The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


41. Chapter 39 - Nightmare

Summer is arriving, the season I mean, two weeks have passed, I've been quiet, I haven't spoken to anyone about Kimi saying I was the one Vladimir had been searching for, I'm trying not to stress anyone out. Stefan has moved into Fred's old place, he's enjoying the seclusion, he texts me daily and the Denalis have met him, he's thinking of returning to Alaska with them, I see him every two days, Fred has moved in with me, strange having company. Eleazar keeps looking at me, he knows something is wrong, so does Garrett, I need hypnotising, my mind needs to be at ease.
Fred is finishing something up in Port Angeles, I'm heading out to the Cullen's, Tanya Kate etc are there, Leah is doing okay but in less than two weeks he will be here.
I reach the door and almost have second thoughts, I slap myself lightly and knock on the door.

"Doors open Thunder" Emmett yells.

"Button it hulk." I yell back, opening the door I walk up the stairs.

Edward laughs."Oh excuse me The Perfect Storm?" Emmett asks, and Jasper smirks. "Oh dear." Esme said, and smiled.

"Yes I'm the perfect storm, I don't walk around saying smash," I wink, "hey everyone." I smile.

Renesmee bounces over, "Hi there." Bella smiled, "Hello Ara. How are you?" Carlisle smiled, and then stepped out taking a phone call. "How have you been dear?" Esme hugged Ara.

"Hey Renesmee," I hug her, "ah hello Bella, distracted but okay thanks," I hug Esme back, "good thanks." Jasper knows I'm lying, oh dear!

Esme touched Ara's arm, "Ara, we have Edward who can hear people's thoughts. Alice who has visions, and Jasper who senses emotions. Please relax, nobody is looking anymore."

"I can't relax, what Kimi said is eating away at me, I haven't hunted, instead I've been drinking a few litres of coffee a day and munching cookies like they're going out of fashion." I sit down and rest my chin on my hand.

Rose walked out with several blood bags, "Eat up, and now. You have to relax." Alice smiled, "She's not coming around again." I think he's given up here." Carlisle walked back out, and headed outside.

I take one, looking at it makes me feel nauseated, "Just this one, I've been working my backside off, taking as many shifts as I can get, been spending time with Leah," I let the contents of the bag slide down my throat, half slides down but my body refuses the other half, heading for the kitchen sink it comes back up, "damn it, I want to function, I'll try again soon." I smile weakly holding onto the sink.

Esme walked over, rubbing her back, "Sweetheart. Please you have to calm down." Carlisle lost his temper, and knocked a tree over. The thud caused everyone to startle.

"I'm trying," I spin round nearly falling over, "he's in a bad mood." I slowly make my way outside, "Carlisle?" I call his name nervously.

He turned around looking at Ara, like he'd been given horrible news. "Lucas, he's done an ultrasound. Sebastian is roughly six pounds and about twenty inches long. He's still not dropped. Leah is refusing to be induced."

"I'll go talk to her, see if I can try change her mind, if we offer a home birth, she might say yes,." I rub Carlisle's back.

He shook his head, "No she won't. Lucas tried. She said herself, he's not ready. He's not as aggressive. He's more at ease. Rocking a lot, sometimes sleeping in the chair as well.

"He's a step ahead," sighing, "I will tonight and see if I can try, I know we are all concerned about her." Its the best offer I could give in my stupid state.

Carlisle hugged her, "If we can get her to thirty six, or thirty eight weeks; then she's not so nervous."

"I've a gut feeling he will be here by May 29th, at the latest." I hug him lightly.

His phone vibrated again, Hello?" He listened, "Hunter how strong is it." He listened, "Ok. Keep me posted." He hung up. "She's had a couple of strong contractions. Hunter said she's still at work, and so is he."

"Looks like Sebastian is ready now," rubbing my eyes, "I best make my way down there, the hospital is the best place to be in."

Carlisle shook his head, "I would wait. She's still working. Hunter said she called him, just to fill him in. Esme walked out, "Well now we have fire wood." She motioned towards the tree he took down.

"I start my shift in an hour, took on as many shifts as I could," fanning my face, "plenty of firewood." I smile.

I called Ara. "Hey I've left work, and I'm heading home. I called my mom. Hunter called Leslie. I will talk to you later." I hung up, and drove.

"Okay, keep me up to date, I'm about to leave for work, I'll call in after my shift finishes, take care," I hang up, "Leah, she's left work."

Carlisle looked at Esme, "I'm glad we hunted last night. Stefan close by, in case we need eyes?" Esme headed back inside to fill in everyone.

"Stefan is willing to help anyway he can," smiling, "okay then I'm gonna go to work, I'll text Stefan let him know what's going on," I scribble his number on a piece of paper and hand it to Carlisle, " so you can keep in touch with him too."

Carlisle hugged her, "Be careful sweetheart. Love you." He smiled.

