Thoughts and feelings, two different things.

This is where I store my poems, feel free to read and like and favourite and even comment what kind of subject or feeling you would like me to write about .. :)

Please DO NOT steal MY poems! And give me credit IF you do! I take time to write, so it will only take you a matter of a tap to copy and paste, so please give me credit it will only take 10 seconds to write.


1. "Bruised"

"Bruised" My Poem:

He said to me,

"It must be hard for a mother to bring up a child."

And I sat there and thought, how narrow minded.

Why would I want to be brought up by a mother who neglects me, a mother who looks down on me, a mother who beats me.

A mother who with every bruise reminds me of her problems, a mother who with every shout reminds me of why I block out the world, a mother who constantly reminds me of how I was a mistake before I was even born.

With every problem came another bruise, another bruise became another problem for me, and for me I was another problem to her.

I would wait for you to put me back in the cold darkness, the bars of my bed sheets, the prison of my room.

Now I seem to think that my prison is safer for me than you, Maybe that's why prisoners accept the fact that they want to be locked behind bars, because they're scared that when they come out their mothers will think of them with disgust, and think what a low life piece of scum I brought into this world.

You see people don't understand non-existent, shallow and unpopular people like me, I keep all the secrets to myself, Because a mother that makes her own child feel so unloyal and unfaithful, Won't tell a soul.

I never ask for anything, I always ask how you're doing but you scream at me to go away, when you're a mess and crying I try to put comforting arms around you but you flinch and slap my arm away, when you come home late I make you a quick dinner for you to eat, when you need help I try my best, when you want to be loved I love you with all my heart but you block my love out like hard cold ice, when you're drunk and asleep I kiss you goodnight I think why do I bother to try.

And then I remember that I will always love you.

I just don't understand why it's not okay for you to love me.

You convinced yourself that your boyfriend means everything and that when he tries to cook you a late night dinner it's only half as good, you're half squinting because he only holds you half as tight as he should, because your other half is thinking about why I cared for you even though you gave me hard times, and your other half is thinking about why you never thanked me, and your other half is thinking if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't of got better.

So, let me rephrase what that boy should of said to me, "It must be hard, for a child to bring up her own mother"

My first poem :D I hope you like it and made you feel something .. Comment what you would like me to write about and like and favourite please !;D

Thankyou everyone c:

Oh and this poem was a slam based poem so it's more exaggerating the words as you say it aloud ( like a poetry slam) and literally giving the emotion so yeah :3


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