The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


23. Chapter 22 - Enough surprises.


He walked in, and shut the door behind him smiling. Renesmee is home, but I wanted to talk to you about something. I nodded, “Um Travis, this is Jacob Black, my alpha, or was my alpha.” Jake winked, “You’ll always be part of my pack, phasing or not. So what was this conversation we were having. Travis nice to meet you again.” He sat down in a chair, and leaned back. “Likewise.” Travis smiled. Hunter cleared his throat, “Jacob, your mom was killed in a car accident right?” Jacob sat up, and nodded, leaning forward, “Yeah when I was kid. A guy fell asleep at the wheel, and hit her car head on. It killed both of them.” Travis looked at Hunter, “Bro you’ve gotta tell him.” Jacob raised an eyebrow, “What do you have to tell me?” Jacob looked at Hunter. “My dad was the other driver. Travis was going through some old papers, and read the article.” Jacob sighed, “I was little. It ripped our family apart. I see Rachel, only because of Paul. I think they’re going to be moving to Seattle. Rebecca never has come back.” Jake shook his head, “Sorry, so my question was about Renesmee’s gift.” I looked at Jacob, “I’m sorry.” He shrugged, “I don’t talk about her death much.” I sighed, “I know the pain that comes with talking about the person you’ve lost.” Jacob gave a half hearted smile. 

Travis, and Hunter left the room, so Jake and I could talk. “So I want to get something special for Renesmee. I’m not rushing things. We shared a room for the night, but I slept on the floor.” I nodded, “Yeah Bella told me.” I tucked my legs underneath me, as I curled up on the couch. “Well you could do a simple promise ring. She’d love that.” Jacob nodded, “I know your engagement ring symbolizes when you imprinted with the white sapphires, and the purple is when he proposed.” I smiled, “So how about you do something that means something really special.” He smiled, “Jewelry?” I thought about it, “Make a photo book. She’d love that.” He smiled, “Alright, well now I need to head back and get to work on that.” I laughed, “You ran all that way, just to ask me that.” He nodded, “Yeah the girl has a million pictures of us.” I smiled, “True.” He smiled, and stood up, “See you later.” He let himself out.

We were a few weeks from Thanksgiving. Hunter was enjoying his student’s, and work was busy. My mom called me, “Hi sweetie.” I smiled, “Hey stranger.” She chuckled, “So when are we having lunch?” I looked at my calendar, “Whenever you’d like.” She was quiet. “Mom, I’m working a lot of night shifts this upcoming schedule.” She didn’t respond. “Oh god.” her pained voice came from the other end. “Mom?” She let out a long breath, “I’m sorry, I had a cramp.” I became concerned, “Call dad please. You shouldn’t be home alone not feeling well.” She brushed me off, “Don’t worry. It happens when you’re pregnant.” I closed my eyes, and swallowed back the pain. “Sweetie, I’m sorry.” I shook my head, “It’s ok. Listen, I’ve come to terms with it. Don’t worry ok.” She was focusing her breathing. “Alright listen, just give me a day, and we’ll do lunch.” I smiled, “Wednesday work?” She was relaxing, “Yes perfect. See you say twelve o’clock?” I licked my lips, “Perfect. See you then.” I hung up. I needed to get ready for my shift. A nap was calling my name. 

It was finally Wednesday, and I was at lunch with my mother. “So works keeping you busy, I see.” I nodded, “Yeah, Hunter, and I haven’t seen each other much. He, and Alice are doing a lot of the planning. I’m just tired, and once every other month, I’m uncomfortable, but managing.” My mom smiled, “What does your doctor say?” I shrugged, “Birth control, or every other month this is going to keep happening.” My mom nodded, and rubbed her small forming belly. “The baby is moving more now.” I smiled, “That’s great.” She looked at me, “Have you and Hunter been trying?” I nearly choked on my drink, “Mom in order to try, you need to have a life. Currently that’s not something I appear to have.” She laughed, “Just curious if any more grandchildren were on the way.” I shook my head. She quickly grabbed my hand, and put it on her stomach, “Feel?” I felt this quick ripple, and smiled, “Hi there baby. I’m your much older sister Leah.” My mom teared up, and I just pulled her in for a hug. We finished out lunch over laughs, and talking about work before we both headed home. 

Thanksgiving came, and went and I had to work. Everyone had a good time. Hunter was spending the night with his family. I arrived home to a quiet, empty house. I collapsed on the couch. “Ah so you are alone tonight. We should talk.” The thick romanian accent, made my heart stop beating. I quickly got to my feet, and turned to find Stefan standing there in the doorway to our dining room. “Don’t run, Vladimir is outside.” I stood there shocked, “What don’t you get. I’m not helping you.” Stefan smirked, “We’ve been watching you. It’s interesting actually. You’ve not been phasing. Your friends have. Oh and that one called,” He tapped his chin, “Travis. He’s quite sizable. He must know about the pack.” I clenched my jaw, “The Cullen’s know. They will not partake in any stupid war you look to start with the Volturri.” Stefan laughed, “You stupid girl. You stupid wolf. Do you not realize, it takes one word to the Volturri, and they’re here.” I came up to mere inches of his face, “Do you not realize it takes one wolf to rip a vampire to shreds. I’m that one wolf.” He laughed, “Really there’s two of us. We could feast on you, then kill you.” I looked at him, “You won’t do it though. I know you won’t.” He looked at me, “You’re right we won’t. You’re our Pond, in this game.” I swallowed, “Get out of my house now.” Stefan shrugged, “Well hope you enjoy your wedding planning. Don’t want anything to happen now would you.” With that, I was left alone in my house. I stood there unsure if I call Hunter, or the Cullen’s. 

