Sick of Missing You

Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire, is your first childhood friend after your move to England. Read about accounts of your friendship with the famous YouTuber throughout the years.


3. Treasure Today

     Dan pulled into your driveway and honked the horn on his car.  You pulled back the curtains by the window and saw him waiting.  You slipped on sneakers and walked out to the car.

     "Get in, Loser.  We're going shopping." Dan smirked, which contorted into a look of confusion, "What's with the get-up?"  

     You looked down at your sweatpants and old t-shirt, "It's a long story, I'll tell you later.  Shopping sounds like fun, though," you sniffled, "As long as you don't mind walking me around in my pajamas.:  You smiled.

     "I could care less what you're wearing.  Sit!"  Dan patted the seat next to him and you swung open the door.

     "Where are we going?" 

     "Wherever.  I thought we'd just go down to the mall," Dan responded with an exaggerated American accent on 'mall'.  "But, if you want to go somewhere else, that's fine."

     "Nah, the mall sounds great.  I need some more perfume."

     "Why?  You smell fine, you don't need to impress anyone," Dan laughed.  "But if you want, since you seem a little down, I'll buy you a stuffed animal from any store you pick," he looked over at you as he spoke this.

     "Any stuffed animal?  Get ready to haul a six-foot tall giraffe plush around the mall," You had a mischievous look on your face, before telling Dan you were joking.

     Ever since you've met, Dan had been really good at reading your emotions, which no one could seem to do before.  Despite your efforts to hide your depressed mood today, Dan saw right through you like glass.  But he always knew how to cheer you up.

     The mall was crowded, as expected on a Saturday.  After an hour of mindlessly browsing through different stores, you headed to the food court for a drink and a snack.

     "What do you want?  A soda, and..." Dan held out the word and until you answered.

     "Um, I don't know, one of those giant pretzels?" You shrugged.

     Dan ordered for the both of you while you found a table, which took a little while, but you managed to snag a table at the back.  You waved down Dan.

     He slid into his seat and sat down all the food.

     "Thank you," you spoke as you picked up the pretzel and took a large bite.

     "So, while you were wandering around different clothing racks, I picked up a few things."  Dan pulled out a shopping bag.

     "Wha?" You tried to answer with your full mouth, confused as to why he bought extra 'secret' things.  You swallowed the pretzel, "Why'd you buy it when I wasn't with you?  What is it, condoms?" you joked.

     "Nope, this is all for you!"

     "Technically, it could still be condoms."

     "Shut up and get happy," Dan pointed to you with a stern look, then reached down into the bag.

     "If you're going to present items, Vanna-White them," you asked.

     Dan pulled out some candy and held his arm underneath it for presentation, like you asked, "First!  A large box of your favorite candy, Gummy Bears."  He reached back down, "Second, a medium-sized bunny plushie.  I'm sorry it's not six-feet."

     "Aw, you really didn't have to do all this!  But, you know I love candy and rabbits," You reached for the bunny and gave it a hug, snuggling its ears.

     "Ah, but that's not all!  I also have a 'Ratchet and Clank' game for us to laugh at later and a necklace."  Dan held out the locket, "On the inside is a picture of Link."

     "Oh my god," you placed your hand over your mouth as you laughed, "You took a sweet present and turned it awkward.  You certainly know the way to a girl's heart."  You held the locket in your hand and stroked it with your thumb.  "But, really, this has got to be the nicest, sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me."

     "It's no big deal.  I could just tell that you were really down this morning, and I hate when you're sad.  I'm not really good at cheering people up just by talking, so I rely on material things to do that for me," he laughed slightly. "So, are you ready to tell me what's got you so depressed?"

     You sighed, but pulled your chair closer to Dan's, getting ready to explain.  "You ready?  Even if I cry?"

     "I think I can handle it," Dan joked.

     "Well," you hesitantly began, "My mom and dad sat me down after you left, saying that they had news to tell me.  I expected them to say that they were pregnant or something, but it turned out to be super awful.  I could never have expected it."

     "Are you dying?" Dan asked, with a puzzled look.

     "Ah, no!  Heaven's no!"

     "Then what did they say?"

     You sighed again, took in a deep breath, and spoke with teary eyes. 

     "I'm moving back to America."




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