Sick of Missing You

Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire, is your first childhood friend after your move to England. Read about accounts of your friendship with the famous YouTuber throughout the years.


1. The Move

     Moving is difficult when you're young, but it's a little harder when the move is overseas.  You were only seven when your parents packed up their little house in Ohio and shipped over to the U.K.  While you couldn't appreciate their commitment at this age, you could definitely say that they were committed and hard-working.  You were more worried about leaving your friends than that.  Ever since their marriage out of college, they'd been saving money to leave behind their old memories and start a new life and a family.  Even though you'd be saying good-bye to all your friends and teachers (which probably wouldn't mean much in two years, tops), you were excited to live in a new house with your loving family.

     The goal was to move to London, but income was low since your father was in between jobs, so they settled for Berkshire; Wokingham to be more exact.  

     "Alright, sweetie, are you ready for your first day of school?" Your mother adjusted a bow in your hair and straightened your shirt. 

     You clung on tightly to her blouse, causing it to wrinkle.  "No.  Don't leave, Mommy," you sniffled.

     "Aw, it's okay.  Mommy will be back soon," she spoke as she kissed your forehead.  She stood up and listened to her heels click away.  

     A shadow loomed over you.  You looked up to see an old woman standing there.  She said she was going to be your teacher for the year and led you into the classroom.  It was more of a daycare-type situation, so multiple years were mixed into your class.  Sadly, you were one of the youngest.

     As the teacher instructed you to all sit in a circle, a little girl took a small bear that you carried around with you for comfort.  She was a year older, so you knew that if you tried to fight her, you'd most certainly lose.  With that in mind and a few tears in your eyes, you sat down in the circle.

     You could tell that no one was paying attention to the teacher, and to be honest, you weren't either.  All you saw was an older boy talking to the girl who had stolen your toy.  You looked away for a moment to see what the teacher was saying.  Behind you, someone had tapped your shoulder.  As you turned around, the boy was behind you.

     "Here, I saw Anna take it." He held out his hand with the small plush bear inside it.

     "Thank you," you spoke, through sniffles. You picked up the bear and have it a hug.

     "You sound different when you talk. Where are you from?" He sat down beside you.

     You turned to face him a little. "I just moved here from America two days ago."

     "Wow, that's amazing! What's it like over there?" The boy sat down.

     As you explained the details, which you personally thought were boring, the boy stared back at you in awe. It felt really wonderful to have someone be so interested in what you were saying. You were so hesitant this morning to leave your mother, but it turns out, the day had been going really well. Maybe you had made your first friend since the move.

     All day, you stuck by the boy, who introduced himself as "Dan", and you seemed to get along well. For some reason you were drawn to him. He had an aura about him that was very welcoming. Plus he was funny, too.

     Your mom beeped her horn in the car line. Your teacher, Mrs. Dunham, called your name to the group of kids waiting for their parents. You picked up your things and stood up.

     "Don't forget your Pooh-Bear toy." Dan smiled and picked up your bear from the ground.

     "Thank you so much!" You took the bear and put it in your pocket, "See you tomorrow, Dan." You waved as you walked out.

     Little did you know this would be the start of a long friendship.


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