Unforeseen Love

Esme Platt got away from a life that really had not brought her happiness. Born in Ohio, and moved to Washington by a drunk father, and a doting mother. She hadn't had the greatest life so far. She moved from Bellavue, Wa to Seattle at age 18, and started school. Bye age 26 she had a home in Seattle. She had a highly rated radio show in the city, with a huge fan base. She'd been married to her soul mate for five years now, and they had a daughter named Amy who was six months old. So, what happens when one day, because of someone's poor judgement, everything you've worked for; is gone in an instant? How do you move forward? In this story we see how friendships, crossover one another, and help Esme find true love again, and happiness. Because this is her Unforeseen Love.


6. Chapter Six

I worked until 7:00 pm. It was quiet in the building except for the other disc jockey, and his engineer. I bid my farewell, and grabbed my crap and went to the truck. It was a cold night, especially for October. I opened the back door, and just threw my stuff in. As I shut it, someone was beside me. “Listen the stunt back at the coffee shop, not cool. So let’s talk now. It’s been a while since we’ve seen one another.” Charles grinned at me, in shadowy lit parking lot. “I need to be going, I reached for the drivers door, and he grabbed me by my jacket, “Oh no you don’t. Now listen, I know you’re single. I know you still have feelings for me.” I struggled to get out of it. I felt his hand tighten on my arm, the other grabbed me by the throat, “Now simmer down. I’m not doing anything, yet.” I struggled to grab my phone with my free hand. It wasn’t in my pocket. Shit I’d put it in my bag, before walking out. I pried at his hand on my throat. “Stop struggling with me, and I will let go. Continue, and I will lose my temper.” I didn’t know what to do. I tried to focus my brain. 

Charles started to slide his right hand, over my chest squeezing my breast through my jacket. “Damn thing.” He yanked it open, and slid his hand under my shirt, “Just like I remember.” I felt myself becoming physically ill. “Please stop, I’m going to be sick.” He stopped, and let me go long enough to pin me against the car. “You lie now, like you did back then. I never hurt you. I was too good to you. I had you then, and I’m taking what I want now. You’re still mine. Nobody to help you.” I struggled, and kneed him in the groin, I scrambled looking for my keys. Bang, then a thudding pain. I heard the blood pulse through my ears. I couldn’t focus my vision. I heard his zipper, and could taste him, “Bite me, and I swear to God; you’ll be sorry.” I whimpered and laid there. If I fought, he’d kill me. After a few minutes of him assaulting me, and fondling me he stood up. He was fidgeting with his pants, and I scrambled to my feet. I tried to get in my car, when he caught me, “Oh I’m not done.” I felt the burning pain, and then I shut off. Once he was done, he dressed me again. He caressed my cheek, “Smart girl not to fight. Wouldn’t want you getting hurt. Never disrespect me again. I will see you later.” He placed a kiss on my lips, then was gone. 


I was on the ground on my hands, and knee’s sobbing. I finally retrieved my keys from underneath the car. When I stood up, a hand was on my shoulder. I screamed bloody murder, and shuddered away. “Whoa Esme relax. Hey,” Steve was standing there staring at me. “Oh my god Esme what happened?” I stood there shaking. “I fell, and I,” I was stuttering looking for words. Steve looked at me, leaning back to get to my eye level, “Hun don’t lie, I’m calling the police.” Frantically I begged him not to, “I just want to go home.” He shook his head, and slid out of his coat, and wrapped it around me, “Get in my car now.” He opened the passengers door, and helped me in. A whimper escaped my bloodied lip. “Jesus Esme please let me get you help. You’re injured badly.” I sobbed, and my body shuddered, “Call Alice. I need to go to the hospital.” He nodded, pulling out his phone and dialed her. He spoke quietly, and calmly. “Ok see you soon.” He hung up, “I’ve texted Peter, he’s getting a cab here. Please can you tell me who hurt you?” I just pointed at my wrist. “Charles?” I nodded. “Oh fuck.” He pulled out his phone again, “Elizabeth it’s Steve. Are you working?” He was quiet, and I could hear my mother’s voice. “Ok, we’ll be there soon. Esme’s been hurt quite bad. She was attacked.” He paused again, then spoke, “No she won’t let me call an ambulance. I’ve called Peter, and Alice and they’re on their way. Ok I will tell her.” He hung up, “Your mom said I need to call the police now.” He dialed 911, and I sat there shivering as he tried to comfort me as best as he could. I heard the sirens, and saw the lights. Alice arrived at the same time, and ran over. “Oh baby girl.” She hugged me carefully. She, and Steve convinced me to go to the hospital in the ambulance, and Alice stayed by my side. 


