Teardrops On My Guitar

Emily Hayes has grown up in the same town and went the same school as Louis Tomlinson.The two haven't really spoken to one another at all,but that all changes is high school.Louis randomly starts up a. Conversation with Emily one day after soccer and they become friend rapidly.But Emily starts liking Louis more than a friend and for a while she thinks she might have a chance with him.That hope only lasts for about month because Louis informs her that he is going out with the head cheerleader from another school.Emily pretends to be really happy for him at school and when they hang out but when she is home she barely does anything , all she does is cry.But that all changes when Emily discovers she has a talent in playing guitar and she forgets Louis for a while until his name is one day plastered all over every magazine.


2. Lucky Number 17.

Chapter 2

"So you're really a cheerleader?"Caleb chuckled."Yep, it's surreal right?" He coughed as if to say 'this is awkward'. "Did someone say cheerleader?"My mom questioned as she dried a dish with a towel."Yes Emily here is a cheerleader." Gee thanks Caleb,way to make me happy."Honey! That's great! Why didn't you tell me?" I sighed."Well..." "Whatever the reason was I don't care I'm just so proud of you!"

She put this dish in Caleb's hand and hugged me tighter than she should have. "Heh heh well I'm really tired so I'm just gonna go to bed,Alright?" My mother smiled and stole her dish back,I swear she's always cleaning. "Go ahead Sweetheart and Caleb I made your bed."I smiled at the two of them and ran up stairs with my navy blue and white uniform. Once the 'preppy' outfit was hung in my closet, I grabbed a oversized t-shirt. It had the words 'Halls Cross' across it,it was for when I used to play basketball.

I switched my shirts then kicked off my black skinny jeans and laid down on my bed that was perfectly made. I was happy, my friends were thankful of me, my favourite cousin was staying with us,and my mom was prouder than ever.Life literally could not get any better right now,or so I thought...

"So do you think Amelia and her gang will try to ruin us?"Sam questioned, I wasn't really listening to her I was actually focusing on the lyrics to a song playing over and over again. "Emily? You alright?"Megan was waving her hands in my face and I snapped out of my trance."Yup I'm just thinking."I told them."Ooh Em's got a crush!" "I bet it's that Andrew guy from her Chemistry class!" Yep that's exactly what it is,yeah no.Could they get anymore wrong!?

"I don't like Andrew,I barely know him for crying out loud!" They laughed at me like I was telling them that Caleb kissed me or something. "What?!" I asked confused."Nothing...." Megan smirked and then started silently laughing along with Sam. Ugh these two drive me crazy sometimes.I stood up along with my lunch tray and left the lunch room. After I threw the remainder of my lunch in the nearest bin, I decided to head to the loo. My reflection stared me dead in the eye, it kinda reminded me of Amelia Jones and how she gives everyone a death glare. I swear she wants to be mean looking instead of pretty.

Suddenly , I heard footsteps outside the washroom.I slowly peeked my head out to see the back of some guy in a football jersey,number 17 to be precise. Who's number seventeen? The boy was on the phone talking to someone in a hushed tone."Yeah guess so." The boy said kind of upset."Whatever, it's always about you." I wonder if he's okay? "Fuck you."He took the phone away from his phone and ended the phone call. Oh my god he's about to turn around,Shit! I ran over to the sinks as fast as I could.Phew,he didn't see me.

I better leave the washroom before something else happens, I collected my phone from the sink area and headed for the lockers.My locker was right next to Megan's , it's actually how we became friends.Sam on the other hand just kinda forced her way into one of our conversations and we never tried to force her out yet , she's brilliant and I think that's the reason why.Megan's locker is filled with beauty products and a few binders,as for myself , my locker is extremely neat and tidy.Sam sometimes calls me a neat freak because of it.

Soon It was time for cheer practice and I still haven't spoken with Sam or Megan since what happened at Lunch,I guess I just needed some alone time. Cheer was quiet and tiring. Literally all I wanted to do was sleep.

When we finished learning the new routine. I collected my backpack,hoodie and gym shoes before going out into the hall ways.When I was in the hallway I noticed that a few teachers were in a corner talking and a brown haired boy was tapping on his phone trying to make it work."C'mon stupid thing! Work!" He needs help.Me being the kind person I am, I walked up to him.

"Hey is your phone broken?". He looked up at me and his bright blue eyes hit me , it wasn't just any random dude that went to Halls Cross, it was Louis Tomlinson."Of course it is,are you blind or stupid?"I gulped.Louis seems mean ,almost as mean as Amelia. "Um no,But I was wondering if you wanted to borrow my phone?" He looked down at his broken phone for a moment."Yeah that would be great."He smiled widely at me.Wait a second,One minute he's mean and then nice another? This boy is weird."And I'm sorry for being so rude.I was just gutted about my phone." He smiled again, both were genuine.

I handed him my phone and he dialled a number. When he hung up he turned to me."Thanks again , Emily right?"Oh my God he knows my name!? I thought I was invisible to him? "Yeah,Louis Right?" I teased.He smiled and startled chuckling at my remark. Wow he thought that was funny? He looked me down and then up."So you're a cheerleader?" He must have noticed my uniform."Uh yeah." "That's ... Uh how should I say it um Cliche?" I laughed and he smiled again."I know." "There's my ride." He smiled at me before leaving the building. As he walked Away I looked at his jersey and the number 17 was written on the back.Wait,That was Louis on the phone earlier? But whatever , I think I just met Louis Tomlinson for the first time in 11 years.

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