A Love From The Other Side (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 30 Aug 2014
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A Love From The Other Side; Dean Ambrose is a professional WWE wrestler. He's been dating to long time girlfriend Renee Young since they were younger. Late one night when Dean was leaving back to his hotel to the airport in LA, he got robbed, stabbed, and thrown down the cliff from the driveway. He came across Kim who was driving home from an event with her father. They came across Dean who passed out in front their car and was rushed to the hospital where it was announced that he suffered memory loss. Without knowing his name, Kim and her father decided to name him Jon Mox. Jon and Kim soon fell in love and got engage, but when it was discovered that he was still alive. Kim had went for a walk when someone came and took Jon to another place, accidentally causing him to remember everything again. Dean returns home where he reunites with Renee. As for Kim, she waited a year and no sign of Jon. While with Nikki and Brie checking in the hotel she saw someone... with the look of Jon Mox


7. Druken Night

Jane: Kim. 

Kim: Yeah? 

Jane: So we got the scripts done, the storyline is starting today when you interview Seth Rollins. 

Kim: Ok. 

Jane: Alright, see you around. *leaves* 

Kim: *smiles* My guest, Seth Rollins. *smiles* Seth, this past Monday, you lost to Roman Reigns with the interference of Dean Ambrose. How do you feel about it?  

Seth: *chuckles* How do I feel? How do you think I feel? 

Kim: Well if it was me, I would be feeling upset, and wanting a rematch and making sure Dean Ambrose doesn't interfere again. 

Seth: *laughs* It's like you just read my mind Kim.  

Kim: Oh? *laughs* 

Seth: No, like you literally did. You know what, I think I'm gonna take you out to dinner some night. How about tonight yeah? 

Kim: *smiles* Uh, yeah, tonight sounds great. *chuckles* 

Seth: Wow you even smile beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles nervously* Thank you Seth. 

Seth: I'll see you later beautiful. *smiles and walks off* 

Dean: *walks up behind kim*  

Kim: *turns around* Oh. Hi Dean.  

Dean: *staring at kim* 

Kim: *gets nervous* 

Dean: *grabs the mic* Did I just hear him say you smile beautiful? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: I'll tell you what's beautiful. What's beautiful was me watching Seth lose this past Monday on RAW to my brother Roman Reigns! Now that was beautiful. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Dean: *walks off and turns back* Yeah, that smile is beautiful. *smiles and winks then walks off* 

Kim: *smiles at the camera* 

Renee: Hey. 

Dean: God that was a horrible scene, I did not like it at all. 

Renee: Why? I thought you did great. 

Dean: I don't like her. 

Renee: She seems like a nice girl, what's wrong with her? 

Dean: Nothing, just I don't like her. C'mon. *walks off with renee* 

Kim: *walking backstage* 

Eva: Well look who it is, already getting the big spotlight. 

Kim: What? I don't know get it Eva. 

Summer: I'm sure you're husband isn't lost; he probably just left you because he didn't love you anymore. 

Eva: Or never did love you. 

Summer: *laughs* 

Kim: Listen, I don't know you two and you two don't know me. Please don't act like you know me ok. I'm not here to start drama, I'm not here to make a big name for myself. I'm just here to look for my husband. 

Eva: Yeah, I hope you give the WWE credit if you ever do find him. 

Kim: At least I'm not a disgrace.  

Eva: *gets offended* 

Summer: *chuckles*  

Kim: And at least I'm not a slut. 

Eva: *laughs* 

Summer: *gets mad* 

Kim: *walks off* 

(After Smackdown) 

Seth: *looking at kim* Wow you are so beautiful. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Seth. 

Seth: I'm so glad you accepted this date, I mean I hate getting rejected. 

Kim: Just like how you late losing right? 

Seth: *chuckles* Yes! Exactly again Kim. 

Kim: Well you did great on your match tonight. 

Seth: Thank you, thank you, I really appreciate it coming from a very beautiful girl like you. 

Kim: Well, I thank you for dinner tonight, but I think it's time we get going now. 

Seth: *looks at his watch* Oh yeah, it's getting late, we should head back. I'll go pay. *leaves* 

Kim: *sitting in the hotel room against the bed on the floor* 

Nikki: Hey, everything ok? 

Kim: *sad* Yeah, everything ok Nicole. 

Nikki: You know you can talk to me about anything right? 

Kim: Yeah, it's just... I wonder how my husband is doing. If he's cold, does he have a warm place to stay, is he fed, does he have a shelter over his head...  

