Ever since Zoro could remember there have been a looming darkness over him. The crave for blood, to kill like he was a demon. He could feel it getting stronger, waiting for the right time to take control of him... It's wait was over.


1. Chapter 1: Overthrown

((Authors Note: This is my first Zoro Fanfiction, so I would love for you to leave a review telling me how it is! I encourage constructive criticism and id appreciate it a lot, I don't have much experience in writing so I could use all the help I can get! I hope you like it!)) ((Warning: There is violence and gore))

The ocean of marines surrounded Luffy who had ran up ahead of Zoro and Sanji, attacking him all at once. The monster trio was ambushed in a small grassy clearing between the Sunny and the small, underpopulated town they where shopping in. They managed to catch them off guard and clip sea prison stone handcuffs onto their captain. As soon as Luffy was weakened enough, falling to his knees from the stone, the marines all charged at him at the same times firing gun shots, stabbing and slashing all sorts of weapons into the rubber boy. A cry of pain was heard from the crowd of marines but the voice didn't belong to Luffy. When the crowd stopped moving a green haired man stood with his arms out, between Straw Hat and the marines taking all the attacks for his captain. He was shot, slashed and impaled with all the weapons the marines had. It seemed like every inch of his body had a weapon running him through. The marines pulled out all of the weapons at the same time leaving the swordsman with horribly deep cut and slash wounds letting them bleed out. The grass around him stained red leaving puddles of the red stuff sinking into the ground. He coughed up blood grunting in pain but seemed to stay on his feet for longer then expected. His arms dropped and he finally fell to his knees coughing up blooding once again with pain wrenched on his face. " I...t." The swordsman's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell forward Luffy catching him quickly to dampen the impact of the fall. The ocean of marines backed up ready for another attack when Sanji had finally made his way over to them kicking all marines back. Luffy looked down at Zoro with widened eyes seeing the amount blood on his hands from only touching his swordsman for a second.

"Zoro! Zoro!?" Luffy continued rocking the swordsman back and forth getting no response from him. "Say something, anything!" His voice was desperate and full of worry looking down at his right hand man's bloodied body. Sanji stood next to them kicking away any marines that tried to interfere with his captain.

"That was so damn reckless marimo." He mumbled, sounding a lot more worried then he would have liked. He curled his hands into fists glancing over at the sea prison stone wrapped around Luffy's wrist. "You better be alive, shitty swordsman." He said more to himself then anyone, kicking away another marine.


The thick grass was cold and wet. He could feel his entire body getting colder and colder despite the warm, think, red liquid all over him. He couldn't feel the cold raindrops falling on his back washing away the blood as more took it's place, he could only feel a sharp, unbearable pain shooting through his entire body as he was being rocked vigorously. He tried to pry his eyes open but couldn't, it was like they where glued shut. "Zoro! Zoro!? Say something!" A voice echoed in his head but it seemed like it was so far away. There was something recognizable about the voice that drifted into his pounding head. 'Luffy?' It had to be him... He couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't even breath so how could he tell Luffy that he was alright? Well... He was far from alright. But he couldn't stand having other people worry about him. 'Damn it Luffy... You better not die...' His thoughts where interrupted when another voice echoed through his head much louder, making his ears ring. "They are all in your way... Cut them all down... Show no mercy..." Who the hell was that? The voice sounded so familiar but he couldn't make out who it was. "Make their blood spill... Hack away at them until there is nothing left..." Without even realizing it everything went blank and he lost consciousness completely.


"Where's Chopper!?" Luffy finally pried his worried gaze off his swordsman looking up at Sanji seriously. The cook took another look at the marines wrapping two fingers around the cigarette that was rolling in between his lips. He took a deep breath of tobacco exhaling slowly as if stalling to give an answer. He saw that the marines where not coming any closer and nodded finding that they where all keeping their distance.

"He should be still in town shopping with Nami-san, Robin-chan and the rest." He glanced back at Luffy seeing the burning anger in his eyes along with his flushed, worried face looking up desperately at him. He didn't like that look on his face, looking at Luffy like that made his heart sink into his stomach. When he saw Luffy's face grow more desperate he immediately blurted out something he hoped was true with a slightly shaky voice. "I'm sure they will be coming by here any time. You have to take this path to get to the Sunny." Despite his voice shaking against his will it seamed to work as Luffy glanced back at Zoro turning around to face the marines.

