Forbidden (L.H)

Ashton's sister Ashley comes for a visit while the boys are on tour , and Ashton is a bit worried knowing , that in the past Ashley and Luke have had a connection.

Ashton has always tried to keep Luke away from Ashley , not wanting his little sister to get hurt, but what happens when Luke and Ashley's feelings find their way back to the two.


7. She's like a drug


"What did you and Ashley do last night?"

Calum asked smirking and raising his eyebrows.

"We just hung out, okay."

Michael sat next to me.

"Oh come ooon. You can't tell me all you did was hang out. No one got undressed!?"

Michael said looking straight at me.

"Dude no. We got ice cream, walked for a little bit, went to some record store then we might of made out in the back seat for a little bit, but I didn't sleep with her, so stop asking. And I wouldn't do it in the back of a car anyways."

He grinned.

"Wow, that's surprising. You two have both been hot for each other for years, I would have thought you would of banged her the first chance you got, even if it was in the back seat of a car"

I threw a pillow at him.

"Shut the hell up Michael."

"It's not like you just met her."

Calum said, Michael agreeing with him.

(Ashley's POV)

"Ashley come on now, we're supposed to be checked out already."


I yelled as I zipped up my suit case and grabbed all of my things before leaving my room and following my mum to the front desk.

The boys have there next concert in San Jose, and we have to drive five hours to get there.

Calum, Michael, and Luke are all halfway there already in Fresno because they had an interview. Ashton decided not to go to the interview so he's here now. Just him, my mom, and I are here.

"Okay let's go."

My mom said after she finished checking out.

We all walked to the bus through the crowd and had to wait, because we couldn't pull off.there were too many fans crowding.

I went into the back room when Luke called and sat on the couch.


I said answering the phone.

"Hey sexy."

It clearly wasn't Luke.

"Give me back my phone you idiot."

I heard Luke's voice say in the background,

"Is this you Michael?"

I asked laughing.

"Damn it, how did you know? Did I sound like Luke?"

"No, you sounded nothing like Luke why?"

Unexpectedly the call ended, and seconds later I was getting a FaceTime call.

I hit the answer button and Luke's face appeared on the screen.

" hey sorry. Michael is being dumb."

"It's fine."

I laughed.

"So have you guys left yet?"

"No. There are quite a few fans surrounding the bus, so they're trying to back them up so they don't get hurt."

I looked out the window.

"Actually we're leaving now, they just got everyone to back up."

"Cool. Why are you alone?"

He asked.

I shrugged.


I heard Calum's voice say then Luke's face disappeared, and Calum was all I could see.

"Why do you guys keep taking my phone?!!"

I heard Luke say, then he reappeared.

"Nooooo Lukey don't goooo."

I heard Michael's voice call.


I laughed, then it was quiet.


(Luke's POV)


I said to Ashley sitting down next to her.


She said back.

"Did you sit back here alone the entire ride here?"

She nodded.

"Well are you fine with spending another two hours back here with me?"

She smiled.

"Of coarse."

She replied scooting closer.

I lifted her face to mine, and kissed her.

"Why do I always walk in on this?"

I pulled away and Michael shut the door behind him after Calum came in.

"Carry on you two, we just came back here to play video games."

Calum laughed then sat down with Michael after turning on the Xbox.

"Can't you guys play out there?"

"Can't you two go do that out there."

Calum said.

"We were in here first."

Ashley said grabbing onto my arm.


"Fine I guess you'll have to watch."

I said before turning back to Ashley and pressing my mouth back to hers.

"Nooo Gross stop it!i don't want to see you two practically eating each other's faces. "

Calum shouted.

"Ehh I don't mind it actually."

Michael said making Ashley and I both laugh.

I pulled away, and looked over at Calum who had his eyes closed.

"Do you wanna go out there?"

I asked Ashley.

"Isn't Ashton out there though?"

"No, we're the only ones on this bus, they rode on the other one so no one is out there."

Michael blurted out before I could answer her.

She stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Oh, then come on."

I got up and we both went to the couches in the front area of the bus.

I sat down and she took me by surprise when she straddled me.

My hands on her thighs I pulled her closer.

"Kiss me."

I said rubbing her upper legs.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned down pressing her warm lips to mine.

I slipped my tongue into her mouth as she ran her fingers through my hair,which turned me on a bit, not gonna lie.

after a couple of minutes I found myself out of breath, She's like a drug, once you start you can't stop.

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