A World of Darkness, A World of Light


3. Reahleah's Journey

   I started out walking. I passed the streets and homes I once knew so well. The roads were rough and unattended and the places that once were short walking paths, were now allies of murder and theft. I walked ten miles to a run-down motel. I found a decent mattress, sheets, a pillow that was half ripped and a cool room at the back. I decided to make this a temporary place to stay. I looked around the motel rooms for anything useful. I found a bag in a mail room that I decided to use for necessities. I found a dented water canister, a rusty knife, some rope, a first aid kit, and some matches. I liked to spend most of my time in the lobby. It wasn't the prettiest place I had ever been, but it was the nicest place left now. The windows were full of holes and boarded up. The old elevator had once had an iron gate that closed after use. The gate was now rusted and contorted. The desk was moldy and the wood looked rotten. The room looked like a scene in the movies with zombie attacks. I stayed at the motel through the night and headed out again in the morning. I didn't have a plan on where I was going or how far, I just went. The scenery never changed much. Some houses were empty, some were vibrant with fights, and the road never smoothed out. I simply walked, and walked, and walked. I dreamed of a place that I could create peace, but how long would I have to trek to get to that oasis. I felt so alone and I almost felt hopeless.

    I had to stop to get some rest. There was a gas station nearby. I don't know how far I had walked by now, seeing as vampires don't tire as easily as others, but far enough I had to stop. I went in without a second thought. I came in on a bloody scene. There was a young girl of about 18 in a corner, and two demons feasting on another person beside her. She was tied up with a separate demon torturing her with blood, from whom I am assuming was her friend. I couldn't bear it. I rushed to aid the poor girl. Demons are not so easy to abolish. I took a bottle of water from a fridge in the back of the store and blessed it. I tried to quickly aim for the demons, but they threw me back about eight feet. I got up again and they flew for me. I soaked them in the water and cringed at their cries. The demons retreated and I went to help the girl."Why did you help me? Do you just want to torture me yourself?!" "No. I simply helped a person in need. One would think you would be grateful for that in this world of darkness." "There is no kindness left! So do what you will." " well I am not like the others of this world. I long for peace and solace. I come from a world so different from this, the old world of kinsmen and harmony. I travel alone, for I am the only one from Jüstcheff to have a wholesome heart. I am different and misunderstood, you see a monster, a vampire, but judge me not, you do not know me.""You long for peace and happiness?" "Yes. I also want a place of color and light. No more violence or hate. I refuse this wickedness that I see everywhere." "Do you think such a place exists?" "I don't know, but if I must, I will make a place. Even of I have to find the loneliest place on Earth to do so." "Might I go with you?" "I travel alone. Every person and creature I've encountered is untrustworthy." " I'm not." "How do I know that? You are a stranger to me, in a strange place." "You don't have any reason to distrust me either though, right?" I had thought it over. This was a difficult time, with many untrustworthy people, but for whatever reason, I trusted her. " You can come along if you want. If you do come with me, be sure to grab as many supplies as you can."

    Together we boarded up the gas station to get some rest through the night. It was a small gas station, but there was plenty of food and water. We laid down behind the check out counter to keep ourselves concealed from the outside world. The floor was cold and hard. By now My companion and myself  had spent most of the evening together and watched the last bit of sunlight disappear behind the moon, and yet, we still didn't know one another's names.


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