"Your right... I know Zoro's alive, he wouldn't die before he fulfilled his dream." Those words added hope to the air sending a rush of determination through both of them. He glanced at the sea prison stone hand cuffs around his wrist lifting his head to see the marines. He could feel his energy draining more and more but refused to lye down. He couldn't stand, but he could still protect Zoro. Both Sanji and Luffy stared at the group waiting for one of them to make a move but they stayed completely still as if they all froze in place somehow. It grew deadly silent when you heard the clanking of heavy foot steps getting closer and closer to the three of them.

"Vice admiral Kaze!" They all said in unison stepping aside to make a perfectly straight path to the monster trio like robots. A tall built man walked calmly through it stopping in front of Sanji who was in between the marine and Luffy.

"Oh?" The vice admiral saw Zoro lying there instead of the raven haired boy he expected to see. "It seems like the pirate hunter got in the way of the attack, huh? An unexpected turn of events but it works all the same." Sanji could feel his eyes burning with anger as he ran at the marine with all his strength.

"Flanchet!" He sent a powerful kick at the marines stomach. The vice admiral just stood there calmly not even moving away from the kick. When the cook thought he made contact, he saw that his foot went straight through the man's body getting soaked in water. "A logia type!?" His shout in disbelief seamed to trigger a hard punch to the chest from the man, sending him flying backwards and hitting Luffy who caught him carefully to avoid slamming into their bloody swordsman.

"I ate the Mizu Mizu no mi, I'm a water man." He grinned using a cocky voice acting like he's better then them. Sanji climb back to his feet staring down his opponent.

'Great... A logia type devil fruit user. Cocky bastard... This isn't good...' He took another glance at the crew's unconscious swordsman before turning around running back at their opponent. 'He doesn't have much time left. Where is Chopper!?' He sent a hard kick to the marine's thigh "Cruisse!" seeing it pass right through he quickly sent another hard kick at the brown haired marine's shin "Jarret!" He still passed through not succeeding in throwing him off balance like he planned. He didn't stop with the barrage yet sending a powerful side kick to his cheek "Joue Shoot!" Having it desperate into water once again. Sanji finally falls back onto his hands kicking the marines jaw with both feet "Bouquetier Shoot!" His head only bursted into water as Sanji landed back on his feet panting heavily.

"Are you done now?" He stood in the same position as before not even stepping back or trying to block the attack. Sanji didn't get one hit on in, he didn't do any damage! He just waisted his energy. The vice admiral's expressions grew even more bored creating a big ball of water. "This should do the trick..." Without any warning he threw the water orb at the exhausted cook. It engulfed his head without dispersing, it just stayed around there suffocating him. The blond tried clawing at the water bubble but his hands just slipped through over and over again. Luffy could only watch as his cook drowned right in front of him with his eyes open widely unable to help.

"Sanji!" The captain yelled at him as if the louder he yelled the easier it would be for Sanji to escape. It was a fantasy though and after finally swallowing enough water Sanji fell. The vice admiral kicked him back sending him tumbling towards Luffy. "Damn you!" Luffy had that rare serious, fiery expression he wore when his friends where hurt. He still couldn't get up thanks to the handcuffs but he refused to back down.

"Luffy! Luffy!" A woman's voice yelled out to him desperately in between pants.

"Nami!?" He yelled louder filled with happiness to hear the sound of his other crew member's voice. They made their way around the marines breaking through the crowed and stumbling out to him. Luffy's smile turned to a serious frown seeing that the rest of his nakama where in pretty bad shape themselves, covered in bruises and sweat from another fight.

"A smaller group of marines tried to ambush us earlier..." Robin stated calmly catching her breath. The little doctor looked horrified at Zoro and Sanji lying unconscious on the floor trying to hold back the tears running down his face. He quickly ran over to Zoro first starting to open his medical kit in between sniffles when a hard hit sent the little reindeer flying.

"Don't even think about it." The marine stated almost annoyed. His other ambush didn't work out as well as this one, it seemed as if he underestimated the abilities of the rest of the Straw Hats. Yet, they where is absolutely no shape to fight. Franky, Brook and Usopp where back at the ship having no idea what was going on. The vice admiral quickly kicked Robin in the stomach sending her flying and knocking her out. The doctor was already unconscious, his eyes still wet from the tears. The marine quickly reached out grabbing Nami's neck tightly causing her to choke.

"S-Sanji-kun! Zoro! Wake up somebody!" Her eyes where watering in fear as she tried to kick the marines away finding it was no use. Luffy was now lying on the ground unable to move a muscle because of the stone. "Luffy! Sanji-kun! ZORO!" She screamed as the grip was tightening to break her neck. She closed her eyes and felt herself fall to the ground suddenly. Nami coughed violently catching her breath once again. "Wha-?" She re-opened her chestnuts eyes to see her swordsman's back in front of her. "Zoro!?" She almost whispered in disbelief seeing the drops of blood hit the ground. He stayed completely silent raising his sword and slashing it down on the marine. His sword actually pierces his shoulder as the marine jumps back in surprise.

