direction of the scent I know well.

Stefan held onto me carefully, and we headed inside. I looked at Hunter, and he nodded.

Sandra smiled, "I hate to be the meanie, but I need my sleep, before I go shopping."

Everyone smiled and started with their goodbyes. I took Sebastian upstairs, and bathed him, and nursed him.

"Baby?" I looked up at Hunter, "Leslie, and Alex, your parents and the others are here still." I nodded.

Seven miles in, I see him stood at the edge of a wood, I slow down, a moment later I am inches away from him, "Evening Felix, what brings you so far from Volterra?"

Felix nodded, Evening Ara. Word spread that there were newborns. Plus a dream inducing vampire. They were following you, and Leah."

"That was a while ago with reference to the dream walker, wouldn't shock me if Vladimir got rid of her," Sighing, "Newborns?"

Felix nodded, "Yep sent a letter threatening to expose us, and the wolves."

"Vladimir is up to something," I remember the conversation a while ago, "a while ago he was babbling about over throwing Aro and alike, he visited Mexico, then came after me, he thinks I'm dead."

Felix nodded, "He gloated about that in the letter as well. He's determined for the girl though."

"Just what we need," Leaning against a tree, "he can't have her, it is that simple, did he say anything else in the letter about me?"

Felix pulled it out, "That you were dead, and you didn't have what he thought you had. There was a time Aro wanted them, but has respectfully understood that they won't go."

"Well he will get a shock if he ever sees me walking around," sniggering, "their not animals, not in that sense, they're free, I am glad he finally saw sense," I hate asking this question but it must be asked, "do I need to go to Volterra?"

Felix shook his head, "No Aro sent me to check. Demetri is watching Leah. We know Stefan separated, and he is free."

That is a relief to my system, "I will vouch for Stefan, he was only following orders, just as you do," breathing, "didn't think you would come alone." I wink.

Felix smiled, "Is everything else ok?" Looking at Ara carefully.

I get a little uneasy, "Depends on what you call everything else."

Felix spoke calmly, "We know of her child. Aro sends his best."

Relief once again spreads through me, he hadn't noticed the subtle changes to my physical appearance, "I will pass the message on, thank you."

Felix smiled, "Keep them safe. We'll be in touch if need be."

I nod, "With my life, thank you for keeping me in the loop, of course, safe trip home Felix."

Felix smiled, "Likewise." He disappeared. Charlie, and my mom headed home with Harry, after saying goodbye. Seth, Chloe, and Sophia went to spend the weekend with George and Sandra. The Cullen's, Alex, and Leslie were left.

I watch Felix for a moment before turning round to begin the jog back.

Sebastian has gone to bed, and I make my way downstairs. I get to emptying the dishwasher, and loading it one final time. Leslie, and Alice had taken care of the extra chairs, and table.

I knock lightly on the door before walking in, walking into the room I spy Stefan, I motion for him to follow me, I will tell him out back, not here.

Stefan, and Carlisle walked out. "Well?"

Great, my father has decided to join us, might as well just spill the beans but first to give Stefan good news, "Stefan, it is ok, the guard we not after you, it would seem you are free." I smile and look at my father.

Carlisle hugged Ara tightly. "Eyes have been on the area. I know."

"Felix was checking things, he said Vladimir had sent him a letter, firstly boasting that he had killed me," I laugh, "he is threatening to expose the Volturi and the wolves," I whisper, "but he is still wanting Leah, Felix said to keep them safe and that is exactly what I intend to do." I hug him back.
Stefan nodded, "We all will. Little Sebastian, I see him going far." Carlisle nodded agreeing.

"Of course we all need to keep her safe but this is all on me, or so it feels," I chuckle, "he will do us all proud some day."

Stefan spoke gravely, "He's wanted Leah before you came back."

I nod, "I swear if I ever see him, I will put the fear to one side and give him a beating."

Stefan nodded, "I will help." There was a crash in side, then repeated apologizing.

"I will let you deal first blow," I laugh, "oh dear, Leah might be on a meltdown, I best see if I can ease how she feels." I kiss Stefan's cheek and quickly hug my father before dashing inside.

Hunter knelt down, "Baby it's ok. It happens. Are you ok?" I feel horrible. It was his favorite dish. My hand just had this shooting pain, and I couldn't hold the plate anymore.

I walk into the kitchen, "Everything ok?"

Hunter nodded, "She dropped a dish that was my favorite. It broke. I'm concerned about her." I held my hand.

I try to reassure him, "Could be nerves," Bending down, "come on you, upstairs I need to tell you something." I smile.

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