Nikki: Has he at least called you? 

Kim: No. 

Nikki: Kim. *sits next to kim on the floor against the bed* Don't be sad. *hugs kim* I love you, you're my best friend, and I know you can do so much better.  

Kim: *cries* Why do I keep losing the ones I love Nikki? Why do I always have the ones I love disappear from me? Why am I getting treated like this? What am I doing wrong that god's punishing me? 

Nikki: *cries* You didn't do anything Kim. God is not punishing you ok! So stop it. I'm your friend, I'm still here and I will never leave your side no matter what ok. *hugs kim tighter* I love you Kim. 

Kim: *cries more* 

Nikki: Don't cry anymore ok. Let's go out and let's have some fun. 

Kim: I don't want to go. 

Nikki: C'mon, it'll take your mind off Jon. 

Kim: Ok. 

(At The Bar) 

Kim: *drinking heavily* 

Nikki: That is enough Kim, let's go home now. 

Kim: *drunk* No, I want more drink. You go ahead and go first. 

Nikki: No, c'mon Kim. 

Bryan: Kim, that's good, c'mon. 

Kim: I do not want to go ok! *cries* I want to stay here and drink as much as I can until I feel no more pain. 

Brie: If that's what she wants then fine, let's go. *pulling nikki* 

Nikki: *feels bad* Be careful Kim. 

Kim: *drinking and sees dean and renee* Jon, is that you? What happened to you Jon? *walks over to dean* 

Renee: *dancing with dean* 

Kim: *walks up to dean drunk* Jon. *smiles* What are you doing here Jon? 

Dean: What? Can you leave me alone. 

Kim: *puts her hand on deans cheek/cries* Don't you remember me Jon? I'm your wife. 

Dean: I'm not Jon. *kind of steps back* 

Kim: *falls and passes out* 

Renee: Kim! *checks on kim* Dean! Do something! She's drunk. 

Dean: *stands in silence* 

Renee: Dean! 

Dean: Fine! I'll take her back to the hotel, will you be ok going to the airport yourself? 

Renee: Yeah, I'll be fine, just take her back to the hotel and get her rested. I'll take the taxi to the airport instead. 

Dean: Alright. 

Renee: *kisses dean and leaves* 

Dean: *carries kim to the car and sets her in the passenger seat* 

Kim: *passed out* 

Dean: *looks at him annoyed* You little shit, why do you have to do this to me for. *starts the engine and drives off to the hotel* 

Kim: *wakes up* Where am I? 

Dean: *annoyed* We're headed back to the hotel. 

Kim: *looks and sees dean* Dean? 

Dean: What! 

Kim: *cries* I'm so sorry. 

Dean: Yeah you should be! You know I have a girlfriend and I love Renee, why do you keep doing this to me Kim! I'm not Jon and I'm not your lost husband ok! So stop it! *stops at the red light* 

Kim: I am... I'm very sorry. *runs out the car* 

Dean: Kim! *runs the red light and parks to the side and runs after kim* Kim! Wait! Stop! 

Kim: *running and passes out to the ground* 

Dean: Kim! *catches up to kim* What the hell Kim! *carries kim back to the car* 

Kim: *lying in the back seat blacked out* 

Dean: *carrying kim/bangs on the hotel door* 

Nikki: *opens the door* 

Dean: Move! *lays kim onto the bed* 

Nikki: Is she ok? 

Dean: Is she ok! Who took her out!? 

Nikki: I told her, but Brie... 

Dean: She came onto me and then pasted out and I take her back here and she runs from the car! What the hell! I am not responsible for someone I strong hate! 

Nikki: Why do you hate her? Just because she mistaken you for someone doesn't mean you grow hatred towards her!  

Dean: Slapping me, made me hate her more. *leaves* 

Kim: *passed out on the bed* 

Nikki: *checks up on kim* 

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *wakes up* 

Nikki: Hey you're up? 

Kim: Yeah. What happened last night? How'd I end up in here? 

Nikki: Dean carried you in. 

Kim: What? 

Nikki: Yeah, he said you went up to him and started crying and acting strange. 

Kim: I don't even remember. 

Nikki: Kim, I know you miss Jon, but that's Dean Ambrose ok. You have to understand that. It's like you're best friend with Brie and only knew her, but then you see me and you think I'm Brie. 

Kim: I'm so sorry Nicole. It won't happen again. 

Nikki: It's ok, c'mon pack up, we have to check out in an hour. 

Kim: Ok. *sits by her suitcase*

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