I felt my heart thudding against my chest. The phone rang, and startled me, “Hello.” Alice was on the other end. “Jasper, and I are on our way now. Are you ok?” I sighed, “Yeah, they’re gone.” She spoke quickly, “We’ll be there soon.” She hung up, and I set the phone down on the table, and flopped back on the couch. I send Travis a text, “Can you come over now 911?” He replied back quickly, “Five minutes.” I waited, and then I heard the knock. I walked over to the door, and opened it a sliver, “Hey you ok?” I opened the door letting him in, and hugged him. “Whoa. What’s going on?” I started to cry, “These vampires showed up a few weeks ago. They threatened me. They’ve been watching me. Now they showed up tonight. Hunter’s with his family. I just got home from work.” Travis shut the door, and walked me into the living room, and sat down with me, “Ok. Let me call him. I will convince him to stay there for the night.” He pulled out his phone, and called Hunter. “Hey bro. We need to talk.” I listened as they spoke. “No she’s just shaken up. I can stay the night, or she can come back with me.” Then there was knock, and Alice let herself in. “Leah we’re here.” Travis spoke, “Her friends are here, Alice, and Jasper.” He smiled, and nodded at them. “I will. Yeah she’ll call you promise. Ok bye.” He hung up. 

Alice sat beside me, “It happened so fast. I had no idea. I called you once I saw it.” Jasper, and Travis spoke softly. “Alice I tried to stand up to them. Show I wasn’t afraid.” She moved a stray hair from my face, “You’re coming home with us tonight. We’ll pack clothes for you, and Hunter. He can come down, and you’ll spend the weekend ok?” I nodded. Travis smiled, “I will check in on the place, don’t worry ok.” I nodded. Alice, and I headed upstairs and packed, and came back down. “Alright we’re ready to go. Jasper will drive ok.” I hugged Travis, “Thank you for coming so fast.” He smiled, “What are friends for.” We all left together. 

I called Hunter, on the car ride down. “Baby are you ok?” I swallowed my nerves, “Yeah, just a bit shaken up. Hunter how long can I keep my secret.” He sighed, “As long as you need to.” I whispered, “Stefan said, “Well hope you enjoy your wedding planning. Don’t want anything to happen now would you.” I don’t know what that means.” Alice turned back and looked at me. “Just relax for now. Get some dinner, and rest. I will be in Forks by late morning tomorrow. I love you.” I wiped away the tears that were streaming down my cheeks, “I love you too.” I hung up, and curled up in the backseat. Alice continued to look at me, “You’ll be safe. I saw nothing, so I think it was an idle threat, trying to scare you.” I nodded, and looked at my engagement ring. 

We walked inside, and Esme quickly came over to me, and hugged me. “You’re ok right?” I nodded, “Yeah I’m just a bit shaken up.” Carlisle joined her, “Come sit down ok. We called and spoke to your parents.” I walked with Esme to the couch, and we sat down. “Carlisle they got in my house when I wasn’t home.” He sighed, and sat down in the chair closest to me. “Well you’re spending the weekend here. Alice told us of the vision, and we contacted the Denali’s. They’re coming down to see that everything is covered there.” Esme held my hand, and looked at Carlisle, “She’s freezing love.” Emmett spoke up, “On it mom.” The fire roared to life. Rose draped a blanket over my shoulders, and returned with a bowl of tomato soup. “You need to eat something. Then you can rest.” I took the bowl, and slowly ate. “So what did they say?” I swallowed, “They called me a Pond in their game.” Esme growled, “You’re not a Pond, in any game. You’re a human being. You’re our daughter.” I dropped the bowl. Carlisle’s quick hands caught it, and he set it down on the table. “You’re what?” Carlisle smiled, “We consider you as much a part of our family, as we do Hunter, Jacob, Seth, and Chloe.” I smiled, “Thank you. I consider you all family as well.” Esme hugged me, “Are you hungry?” I shook my head. She stood up, “Let’s go upstairs, and have you get changed, and get into bed. You need your rest.” I followed her up to the room. 

I laid down after changing, and Esme sat on the edge of the bed. “I will stay with you until you fall asleep.” I smiled, “Thank you. Stefan made a remark about my wedding.” She looked at me, “What was that?” I inhaled deeply, “Well hope you enjoy your wedding planning. Don’t want anything to happen now would you.” Esme looked at me, “Truthfully I feel it’s a scare tactic. Alice would have seen something, if they planned it already.” I curled up under the covers, and looked at Esme. “We’ll keep you safe, no matter what. I know that keeps being said, but I want you to believe it.” I yawned, and closed my eyes. She waited until I was in a deep sleep, before she left the room. She’d returned back downstairs, and Carlisle looked up. “She’s asleep, and I told her she’ll be safe.” Carlisle looked at Esme, “Does she believe it?” Esme sighed, “I hope so.”

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