I was left there feeling dead. I was cold, and in pain. A stupid hospital gown covered my front, and one on my back almost like a robe. They’d done a rape kit, but unfortunately didn’t seem to provide much. Charles was smart, and used a condom. I spoke with police, and detectives, then was left to rest. Alice stayed with me, holding my hand. She didn’t speak, just occasionally moving a stray piece of hair from my face. My mom came in wearing her scrubs, “Oh sweetie.” She grabbed a warm blanket, and wrapped it around my shoulders, “It’s going to be ok. Your dad has your truck at our place, and he’s in the waiting room. I know who your doctor is. If you want someone else a female, let me know.” I just stared off. “Carlisle is your doctor sweetie.” I teared up, and curled in the fetal position on my side. Alice, and my mom just exchanged concerned looks between one another. Alice tucked the blankets around me. There was a soft knock, “Elizabeth may I come in?” A warm voice, with concern, and an accent asked the permission. “Yes it’s ok.” He stepped around the curtain, and closed the sliding glass door behind me. 

He washed his hands in the sink, that was in the small room. My mom moved to the head of the bed. Alice sat down, holding my hand. He walked over quietly, and sat down on a stool, “Hi. I’m so sorry. I know you’ve gone through a lot. I want to check you over, and run a few tests.” I just saw his caring face, looking at mine. “Can you just roll onto your back? I want to check your stomach real quick.” I moved slowly, and whimpered trying to hold in the pain. “Easy now.” Alice never let go once, “You’re going to be ok. I’m not leaving baby girl.” I looked up at her warm, brown eyes. She gently stroked my cheek. He carefully pushed on my stomach, his hands were warm. He pushed again, and I gasped, “Sorry. How bad of a pain on a scale of one to ten?” I whispered, “Six maybe seven.” He nodded, and covered me back up. He continued to examine me. His fingers gently felt my scalp, and I cringed pulling away. “Any loss of consciousness?” I shook my head slowly, “Ok that’s good. I am concerned with the large bump you have. I’m admitting you for observation. I want an ultrasound on your abdomen. CT Scan on your head. Anything else?” I looked down, absolutely ashamed. He patted my hand, “We’re going to get you something for pain. You’ll feel better soon. We just administer it through the iv.” I curled up again, and Alice looked at me. 

After a few hours, I was in a room that shown the skyline. “It’s beautiful.” I whispered. Alice laid with me holding me, “Yes it is.” She was my best friend. Even though she was shorter then me, right now she made me feel safe. She just cuddled me, trying to help me rest. “Sleep if you can. Forcing yourself awake won’t help.” I sighed knowing she was right. The tears slid down my cheeks, “If Scott were alive, do you think Charles would have, you know.” She held me a little tighter, “I don’t know sweetie. Don’t think about that right now. Sleep ok. I will be here the whole time. I’m not going any where.” She kissed my cheek, and I slowly drifted off to sleep.


I woke up a little later, and felt someone standing beside me. "Hi Esme, I'm Jennifer. I'm your nurse until the morning." I was disoriented. "Your girlfriend went to use the bathroom, and get a coffee. She was really hungry." I blinked, "Oh, ok." She smiled, "Your parents stopped by, but headed home. Dr.Cullen will be by in the morning." I sighed, and felt it through out my body. "Relax Hun. I'm giving you some morphine now." I laid there quietly, "I tried to get away." Jennifer patted my shoulder, "Hun you're safe now. The police are looking for him.” I bit my lip, and winced. “Don’t do that please.” She smiled sincerely. “Tell me where it hurts, and we’ll see what we can do.” I teared up, “My stomach really hurts, sharp cramps.” She gently pushed, and I shifted. “I’m going to page our ob/gyn on call. I know you’ve gone through a lot, but it’s better to be safe.” I nodded, and she covered me up, and left the room. I laid there, and held a pillow against my stomach.


