Doctor Who: Downfall of a Time Lord

While travelling through the vortex, the Doctor and Clara bump into something quite surprising- another two TARDISes.
After landing in Edinburgh, the Doctors must work together to separate the TARDISes before its time stream collapses in on itself.
But that's not the worse of their problems...
Old foes return as they try to defeat the Doctor once and for all, and as the world around them gets stranger and stranger, it'll only be so long before the Doctors past and future catches up with him...


3. Time

The TARDIS moved through the vortex lazily, as if it was too tired to carry on. Inside, the Doctor was trying to get the record player to stop jumping so he could carry on reading to pass the time before he reached Gallifrey. He was slightly disappointed that Grace hadn't joined him, but he couldn't force her. After all, he had already kissed her without permission. He blushed at this memory. The first companion he had ever kissed.

And the last.


He decided to give up on the record player, as it wouldn't play properly, so he moved the needle off of it and decided to read in peace. At least, as peaceful as the console room would allow. He sat down and carried on reading War and Peace. He quite enjoyed short stories. There was a gentle rumble, and the console room shook slightly. The Doctor was ready to jump to his feet, but decided it was probably just a bit of turbulence. He settled down, but the TARDIS begen to shake more and more, until it felt like an earthquake. The usual gentle wheezing became a hurried groaning, and the TARDIS picked up speed. A red light started flashing, and a bell echoed around the console room.

It can't be about the eye of harmony again, can it? he thought

Suddenly, something smashed into the side of the TARDIS, and books and debris scattered the floor. The Doctor grabbed onto the console, as paper, ornaments and books were sucked out of a hole which had formed in the wall. The cloister bell began chiming, and the whole room vibrated, as a siren started up. The computer screen started flashing, and the doctor looked and saw a repeating message: 






He was quite confused, as he wasn't sure what could have been sending out all those messages. But that didn't matter. His first priority was to get an oxygen mask from underneath the console and land the TARDIS so it could do repairs.


The first step was quite easy, but as the Doctor  pulled some levers and prepared to land, the TARDIS span out of control, and smashed into something. It scraped across the floor of where ever he was, and through the hole in the wall,the Doctor saw a room with constant flashing red lights, books everywhere, pipes hissing, and sparks and fire everywhere.

And in the distance, there was a gentle groaning sound... 

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