*For the Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition*
I know the pain of being left.
So I’m sorry, Clara.
I’m so sorry: now it’s your turn.

Will the Doctor grant Clara's last wish and reveal the answer to the most powerful question in the universe, before inevitable regeneration? The Impossible Girl demands the answer to The Impossible Question.


1. Prologue


This is it. My time has come.

Yet whenever I change it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man will go sauntering away with Clara, and I’m dead.

I don’t want to go.

I try to be brave. To be brave because I am not a Doctor, but The Doctor. The man who’s name means ‘healer’ and ‘wise man’ throughout the universe. The man who is a legend throughout history, inevitably appearing when disaster strikes. The man who’s second heart betrays that he is not a man at all.

But although I am not human, my heart can feel emotion. Can feel the pain of knowing that either my companion leaves me, or I leave them. A myriad of names flash through my brain. People who the universe has cruelly ripped from me.

Grace Holloway.

Jack Harkness.

Rose Tyler.

Mickey Smith.

Donna Noble.

Martha Jones.


Amy Pond.

Rory Williams.

River Song.

Clara Oswald.




So many names. So many people. So many stories.

I know the pain of being left.

So I’m sorry, Clara. I’m so sorry.

But now it’s your turn.


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