"Of course," I wink and hug him back, "I love you too," I hesitate, "dad." I kiss him on the cheek and slowly walk away. I text Stefan, "Hello, only me, Carlisle has your number, we need you x"

Carlisle smiled wide, then headed inside. Stefan wrote back, "What's wrong?" I finally got home, and got out of the car, taking a deep breath. I made my way up the porch stairs, and into the house. It was peaceful, and relaxing.

I text back, "Leah had a couple of contractions, Carlisle will need your eyes, to keep watch, I'm on my way to work, I'm exhausted but need to keep busy xxx"

Stefan wrote back, "He's not coming back. I actually received a letter. He said you didn't have what he thought you possessed. He's now on to Thailand." I set down my bag, and keys. I was so hot, I decided a shower, and a sun dress would be good.

"They might still need you, Kimi looked at me and said I was the one Vladimir had been searching for, I need hypnosis to find out, Thailand, that should be interesting x" 
I arrive at work, sign in get in the lift straight to the lower basement without saying a word.

Stefan wrote back, "Well you're safe. He truly thinks you're well basic."

"That doesn't put my mind at ease he should have left me to burn, anything is better than this, the stress I cause everyone and the stress I cause to myself, x"
Looking at my reflection in the mirror, the one staring back is a stranger.

Stefan replied, "You don't cause stress. That's your mind playing tricks." I heard a noise, I thought Hunter may have come home early. "Babe?" I looked out the window, but his car wasn't here. Then my phone vibrated. "Hey Hun. I'm tutoring this afternoon. Call if you need anything. Love you."

"I know my own mind Stefan, I have to go, work won't do itself, catch you later, take care x" I turn my phone off and instead of working I stare off into space.

I headed into the kitchen, and started pulling out the fixings to make a salad. "Mmm I'm so hungry." A gust of wind rushed through.

"Me too." A voice was there. Kimi was standing in my kitchen doorway.

"What are you doing here?" I moved, to grab the phone. She whizzed around, and grabbed it.

"Now, now. So you're the wolf. I thought you were just carrying one. Vladimir upped the bounty for you."

I swallowed back my fear, "Bounty?" I questioned.

She nodded, "Yes. You do know what bounty means? Well you're the task at hand. Plus that sweet child you carry."

I backed up, into the kitchen counter. Kimi moved closer. She reached out to touch my stomach. I backed up, sliding along the counter. She touched me, and I smacked her hand.

She growled, "My prey is feisty."

I felt around. I was inches from the drawer with knives. "I'm one step ahead of you. They're not there." A Cheshire Cat grin spread across her face.

"Please." Was all I let out.

She smirked, "I thought you were some big, bad wolf. Here you are, a pathetic coyote." It stung to hear that, but I couldn't let it affect me. Then at that moment a contraction started.

"Oh God." I gripped the counter, holding it.

"Oh that's not good. Well for you, for me, perfect."

I couldn't understand what was going on. I moved around the kitchen, trying to get to the stairs.

"Ah ah ah. Now where are you running off to?" Kimi was in front of me.

"Please I need to lay down."

She eyed me, "Hmm. No!"

She laughed, and I gathered my strength, and shoved her. She grabbed me by my arm,

"Listen I'm a hybrid. I'm stronger then you. Plus I don't appreciate your wolf mate biting me. So for that," she smirked then bit.

The burning was excruciating. "That's just a little venom. Now see, I can share some more with you." She smiled. I knew what that meant. I moved slowly, and her eyes were on me.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asked.

I held onto the door frame, my contraction was just too much. I slid to the floor. I closed my eyes, I couldn't move right now.

"Well this is pathetic." Kimi spoke, "No fight in you. Just laying there."

I was ok laying down, they stopped. I gained enough strength, and made it to the couch.

"What do I do?" She was talking to someone. "I bit her." Her voice shrilled, "Just a little venom. If I'm doing it wrong, you do it." She growled, "You ran to Thailand on your mission." She growled, "Fine. I expect my payment soon." She shoved her phone back into her bag. "It's still early in the day. Your husband won't be home for hours. I could kill you by then." I knew her threat wasn't valid. I tried to text Ara, she snatched my phone.

"Sweet dreams Leah." She smirked.

