Begin Again -Zayn Malik-

"You've been lying to me for weeks!" I shout as the tears stream freely down my cheeks. Zayn shakes his head and grabs onto my arm, but I tug away and give him a hard slap.

"You wouldn't have loved me the way you do know if I hadn't done what I did." He whispers while looking down at the ground.

"You've been writing me letters from my dead boyfriend! I can't believe you would think that's okay!" I scream.

"He asked me to look out for you! I never in a million worlds would have thought that I will fall in love with you, but I did! And if lying was the price I had to pay to spend every moment of every day with you, then I would do it all over again." He says and before I can even say another word, he speaks again "I'm in love with you. The beautiful, damaged mess that is Violet Pierce." And just like that his lips crash into mine. He pulls away and in hot breaths says,

"This is your turn to begin again."


2. Chapter Two

Begin Again


Chapter Two




“So he’s just been acting out for a couple of weeks?” Zayn asks to clarify. I nod my head and rub at my arms. Even while wearing this cardigan, the hospital’s cold atmosphere is freezing me up. Zayn reaches behind him to grab his jacket from the seat and offers it to me. I smile, but shake my head just as the doctor approaches us.


“Morning, guys. We just got the results back from Thomas’s blood tests and it looks as if he’ll be able to go home tomorrow.” He tells us with a wide grin on his face and I can’t help the one that creeps onto mine. I look to Zayn in excitement and he only gives a small smile.


After my fight with Thomas three days ago I haven’t went in to see him. I came by in the mornings and every night to just to make sure he’s fine. Zayn’s been staying with him though so that takes away a slight bit of the guilty feeling which I have inside of me for avoiding my boyfriend.


“You know he’s been asking for you,” Zayn says once the doctor is gone. I sigh and lean down to grab my school bag. “Why don’t you go in to see him today?” He asks. I shake my head and stand on my tippy toes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Goosebumps crawl up my skin when my lips touch his skin, but I ignore it and blame it on the coldness of the hospital and hotness of his skin.


“I’ll drop by after school. Keep me posted.” With those final words I wave to Thomas’s doctor and I’m off to school, my mother waiting for me in the car greets with a smile and I get in silently.




“Yeah, Brad. Only tomorrow.” I tell him. He’s asked me about 3 times today when Thomas is being released and now as I’m telling him for –hopefully- the last time today that it is tomorrow, we’re walking out of the school. He’s got his arm around my shoulder and he waves to my mother who’s waiting in the car for me. She waves back and looks to me as if telling me to hurry up. I roll my eyes and turn around out of Bradley’s grasp to give him a quick hug goodbye before walking off in my mom’s direction. He shouts a hello to my mother and I laugh.


“How was school?” She asks me once I’m securely seated in the car. I shrug and pull out my phone to see that I have a text from… Thomas.


Hey, babe. Was let out earlier. Meet me at my apartment at 5?x


I sigh and my mom looks over to read over the screen.


“Want me to go drop you off?” She asks. I huff and shake my head.


“I really don’t want you to do that. I’d rather prefer to just go home.” I tell her. She look shocked with the words that have left my mouth.


“Oh honey, how bad exactly was that fight?” She asks I swallow a lump in my throat and plug my earphones into my head ready to drown out the noise of passing cars, but not before saying


“Pretty bad.”




“Vi! Could you come down here for a sec?” My mother’s voice rings through the house and I put my book down. I rise from my lying position on bed and make my way down the stairs.


“Mom, I’m kind of busy so- Thomas?”


“Hey. I hope you don’t mind me dropping by without calling first, but you we’re answering any of my calls or texts.” He says with a frown. I scoff and put my arms over my chest. “Can we go to your room and talk?” He asks. By now my mother has luckily left the room and with a small nod, I lead Thomas up to my bedroom. He closes the door behind us and I go to sit on my bed.


“Why haven’t you came by the hospital to visit?” He asks. I watch him take a seat by my desk before I reply.


“I wasn’t really up for being criticized so-“


“Oh come on, Vi. You know I didn’t mean what I told you.” Thomas interrupts me.


“Then why say it? Huh? Why put it out in the open? Just to hurt me? Well congratulations Thomas!” I throw my hands up in the air.  Thomas stands up from his seat and comes to kneel in front of me, taking my hands captive in his.


“Look at me,” He says and releases one of my hands to cup my cheek, but I move out of his touch, he sighs and looks down at the ground.


“I just don’t understand why you choose to push me away all the time.” I tell him. He looks up and looks into my eyes. I can see the sadness hidden behind his brown eyes and I know in my head that I have forgiven him, but I just need to know why he chooses to hurt me.


“I know, baby. I just get so stressed and worried and I don’t need to be worrying about you losing schoolwork because of me. I just can’t allow it.” He says shaking his head. I nod my head and squeeze his one hand that he is holding mine with. He kisses my knuckles and looks up to me.


“So are we okay?” He asks. I smile and give him a soft kiss on the lips.


“Of course we are,” I say and kiss him again. “I love you.” I say and reach down to his belt, unbuckling it as we go.


“God, I love you.” He says and pulls me down on the carpet with him, laughs escaping my lips as he tickles me while unbuttoning the button on my jeans and reconnecting our lips.


I go to bed that night knowing that for once everything is okay, but before I drift off into bliss unconsciousness, my phone beeps


We need to talk – Zayn



Not my best work. It will pick up from here though so please don't stop reading. 5+ Comments for next chapter.


Much love.




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