Always *Sequel to Sexual Education*

"What do you mean?" I ask Harry as he frantically wipes at the tears streaming down his face. "Harry?!" I can't help the raised tone in my voice.

"I have to leave, London." The words leave his lips in slow motion and immediately I'm shaking my head.

"No-No! You can't.. You can't leave again, Harry, No!" My own tears form and he grabs a hold of my face in his hands and forces me to look him in the eyes, those beautiful teary eyes, but nevertheless my eyes shut as he speaks to me.

'I'll be back for you." I listen, but don't interrupt, "It's you and me, baby. Always." He says and when I open my eyes again, he's gone.


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two




I straighten my back and stare at Stone as if he was the lowest scum walking the earth. He smirks at me and takes a step toward me, grabbing my hand. I gasp at the action, but my nerves fade when he calmly presses his lips to my hand and drops it after. I tuck my hair behind my ear and finally speak,


“Is there a reason you’re here?” I ask and continue my walk up the stairs to the lobby of my dormitory. He follows after me and just as I’m about to push open the door to the lobby, his hand slams against the glass and opens it for me. I take in a breath and walk him.


“Well isn’t this nice?” He says with sarcasm hinting in his voice. I roll my eyes, all fear for this man completely out of my system and replaced with anger and annoyance.


“What are you doing here, Stone?” I ask and press the button for the elevator, to wait for it to beep.


“Just doing a check-up on my favorite brunette.” I sigh and step into the elevator, waiting for him to get in before pressing the button to take me up to my dorm on the second floor. “What it’s been about two months since we last had a little chat. I thought it’s only suited we have another.” I don’t answer him until the elevator stops and the doors open.


“What we talked about two months ago was pointless. I don’t need you taking care of me.” I spit out harshly. As soon as I’m out of the elevator though, I’m pushed right up against the wall next to my dorm room door. Stone is in my face within seconds and I can smell his cologne with our close proximity.


“I told you,” he takes a breath to try and calm down before continuing, “I need to keep you safe and the people looking for you are close. You need to be safe in order for Ha- you need to be kept safe, okay?” He sighs. I shake my head and push at his shoulders.


“Tell me then, why? Why is it so important for you to keep me safe? Around a year ago you would have been happy to put the bullet in my head yourself. What’s changed?” I test him and narrow my eyes.


“Because you’re part of the deal. You’re safety is part of the deal.” He says and grabs the keys from my bag. I watch as he opens my door and pushes the door open. He yanks me inside and I hiss when he grabs my wrist too tightly. “In order for Harry to keep working for me, you need to be kept safe. That’s why,” When the words leave his lips it’s as if everything stops. I can’t quite comprehend how I feel about what he’s just told me. Harry? He’s working for him?


“That’s what he needed to figure out.” I mumble to myself and Stone raises his eyebrows.


“What?” I shake my head and take a seat at my desk.


“Why is he working for you?” I ask him instead. He smirks and swipes his bottom lip with his tongue.


“When I came to visit you last time, I might have lied a bit,” He grins and takes a seat on my bed. I raise my eyebrows in waiting for him to tell me what he’s on about. “When you asked me if I’d heard from Harry, I might have stretched the truth a bit.” I jump up from my chair when my dorm room door swings open. In the doorway stands my roommate Candice. She looks skeptical between me and Stone before just shaking her head and closing the door behind her.


“Hi!” she holds out her hand for Stone and he looks at her with a devious grin. “I’m Candice,” She says and Stone takes her hand in his, shaking it.


“My name is Stone. You have a beautiful name-“


“Okay enough of that. Candice,” I pull her attention away from Stone and walk over to her, “How was your exam?” I ask her. She let’s go of Stone’s hand and goes over to her bed to put down her bag and coat.


“It was fine. Probably a B or something.” She shrugs. I nod my head and look to Stone, but he is too busy observing Candice scroll through her phone. I furrow my brows and clear my throat, catching the smitten man’s attention.


“Can we continue this tomorrow?” I ask. He stands from the bed and agrees with me. I follow him out of the room and close the door behind him, locking it after. I sigh and rub my temples trying to process it all.


“Who was that?” She asks. I shake my head and grab my towel ready to go shower and get ready for bed.




“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” I kiss Fin on the cheek and grab my bag, ready to leave from Fin’s apartment. I reach for the door, but as soon as I do. There is a knock at the door. I pull it open and my breathing stops. My eyes widen and I can’t seem to move from my spot in the doorway, staring straight into those famous green eyes.

“Harry, mate! C’mon in.” Fin yells from behind me. Harry smirks and enters the room. I turn around slowly and just in time to watch Fin and Harry shake hands. “Oh pardon me, Harry this is my girlfriend, London.” Fin gestures to me and Harry smiles at me and walks closer to me, holding out his hand.


“Hi, I’m Harry. Harry Styles.” 



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