"How did you cut me!?" He held his shoulder not having an injury in years. Nami was just as surprised as the vice admiral was, Zoro still remained silent looking at the marine coldly. His gaze was so demonic and cold that it sent shivers down the marines back. Every part of the vice admiral's body was telling him to run, run far away but he fought it out of his mind. Zoro crossed his swords in front of him saying darkly

"Oni-Giri..." He slashed the marines chest deeply as the scream from the marine snapped Chopper and Robin awake. The water around Sanji's head dispersed leaving the cook coughing up water trying to re-gain his breath. Their eyes immediately whipped over the Zoro dripping blood from everywhere in his body, staring at the shocked marine.

"W-what wrong with Zoro!?" Chopper sniffled looking at the demonic swordsman terrified.

"Something definitely isn't right!" Nami narrowed her eyes watching Zoro closely nodding her head to show she agrees with the statement she made. There was definitely something wrong, Zoro was much colder then usual and something about him seems inhuman but she couldn't put her finger on it. Nobody could...

The rest of those coward marines where long gone by now. They ran away as soon as things turned bad for their superior officer, so as long as they could beat the vice admiral they could go back to the Sunny.

The marine suddenly felt a cold steel blade stab through his shoulder. He yelled trying to pull the blade out swinging his body around desperately. Zoro kept the blade pierced through him continuing to hear the pain filled grunts coming from the marine as he tried to break free. More blood started to jet out of the stab wound on his shoulder as he gripped both his bare hands on the blade of the sword pulling as hard as he could only leaving more blood on it from his hands. Zoro licked his lips demonically giving the marine another cold glance as he slashed the sword that was already impaled in Kuzo downwards creating a huge gaping cut down his side. The vice admiral let out another wail in pain as more blood erupted out of the injury. The marine finally managed to lift his other arm and punch Zoro in the stomach sending him sliding backwards. His force loosened up enough for the marine to pull out the sword from his shoulder.

Kaze knew his arm was completely useless now unable to even make his fingers twitch. His eyes filled with rage as he created a water whip with his devil fruit powers.

He cracked it down on Zoro over and over again whipping the injuries that he got from the other marines protecting his captain. He watched as they tore open wider and wider continuing to whip them. Zoro's body was motionless staying in the same spot and holding the exact same look on his face. He didn't say a word, didn't grunt or yell in pain at all. He simply stood there limply. More blood poured out of his now even more serious injuries dripping onto the puddle of blood that was already created, too much for the rain to wash away and too much to sink into the stained grass. Kazo continued for quite some time until he was sure that all the swordsman's bones where broken and that the amount of blood he lost would be impossible to survive. For good measure he cracked a final blow onto Zoro's chest sending a loud whipping sound through the rain and to all of the green haired man's friends. The marine stared at Zoro's limp, motionless body giving a slight nod in delight at his work. He assumed the man had died while standing up. "Now to deal with the rest of this crew." He calmly took a step to the side eyeing the remaining friends with horrified looks on their faces.

"In the way..." His voice was quiet as if he was talking to himself as if nothing happened. Kaze turned his attention back onto Zoro matching the Straw Hat's horrified looks. The swordsman licked the blood off his sword hearing cracks in his bones with each movement. He kept his cold, emotionless eyes on his opponent.

"How the hell are you alive!?" The marines voice was desperate, full of frustration, rage and fear. "You lost so much blood, all your bones have turned to dust! You shouldn't be able to breath let alone move!" He curled his hands into fists shaking his head as if trying to wake up from a nightmare. "What the hell are you!?"

Zoro didn't answer his question, in fact he didn't even seem to be able to hear the marines pleads. "Cut them all down... Show no mercy..."

Kaze's skin lost all of it's color and before he could even react another slash was aiming for his neck. He snapped out of his daze just in time to jump back having the sword only graze his neck. The swordsman just tried to behead him! His realization sent more panic through the marine.

Another trust flew directly at the marines heart as he dove out of the way having it cut his side deeply. He gritted his teeth together in pain refusing to yell again. Over and over again, more sword strike where flying at each one of the marines vital points aiming to kill him in one stroke. He barley dodged each one getting slashes somewhere else in the process.