I'm looking through case notes, looking at the body everything looks in order but I will have to do a toxicology report and find any evidence of trauma.
Walking to the coffee maker I decide to have a mocha, tapping my fingers as the machine burbles away, smelling the air, something smells like dirt, "Odd," taking the mocha I sit on an empty slab and take a sip, "refreshing," Rose had slipped an IV bag into my bag, "I'll try again," opening it I let slide down, this time it goes with ease, "finally I'm calming down."
After five minutes the smell of dirt permeates the air, looking round nothing seems out of place, the lift pings and the doors open, looking no one is there, shaking my head I dispose of the IV bag, a hand clasps my mouth, elbowing whoever it is, I spin round, Vladimir stands there, anger burns in his eyes.
"You!" I point, "you lied, you were supposed to be in Thailand." I'm frozen to the spot.
He smirks, an evil smirk, "I was," grabbing me by the throat, "Kimi told me you are the one, the one I need to destroy the volturi, that day I saw in you exactly what I needed, you were supposed to be under my control." He loudly snarls.
"You can't beat free will," I smile, "I'm not the one."
Vladimir throws me across the room, "You are," he bellows, "use it, I want them all destroyed."
"No." I say weakly, "I'd rather burn."
A phone call interrupts him, he's moody angry and slightly satisfied, he pins me to the wall, with his free hand he blows a powder in my face, "if I can't use you, no one can, it ends here."
It stings, oh boy it stings, his words bounce in my head, "If that is what you wish." My body feels weak, he throws me over his shoulder , places me on a slab and in I go into the freezer, the door closes, before my mind shuts out the pain I cry, "I will never truly die, Alice, Vladimir was here." My final thought is I hope Leah is ok? The world grows dim.

Stefan arrived at the morgue, looking around. "Ara?" He calls out. Stefan has dressed well wearing a dark suit, and tie. Quickly he realized she was in the freezer by her scent. Within minutes he had her out of the freezer, and was trying to warm her up. "I brought blood for you."

I'm stuck in the dark, hell I know where I am, a little window appears, I wander over, Stefan is trying to make me drink but at the moment I'm stuck here, I can't tell him, no one can hear you in the living realm. Banging the window I do try but he never looks just above his head.

He held her carefully. " I know you're in there. Please hang on. I phoned Carlisle."

"I'll try," I look at his pained face, "hey it could be worse, Vladimir could have killed me." I laugh a dark laugh and think myself lucky I'm here and not in the realm of the dead. I'm between the living and the dead.

He waited a while, then life shown in her eyes again. "Hi there." He smiled, and rubbed her back.

Oh, I'm being pulled backwards, well I know where I'm going. Chattering, "I'm c-c-cold, how did you know?" I manage to whisper, my body is very weak.

Stefan smiled, "Well I received your text. I looked at the letter again. The post print was off. First glance you wouldn't know."

Feintly I smile, "He came to see me," a thought hits me, "he could have killed me, he used the wrong powder." I'm still shaking.

Stefan shakes his head. "So now he's gone. He thinks your dead. So now we avoid Romania." He handed her the bag, "Blood, and a new journal."

Trying to sit up, "Agreed, Romania is a no go," I look into his eyes, why did he do what he just did? My heart says because he truly cares, "just one, for now, that's a lovely journal, thankyou." I hug him with all the strength I have.

Stefan hugged her back, "I do care. I also have been able to become self sufficient. I will be a businessman. Traveling at times, keeping up appearances and such. I plan to stay here." He smiled.

"I hope things work out for you, you've got a new sense of purpose, I'm happy for you-" I begin to panic, "We have to get to Leah's, kimi!" I hold my breath

Stefan smiled, "Calm down. Alice said she's not seen anything." I woke up some time had passed. The sun had shifted. I went to sit up, and there were read eyes, staring at me.

I grab Stefan's phone and dial jasper, "c'mon pick up." Looking at Stefan, "she knows Alice has gaps."

Jasper answered, "Hello Ara." His southern charm poured through the receiver.

"Hi Jasper," my voice is panicked, "get to Leah's now, Kimi knows Alice has gaps in her visions, Vladimir told her, I'll be there in an hour or so, I'm too weak to do much."

Jasper swallowed, "Carlisle hurry." He grinned, "I've liked your friend. Now, now well. The Volturi are coming for you." I watched as Vladimir moved closer. "Care to join her on the other side?" I prayed as hard as I could. "She bit you once, well that must have stung." I watched horror struck. He smirked, and grabbed my hand, sinking his teeth in by my thumb. "Now, your child, if he makes it will be motherless. Nobody to help you." He smirked, and left. Kimi watched, I was exhausted, and trying to fight the pain. "Sweet dreams." She spun on her heel, and vanished.

"Thanks Jasper," turning to Stefan, "I hope Leah is okay? Help me to my feet," smiling weakly, "I'll feed when I've seen Leah, did you drive here?"

Stefan nodded, "Yes I did. You need to feed now. She may need you." Truth was, I need someone. Carlisle took the phone, wind rushed in the background, "Hello."

"Pass me some IV bags," I grin as Stefan hands me five bags, ripping each one I swallow fast, "five more." I do the same twice more.

"Dad," I feel a bit breathless, "get to her fast."

Stefan watched quickly, packing up her bag. Carlisle was running with Esme, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice. "We're running now. What's going on." Stefan looked at Ara, and motioned to leave swiftly. I tried to text Hunter, "911" I hit send, and looked at my wrist. I decided to try, and suck what I could. Next was my hand. I nearly choked doing it.

"Kimi, Vladimir, chaos, she needs you, I'll be there soon, I'll explain then." Stefan helps me towards the lift, "just make sure, please." I hang up.

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