Alice walked back in setting down a drink tray, and two containers of food. “Babe you’re awake. I’m sorry. I told the nurse,” I shook my head, “Don’t worry.” I took a minute catching my breath. “Esme what’s wrong?” I spoke slowly, “They’re paging a doctor.” Alice moved over to me, and held my hand, “It’s ok rest hun.” I squeezed her hand, and couldn’t fight back tears any longer. “Hi the doctor is on her way. She has one other patient ok.” Jennifer came over, and started with my vitals again. “What’s going on?” Alice asked, not taking her eyes off of me. “We’re having Dr. Kingston come check on her. She’s having some extremely sharp cramps.” Alice gently stroked my cheek, “I can call your mom.” I shook my head, and nuzzled against her hand. Jennifer smiled, “You’re an amazing girlfriend. You’re lucky to have her.” Alice smiled, “She’s my best friend.” Jennifer’s face changed, “Oh I thought she was your girlfriend.” Alice smirked, “She’s cute, but I’m not her type.” Jennifer nodded, “Oh ok.” 

A knock on the door, and a soft voice spoke, “Jennifer you in here?” She smiled, “Yeah.” A slender woman, with brown hair, in a ponytail walked in. She was wearing purple scrubs, and a white lab coat. A purple stethoscope hung around her neck. She had soft blue eyes, and a warm smile. “Hi I’m Christina Kingston.” She offered her hand to Alice, who kindly shook it. “This is Esme. She’s still having the cramps that are quite bothersome. The doctor carefully moved the bed so it was reclined. “I just need to move the pillow, and examine your stomach ok?” I nodded, and let the pillow go. She carefully pushed, and felt my stomach. Alice looked at me, “Squeeze my hand hun.” I did just that. Dr.Kingston covered me up, and put the pillow back. She moved the bed back to the original position it was in. “I’m going to prescribe you a muscle relaxer. We’ll see if that helps. I think just from the force itself, it’s causing your uterus to cramp up. If it becomes worse, call me back. I will leave a note in your chart, and have someone check in on you tomorrow morning.” She smiled, and quietly excused herself. “Alright, I will be back with that for you once the order is written.” Jennifer patted my shoulder and left. 


Alice sat beside the bed, “Hungry?” I shook my head. “Coffee?” Alice smiled, “Of course. Scoot over, I need to snuggle with you.” I moved slowly, and she climbed up beside me. Alice was a source of comfort, and security for me. She handed me my coffee, and wrapped her arm around me. “I think it’s funny they thought we were a couple.” I smiled, “Well we’re a couple of great friends.” She nodded, “That we are.” I finished my coffee, and leaned against Alice. She held me, gently stroking my arm. “I’m going to stay with you, until you feel safe. I hope you don’t mind.” I smiled, “Thank you Alice.” She kissed my cheek, “Anything for my best friend.” I listened to the rhythm of her heart, and breathing, and slowly fell asleep. 

I came around to multiple voices. “She’s slept through the night. I think the muscle relaxer, and pain medication helped. We put a heating pad on her abdomen, and that seemed to let the uterus relax. She still has facial swelling, and a sizable lump on her head.” I couldn’t get my eyes to respond to my desire for them to open. “So are you discharging her?” My mothers voice was there. “I think she’s ok to go home. I wrote up strict discharge instructions. I want her to follow up in my office, or with her ob/gyn. I also have contacted Rosalie McCarty, and she’s going to stop by before we sign off. She’ll talk with her, and see where Esme stands emotionally.” My mom sighed. Alice’s voice was there, “Elizabeth I’m staying with her until she’s better.” My mom’s voice almost broke, “Thank you sweetie.” A soft knock on the door, and the bed shifted. 