Kaze kept his eyes on his opponent when he realized the dark aura surrounding Zoro. It was so ominous, full of blood lust... It sent another shivers down the marines back as Zoro's dark, red, soulless eyes met his. Kaze froze on the spot completely unable to move, as if the swordsman's aura and gaze where crushing him. The aura around Zoro's bloodied body only seemed to get darker and darker along with his gaze as he walked closer to the frozen marine. It was pure darkness, pure evil. Zoro's expression wore no anger or frustration only cold instinct. The message came to his mind again but only much louder this time. 'RUN!' His entire body was now shaking knowing that he was going to be devoured by the darkness, by the demon standing in front of him.

Zoro didn't even hesitate to slash the helpless marine brutally across his stomach almost spilling him in half. "Make their blood spill..." He slashed his other sword across Kazo's legs cutting them both cleanly off. Both Kazo and his legs fell motionlessly onto the ground as more blood bursted out of his injuries with pathetic screams and whimpers coming from the man. He begged for Zoro not to kill him with all the energy he could muster to talk, even if it only came out in a pained whisper.

Soon after the screams and begs where silenced as Zoro's sword cut the marine's head clean off. It rolled away from his body as blood continued to flow out of his neck. "Hack away at them until there is nothing left..." The swordsman didn't stop, he continued stabbing multiple holes in the marine's body unleashing more and more blood covering himself and the grass ground with thick red liquid. It was too much for the rain to wash away, there was now a pool of it surrounding them. Kazo's chest was cut wide open and every inch of him was covered in blood only shaking in response to the impacts.

Zoro ripped apart his body, crushing bones and severing almost every inch of him from one another so all that was left where chunks of bloodied meat. The blood wasn't even circulating anymore... The body was unrecognizable now. But even then... Zoro continued. No... This wasn't Zoro, it couldn't be called Zoro. It was a demon.

"W-What are you doing Zoro!? H-H-He's already-!" Nami found her voice once again after witnessing the horrifying scene. It took all of her might to hold in her lunch. The swordsman turned around showing her his dark, cold gaze that froze Nami on the spot. He turned back around as if he didn't even hear her continuing to slash at the marine again and again. "He's already dead Zoro! Stop!" She got up running at him not wanting to fear her nakama. 'I know Zoro's in there somewhere!' She repeated those words over and over again in her mind to calm herself down quickly grabbing a hold of one of Zoro's swinging arms. As soon as she did Zoro's cold gaze went even colder as if they have lost all life slashing at Nami with his other hand.

"Your in the way..." Zoro muttered emotionlessly. Nami screeched holding the arm Zoro cut falling back down. "Don't get in my way." His voice was soulless and as cold as his gaze as he walked towards Nami slowly raising his weapon. He slashed down aiming for one of the navigator's vital organs when he heard Luffy's yell.

"ZORO!" Luffy's voice was so desperate and shaky it sunk each of his crew members hearts. The blade froze only centimeters away from Nami. His eyes widened turning back to normal as his face flushed.

"Nami?... Was I just...?" Zoro lowered his weapon staring at Nami with a horrified look on his face.

"I guess your back then..." The navigator gave him a sad, terrified smile. The green haired man paused turning his head slowly to see the chopped up pieces of what use to be a vice admiral along with the head that ended up rolling this way with terror still engraved on it's face. He knew exactly what he did, but it was like something came over him, like he turned into someone else. He put his hand on his face falling to his knees staring at the ground.

"I did that...?" It was more of a statement then a question as the pupils in his eyes faded from red to their correct color. He coughed having all the pain from his injuries flood through him twice as bad this time. His eyes rolled to the back of his head once again as his body crashed down on to the ground.

Chopper's eyes where being covered by Robin the entire time not allowing the little reindeer to see what was happening. The horrified looks on their faces stayed until Chopper finally pried Robin's hands off him running over to Zoro. "This isn't good! We have to get him back to the Sunny right away!" The Straw Hats seemed to snap out of their trances quickly getting up and running over to Zoro.

"When we get back to the ship we'll figure out how to get those handcuffs off you Luffy." Sanji assured picking Luffy up and practically dragging him along.


The soft bed was warm and cozy with a certain familiar feel to it. The pain stabbed through him twice as bad as last time. It was even more unbearably burning up his entire body. He was finally able to get warm though under the thick blankets. This time it was quiet. He wasn't moving and there was no voice yelling at him. 'Maybe I'll just, go back to sleep.' His thoughts almost went blank when he finally heard the voice again. "They are all in your way... Cut them all down... Show no mercy..."

((Authors Note: I did my best to leave it at a cliff hanger... Again, I hope you liked it and please review! Chapter 2 will come out as soon as possible.))

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