“Hello Dr.Kingston.” The warm, caring accent was back. “Ah Carlisle, come to check on your patient?” He chuckled, “Just checking in to see how she’s doing.” Dr. Kingston spoke, “Looks like she’s being discharged, once Rosalie McCarty signs off.” I heard the shuffle of papers. “That’s good. I know she was pretty bad last night. I was worried when I left.” Dr. Kingston smiled, “I will be back once she wakes up.” The shut, and the room was quiet. “So an uneventful night?” My mom spoke, “Yes no real issues. She’s on rest once she’s home.” Carlisle was quiet. I felt warm hands touch my head, and I winced. “Good morning Esme. Sorry just checking in on you.” I squinted up into the most beautiful eyes. “Sorry to cause you any discomfort. They’re hoping to get you home today. How do you feel about that?” I shrugged, “I’m tired.” He smiled, “That’s to be expected.” Alice’s hand rubbed my arm, “Well you have my help once we get you home.” I sighed, “What about work?” My dad spoke, “Steve has it covered, don’t worry.” I closed my eyes, and shifted slowly. Alice held my hand, and whispered, “It’s ok hun.” I fought to stay awake, but I was pulled back under the veil of sleep. 

I came around to someone gently rousing me awake. “Esme, someone’s here to see you.” I slowly came around, and saw the beautiful blonde beside my bed. Her badge hung around her neck on a lanyard. She held a leather folder, and it had a legal pad on top of it. She sat with one leg, causally crossed over the other. Today she was wearing a black turtle neck sweater, khaki dress pants, and a pair of black heels. She smiled at me, “Hi Esme. Sorry to wake you. I was wondering if you’d like to talk?” I shook my head. “Well I need to know how you’re feeling. We need to make sure you’re safe to go home.” I bit my lip, and clenched my fists. Tears started down my cheeks. Rosalie leaned forward, handing me a small box of tissues. “I know it’s hard. Take your time. I don’t judge, and this is a judgement free zone.” I looked at her, “I’m just tired, and sore. There’s nothing else ok.” Rosalie looked around the room, “Are you ok with them being here.” I nodded. Alice held my hand, and gently ran her thumb over my knuckles, “This isn’t the first time he hurt her.” Rosalie nodded, “Alright. When was the time before.” I whispered, “High school.” My mom looked at me, “You never told us.” I looked down, “He threatened me. Then he was gone, and I hadn’t seen him again since high school. Well yesterday afternoon.” Rosalie set her pen down, “I saw him behind you in the coffee shop. I had no idea. I just thought it was an unpleasant ex to a degree.” Alice stayed quiet. I continued to speak softly, “It’s why I used to cut mom. I was numb.” My mom looked at me, absolutely speechless. “Were you ever pregnant by him?” George asked. I shook my head, “No that’s one thing that never happened. Amy was,” I stopped, and felt my stomach flip. 

I was hunched over a basin; being held by Alice, and my mother. I emptied the contents of my stomach, just as Dr.Kingston, and Doctor Cullen walked in. “She was talking, and then just became ill.” People fidgeted around me. “5mg of Compazine now.” Carlisle’s voice called out. He spoke softly, “Hang in there. We’re going to get you feeling better.” Someone put a cool washcloth on my neck. Someone else was gently wiping my face. I laid back feeling more drained then before. Rosalie, and my mom stepped out in the hall to talk. Alice stayed with me. My dad walked out with my mom, to speak. Carlisle smiled, and looked at me, “So at the diner, who were you hiding from exactly?” I looked at him, “The waitress. She was driving me nuts.” He laughed, “She’s sweet. Keeps calling me, the cute doctor with the accent.” Alice laughed, “Can you blame her.” Carlisle smiled, and his cheeks pinked up. “Can I go home please?” I asked quietly. “Let’s see how you do after this medication. Maybe this afternoon, or early evening.” He  patted my hand, and left the room. Alice looked at me, “If you don’t scoop him up,  I’m sorry I can do international.” I laughed a little, but the pain caught me. “Sorry.” Alice kissed my forehead. 



I was finally discharged, and was sent on my way. Once I was home, I sought out my spot on the couch. Alice sat beside me, and cuddled me. I'd missed being held. I was lonely, and after this happening, I realized it. "Baby girl you ok?" Alice gently played with my wedding band. "I'm just sore." She kissed my cheek, "Well you can't have anything for at least 4 hours they said.” I shrugged, “Figures.” She pulled a blanket around us, and flipped on the television. “How come you never told me about high school?” She asked with a somewhat, hurt tone to her voice. “I just felt so ashamed, because you never liked him.” She hugged me, “Sweetie I would never have judged you. I’m glad to know you’re going to be getting help." I nodded, and tried to stay awake. The last thing I heard was, “We’ll get through this.” before I fell asleep against my best friend. 

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